Breville Vs Delonghi: Who Makes The Best Coffee?

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breville vs delonghi

Short on time? Breville is the clear winner in this showdown.

Two of the top coffee machine manufacturers out there today are Breville and Delonghi.

The question is, since both are touted for making great brews, which is the best one?

In this Breville vs Delonghi showdown, we’ll discuss both machines in detail.

And, we’ll look at the different features that make each one stand out.

Let’s jump in!

Breville vs. Delonghi: Comparison Chart

Key FeatureBrevilleDe’Longhi
QualityGuaranteed high-quality materials for Breville’s durability and longevity Guaranteed high-quality materials for Breville’s durability and longevity 
ColorsOffers a wide selection of color optionsColors are more limited
DesignBulkier and more heavy-dutyMore lightweight and compact
FunctionalityTouchscreenProgrammable one-touch buttons
Water Reservoir67 ounces60 ounces
Heating Up and Brewing Time1 minute heating and 20-second brewing time1 minute heating and 20-second brewing time
Cleaning and MaintenanceSelf-cleaning with removable water reservoir and drip traySelf-cleaning with removable water reservoir and drip tray

Breville at a Glance

Breville is an Australian company that started in 1932 in Sydney and was co-founded by Bill O’ Brien and Harry Norville.

They came up with the name “Breville” by blending their last names together.

Despite the fact that the company has been around since the 30s, it only started to become a world-famous espresso brand in 2000.

Today, Breville machines are famous for their sleek designs and high-quality coffee.

Speaking of designs, Breville places a lot of importance on style and aesthetics. At the same time, they never compromise functionality for design.

Breville coffee machines have efficient and well-placed buttons, allowing easy access to controls. This brand is also known for the machines’ large water reservoirs and flexible steam wands.


  • They have easy-to-use interfaces, so they’re convenient for those who aren’t overly tech-savvy
  • They have large water reservoirs, so you don’t need to constantly refill them
  • They have stylish and sleek aesthetics, so they look great in any kitchen
  • They have longer and more flexible steam wands, so it’s easier to make steamed milk


  • Breville coffee machines can be expensive, so they’re not ideal for those on a budget
  • They have advanced designs with lots of small divets, so it can be hard to clean the machine’s exterior
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De’Longhi at a Glance

De’Longhi is an Italian company that was founded in 1902, meaning it’s been around for over 100 years!

Like Breville, it wasn’t until the 2000s that this company began making waves in the coffee industry. Today, it’s one of the top at-home coffee companies and is touted for great espresso brewing machines at a relatively affordable price point.

De’Longhi coffee machines feature sleek, small designs. They can fit anywhere on your countertop because of their compact size.

De’Longhi machines are also famous for their double boiler design. This allows them to steam milk and brew coffee at the same time, saving you time in preparing a cup of Joe.

Despite this perk, they have less brew and temperature control. They have fewer brew settings, so you can’t tweak your coffee’s temperature or other features as much.


  • They have a simple design, so they’re easy to use, especially for beginners
  • They come at a lower price point, so they work well for those who are budget-conscious
  • They’re compact, so they’re easy to fit in smaller kitchens
  • They have a double boiler, so brewing coffee and steaming milk is more efficient


  • They allow for less control over the brewing cycle, so you can’t customize your coffee as much
  • The water reservoir is on the smaller side, so you’ll have to refill it more often
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Breville vs. Delonghi: The Difference

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of what both Breville and De’Longhi are let’s take a closer look at some of their key features.

Here’s what to know about these machines and their similarities and differences.


breville espresso machine design

There’s a huge difference between the designs of Breville and De’Longhi.

De’Longhi prioritizes function over style.

This brand ensured that each coffee machine features a functional design. De’Longhi coffee machines are more modern and compact. As a result, they’re better for smaller kitchens.

In contrast, Breville gives importance to both function and style. Breville machines not only come with extra features such as a touch screen but also have clean lines and designs.

As a result, they’re the perfect blend of form and function.

The only catch Breville coffee machines have is they are heavy. You cannot fit them anywhere on your countertops like you can with DeLonghi machine.

Still, when you consider their other features, I’d say that’s an okay sacrifice to make.

