Coffee And Banana: Is It A Good Combination?

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coffee and banana

Wondering if you should mix coffee and banana? Find out if bananas and coffee make a good combination or if you should consume them separately.

I’m sure you’re familiar with this combination. There are some excellent sweets with coffee and banana. 

But have you ever tried to mix real coffee and banana? If your answer is no, we need to fix that as soon as possible! 

I simply adore these two together and have plenty of different ways to combine them.

It’s been my favorite breakfast for a while now, so I can tell you everything you need to know about it. Plus, I’ll give you a recipe for the best coffee-banana smoothie ever. 

Let’s jump in! 

Is It Okay To Mix Banana And Coffee? 

If you ask me, this is a no-brainer: coffee and bananas are a match in heaven! 

The first and most important fact is that the combination of these two tastes is insanely good. The smooth and soft taste of banana perfectly balances out the robust and bitterish notes of coffee.

This combo isn’t a secret. There are plenty of recipes for coffee and banana sweets.

Since I was a kid, I have loved the coffee and banana ice cream combo! Now, I just adore coffee banana bread.

Banana is no stranger to the coffee world either. There are a bunch of banana-flavored instant coffees or coffee pods.

A simple way of adding some banana flavor to your coffee is flavored syrup. You can add a splash of banana syrup to your frosty frappuccino or mocha – and it will taste great!

But we all love the well-known natural flavor, aroma, and sweetness of fresh bananas. And no flavored syrup can replace that. 

Plus, besides the good taste, banana is also a super healthy and nutritious fruit. Among other stuff, bananas are a generous source of: 

  • potassium 
  • vitamin B6 
  • vitamin C 
  • magnesium 
  • fibers 
  • antioxidants 

No wonder bananas are a staple fruit in the diet of people who eat healthily!

How to Mix Coffee & Banana

Now, you would probably like to know how to mix coffee and banana. Here are a few different ideas on how you can consume two of these together, but you can probably find many more:

  • Have a nice, fresh banana, along with a cup of coffee. The simplest option is, of course, to eat banana slices along with your brewed coffee.
  • . It’s an easy and quick snack. And banana bites can make a delicious contrast to sharp and bold sips of espresso or cappuccino.
  • Make banana coffee grounds. If you’re one of those coffee enthusiasts who grind their own coffee beans, you will love this. You can add a few banana chips to your coffee beans and grind them together. Your brew will have a unique nuance of banana with a hint of sweetness to it.
  • Add banana milk to your coffee! Yep, you heard me well. Banana milk is the thing now! And it’s so good! It is thick, creamy, and has that unique flavor and natural sweetness to it. And you can easily make it by yourself. Add it to your cold brew or frappuccino, and enjoy refreshing and exotic banana milk coffee. 
  • Blend coffee and banana. This is really easy, just put banana and coffee (hot or cold) into a blender, without any sugar or milk. The result is a thick, milkshake-like delicacy, naturally sweet and tasty. If you don’t have a blender, you can still add a mashed banana to your coffee, although it won’t be as smooth.
  • Coffee and banana smoothie. If you want to make an extra effort, try to make a smoothie with coffee and a banana. Scroll down because I wrote for you a quick and easy recipe for this refreshing caffeinated beast.

Banana And Coffee Smoothie Recipe  

Now, here’s one indulging treat.

Smoothies are a great way to start your day with something healthy, tasty, and refreshing.

So, why not add coffee to this equation?

You will get an additional caffeine kick to start your day at a fast pace. Here’s the basic recipe, which you can upgrade as much as you like. 


  • 2 frozen bananas – put them in the fridge the night before for extra texture (ripe banana is the best)
  • Coffee – a cup of your favorite brew (my suggestion is cold brew coffee)
  • Greek yogurt – also you can use any other milk or non-dairy milk of your choice (almond milk is my favorite)


Put all the ingredients into the blender and blend them until you get a nice, smooth texture. 

Serve and drink it cold. Enjoy!

You can really let your creativity go wild and add more stuff to your banana coffee smoothie. Feel free to add a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, dark chocolate, coconut flakes, berries, protein powder, or even whipped cream for some extra decadence.

Are Coffee And Banana Good Pre-Workout Meal? 

Many people who are into fitness and sports like to have a light snack before long and tiring workouts. 

You want a snack rich in carbs and protein that will give you an energy boost before the training. Although bananas don’t contain many proteins, luckily, it’s full of carbs. Actually, it’s 90% of carbs, so it will fuel you up properly.

Also, bananas are rich in potassium. This is super important: potassium is an electrolyte, and it helps with maintaining proper muscle and nerve function. And during longer physical activities, it gets drained. Because of that, banana is a great pre-workout snack. 

And what about coffee? 

We all love a good old caffeine boost, so why not before your workout? Caffeine will give you an additional kick and help you go even harder through your exercise. 

You see, these two are actually the perfect combo for a light pre-workout (or even post-workout) snack. Plus, both can be very convenient: if you’re in a hurry, just grab a coffee-to-go and peel a banana.

What Foods Should You Avoid Eating With Coffee? 

breakfast and coffee
Terrible taste can make us sick

People are omnivores, so there’s no combination of two ingredients that will actually do us harm. Terrible taste can make us sick, but that’s a different story. 

It’s a widespread belief that coffee can speed up your metabolism. Well, the truth is somewhere in between. 

It is true that coffee stimulates gastrin, a hormone that releases gastric acid. That’s why some people can feel heartburn when they drink coffee. That’s the reason why you can come across the advice not to eat heavy food with coffee, which can increase heartburn. 

Also, some studies say that coffee has a mild diuretic effect and reduces the time to absorb all the good nutrients from food. Food is in your stomach for a shorter period, and your body has less time to break chemical bonds in food.

That can result in reduced absorption of some important minerals, like zinc, calcium, or magnesium. So, maybe you won’t get all the good stuff from oysters, red meat, milk, or nuts.

So, there’s no definitive answer to which food you shouldn’t eat with coffee.

Neither one will cause you real medical problems. But some will cause you nasty heartburn if your stomach is sensitive. Besides that, the only thing that’s in danger is your optimal level of nutrient intake.


And that would be it! 

As you see, I’m a big fan of the coffee and banana combination.

If, by any chance, you still didn’t try it, I suggest you do so as soon as possible!

Treat yourself to an energizing smoothie. Or make your unique coffee and banana grounds and surprise your guests the next time you serve them espresso. 

Do you like these strange fruity combinations? Then you have to try out this recipe for coffee with orange juice!

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