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Why We Started Fluent In Coffee

Coffee is a beverage that many people enjoy drinking, but very few people know how to make it well. We noticed this, and decided to do something about it.

We started Fluent In Coffee because we wanted to share our love for coffee with coffee drinkers around the world.

You see, here at Fluent In Coffee, we believe that everyone deserves to start each day with a good cup of joe. So we’re determined to help as many people as possible attain that perfect cup from the comfort of their own homes.

We do that by blogging about all the topics you need to know about to make a good cup of coffee at home. From guides and how-tos, to reviews on all the latest gear and gadgets, you can find everything you need here at Fluent In Coffee. 

Meet The Team

mike murphy

Mike Murphy – Editor-In-Chief

Mike used to drink instant coffee, but when he started training to become a barista, his eyes opened to a new world. 

He never went back to drinking the instant stuff again, and he’s made it his mission in life to share what he’s learned about coffee with others.

Today, he continues to expand his horizons and deepen his knowledge, while sharing his journey with a global audience of coffee lovers through Fluent In Coffee.


Mirta Crkvenjakov – Content Manager

After years of working as a professional barista, Mirta is now putting her skills to good here at Fluent In Coffee. If she’s not drinking coffee, she’s writing about it or experimenting with different brews.


Viktorija Jovanovic – Writer

Viktorija is a passionate coffee lover and trained barista on a lifelong quest to find the perfect cappuccino.

She also loves photography, road trips, and spending time in nature with her dog, Bane.

To fund these passions, she put her barista training to use and write about all things coffee, which became a new passion.

At Fluent In Coffee, she gets to combine it all into one coffee-fuelled lifestyle on the road, writing about it along the way and sharing her journey with the world. 

craig carey

Craig Carey – Writer

Craig spent a year as a barista in Denver’s specialty coffee world.

He spends his days rock climbing, cycling, drinking espresso, and hanging around the Rocky Mountains.

He still lives in Colorado.


Jessica Fleming-Montoya – Writer

Jessica is a seasoned caffeine-addict who spent 3 years behind the bar.

Her early coffee days took her from the commercial Starbucks scene in urban DC all the way to helping launch a craft coffee shop in California.

Today she prefers sharing her years of coffee capers through media, although you’ll find she does it with a trusty cup of coffee by her side.

Viktoria Marks – Writer

Viktoria is a writer and a journalist who can’t imagine sitting by her computer without a large cup of java in her hand.

She loves sampling coffee from all over the world as much as writing about it.

Tijana Veljovic – Writer

Tijana spent a few years working as a barista.

Now she’s enjoying writing about everything she learned about coffee and sharing it with you. Her weapon of choice for making it through the day is a hot latte.

Besides writing and coffee, she loves traveling, camping, cooking, and good music.

How We Write Our Reviews

While we try to get our hands on as many of the products we review as possible, unfortunately, we can’t try them all out firsthand. We do, however, manage to try out quite a few.

For the ones we can’t get a hold of, we make sure to research them thoroughly. 

And I mean thoroughly

We spend many hours reading through user reviews, watching YouTube videos, and reading into the details of each product to get a better understanding of where each product excels, and what its limitations are.

That way, we can choose only the products we feel are best suited to our audience.

Basically, we do what you’d do if you were searching for something to buy – just in a lot more detail. 

By doing this for you, we cut the time it takes you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

How Fluent In Coffee Earns Money

Fluent In Coffee stays afloat thanks to you guys, our readers.

Whenever you click on a link on our website, and purchase a product that we’ve reviewed, we receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you – the price stays the same).

This helps us keep the lights on and fuels our caffeine addiction. It also allows us to buy and test even more coffee gear and report our findings back to you.

How To Find Your Way Around

All of our articles are categorized, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re interested in gear reviews, brewing techniques, or just interesting coffee facts, we have you covered. Go to our header menu to easily find whatever you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can use the search function on the home page. Or if you want to see every post we ever published, check out our sitemap.

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