Breville espresso machine has advanced technology such as an interactive screen that makes it the clear winner in terms of design.


Both De’Longhi and Breville will make you an excellent cup of coffee.

But, Breville espresso machine gives you a bit more control over how your coffee ends up tasting. These machines allow you to adjust things like temperature and milk foam.

On the other hand, the De’Longhi espresso machine doesn’t allow you to customize your beverage.

You’ll be stuck with a single temperature and type of milk foam, so it will be a bit harder to fine-tune delicate milky drinks like latte.

The one place where the De’Longhi machine excels in terms of performance is that it comes with a double boiler system. This system lets you steam your milk and pull espresso shots at the same time.

Even though this can save you a step in making your coffee, the brew time for both machines is about the same.

Regardless of which you pick, it’ll only take you about a minute to make an espresso shot from your ground coffee bean.

Breville espresso machine is the winner thanks to its more advanced temperature and frothing controls that let you fine-tune your espresso drinks.

Drink Quality

pouring milk in a drink prepared on delonghi espresso machine

Breville and De’Longhi both make delicious espresso.

Both these brands are equipped with built-in, conical burr grinders. However, Breville coffee machines offer more grind sizes.

This lets you really get your coffee ground to just the right size, enabling you to get better coffee extraction.

On top of that, Breville machines have a 19-bar pump which is slightly more powerful than De’Longhi’s. That helps ensure the quality of its espresso shots is much smoother.

The one place where De’Longhi machine beats Breville in terms of drink quality is with its Panarello milk-frothing wand. This wand creates finer milk foam, making cappuccino and latte extra rich.

Still, if you’re more concerned about coffee, Breville’s high-functioning brew system is generally the better pick.

Breville’s advanced design and a larger number of grind sizes make it the winner in terms of drink quality.

Ease of Use

Breville espresso machines come with an easy-to-operate touchscreen. You can use this to choose from a wide selection of pre-programmed drinks.

Plus, it comes with an intuitive button display, that lets you change the settings on your device easily. Combine that with the touchscreen, and you’ve got a super intuitive user experience.

De’Longhi machines, on the other hand, don’t come with a touchscreen. Instead, you’ll have to use knobs and dials to adjust your brew settings.

This means that if you’re an advanced barista, you might find you’re not able to customize the drink as much as you’d like.

However, that also means that it tends to be less complicated to use. If you’re not familiar with brewing espresso, these might be better machines to begin with.

Another thing to talk about in terms of ease of use is cleaning.

Both systems come with a built-in cleaning system. All you have to do is set it running, and it will automatically rinse out and descale your espresso machine.

For lazy baristas like me, this takes a lot of the hassle out of keeping your espresso machine in good condition!

DeLonghi espresso machine is slightly easier to use since there are fewer buttons and adjustment knobs.


delonghi espresso machine

Generally, De’Longhi coffee machines are less expensive than their Breville counterparts. This becomes more true if you’re looking at more advanced models.

De’Longhi machines tend to be about $100 less than Breville (give or take). However, they also come with fewer features than Breville machines.

If you’re okay with losing out on customization, reservoir size, and sleek design elements, the De’Longhi espresso machine might be worth investing in.

But, if you’d rather have a high-functioning machine that costs a bit more, Breville is your man.

In terms of the price, the De’Longhi espresso machine is the clear winner thanks to its cheaper price point.

The Verdict 

When it comes to Breville vs Delonghi, Breville espresso maker generally comes out as the winner. Not only does it have a bigger reservoir, but it lets you do a lot more personalization.

You should consider purchasing a Breville espresso machine if:

  • You want a visually appealing coffee maker to suit the aesthetic of your kitchen
  • You’re an experienced coffee drinker who enjoys experimenting with different coffee recipes
  • You want complete control of the machine’s brewing cycle
  • You want a wide range of pre-programmed controls you can choose from

If you want artisan coffee at home, check out the Breville Barista Express machine, which is one of favorites from Breville.

On the other hand, check out options from De’Longhi espresso machine when:

  • You’re a beginner in coffee making
  • You prefer a coffee machine with pre-programmed espresso types
  • You want a budget-friendly machine

If you want a budget-friendly and easy-to-use machine, pick up DeLonghi La Specialista, one of the top Delonghi machines.

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