Coffee facts

coffee facts

Even if you’re a pro barista, sometimes you need a refresher on some coffee facts.

Our team covers everything from the basics to even the advanced stuff for experienced baristas.

Think of this section as your own personal coffee encyclopedia – an all-in-one resource you can constantly refer to.

Coffee 101: The Basics

Let’s talk basics. 

Here’s the starting point for every coffee newbie.

Coffee Types Explained

Well, this was quite a job, but you will thank us later. We lined up all the different types of coffee, and the list is huge! Dig in.

  • Types Of Coffeeget familiar with all types of coffee before you proceed to research each one of them.
  • Types Of Lattescheck out all variations of this popular espresso-based drink.
  • What Is An Americano?did you know that this drink was created when Americans couldn’t handle the strength of punchy Italian espresso?
  • Cold Brew Vs Americano in a way, these drinks could seem similar at the first glance, but they are far from that.
  • Americano Vs Cappuccinoalthough both are espresso-based drinks, these two couldn’t be more different, mainly because Americano is longer and usually without milk.
  • Americano Vs Latte even a newbie knows that these two are so different, but do you know exactly why?
  • Americano Vs Espressolet’s say that Americano is a long, looong version of espresso.
  • What Is A Breve?in simple words, it’s coffee with half-and-half instead of milk.
  • Macchiato Vs Frappuccinothese are maybe the most complicated names for coffees, right?
  • Frappuccino Vs Cappuccinocappuccino definitely inspired the frappuccino, at least regarding its name.
  • French Vanilla Coffeeno, it’s not a coffee with French vanilla ice cream. But it tastes almost equally yummy.
  • Caramel Latte Vs Caramel Macchiatothese are very similar drinks (and probably your favorites at Starbucks), but there are some major differences you need to know.
  • Latte Vs Coffeewell, a latte is technically a coffee. But for starters, to make a coffee, you don’t need an espresso machine.
  • Barrel-Aged Coffeeyou heard about barrel-aged whiskey, but did you know coffee can be barrel-aged too?
  • Macchiato Vs Americano these drinks have the same base, but the similarity stops there.
  • Red Eye Coffeesearching for the strongest coffee drink out there? You’ve found it.
  • Cortado Vs Flat White now, these two can easily be mistaken for one another. So you should definitely learn the difference.
  • Cafe Au Lait Vs Latteboth have coffee. Both have milk. But they are not the same drink, no matter how similar their name may sound.
  • Macchiato Vs Mochathe main difference between these two is that mocha comes with chocolate inside, but there is more to it.
  • Flat White Vs Latteif you like a larger and foamier espresso-based drink, you should go with a latte. But a flat white is still worth a try if you are into milky coffees.
  • Lungo Vs Espressosimply put, lungo is just a longer version of an espresso shot.
  • What Is Blonde Espresso?heard about the blonde roast? Well, blonde espresso is just an espresso made from blonde roast coffee beans.
  • Iced Macchiato Vs Iced Lattethese iced drinks are pretty similar, so you might not even notice the difference if you try them with a blindfold.
  • Macchiato Vs Cortado they start with espresso. But they end up in different places.
  • Ristretto Vs Espressoyou thought the espresso shot was short? Well, Italians came up with something even shorter.
  • Iced Latte Vs Iced Coffeean iced latte has to have an espresso shot, while iced coffee can be made with literally any kind of coffee (yes, even instant!).
  • Cold Brew Vs Espressoboth can be pretty punchy, but they are super different in many ways.
  • Cortado Vs Lattemilk and espresso are the common ingredients of these coffees, but they aren’t the same.
  • Latte Vs Mochaone can say that mocha is a latte with chocolate. Well, not exactly, but you will get the point.
  • Caffe Mistolet’s cut to the chase, this is just a fancy Starbucks expression for a cafe au lait.
  • Blonde Espresso Vs Regular Espressothe only difference is in the type of coffee beans used to make these drinks.
  • Ristretto Vs Long Shot shorter and taller brothers of the espresso shot.
  • Frappe Vs Frappuccinothese two are blended coffee drinks, and they might seem similar ( by the name, at least), but they are made with different ingredients.
  • Latte Vs Cappuccino Vs Macchiatothese are 3 of the most popular milky espresso drinks. Find out exactly how they differ from each other.
  • Cortado Vs Cappuccinoif you want a short answer, if you add some milk foam on the top of a cortado, you will get a cappuccino. Well, not exactly, but pretty close.

Coffee Additives & Extras

Okay, we all know about adding milk to coffee. But did you know that there are more ways to spice up your cup of Joe? And for some you will be pretty surprised.

Cold Brew

Did you know that not every coffee requires brewing with hot water? And no, we don’t mean just instant coffee. Cold brew is a fresh (and delicious) trend that doesn’t require any brewing machine! Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Starbucks Drinks

Ahh, Starbucks… The home of coffee and our favorite pit stop on a busy day. We spend hours trying and researching different Starbucks drinks so we can tell you everything about it.

Common Coffee Questions

We didn’t answer all of your questions so far? We hope after these you will finally know everything about the coffee. Jump in!