Mastering Aeropress Espresso: 8 Quick and Easy Steps

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aeropress espresso

Wondering if you can make an Aeropress espresso? Check out our guide for brewing a coffee similar to espresso in your Aeropress coffee maker.

What we all love about Aero Pres is its simplicity, right? You can make excellent coffee anywhere in just a minute.

But can you make an AeroPress espresso

The short answer is, unfortunately, no. But you can make something as close as it can get. 

After hours of research, I found the best way to make short and strong coffee that will resemble an espresso shot.

So, stay with me because I’ll give you a perfect recipe for AeroPress espresso.

Let’s start! 

AeroPress: The Basics

AeroPress is often unfairly overlooked by the coffee community. It’s a very humble coffee maker. But the great thing is that you can take it anywhere, and within minutes, you’ll get a really good flavorful brew.

AeroPress was created by the American inventor Alan Adler. Adler was trying to invent a simple, manual coffee maker that would work well for a one-cup serving. In 2005 he came up with a unique solution and design for a manual coffee maker that works only with hand-produced pressure.

And, in just a few years, AeroPress became a huge hit in the coffee world and gained a serious fan base. Since 2008 there’s even been a world championship in preparing the best cup of coffee with AeroPress.

Now, I think there are a few main reasons that contributed to its success. 

First, this little plastic device is pretty simple and easy to use.

All you have to do is:

  • Place AeroPress on top of your cup, carafe, or anything you use for coffee.
  • Fill the AeroPress chamber with the coffee ground and water, stir it, and let the coffee ground bloom.
  • Then, insert the plunger and press it very gently. Water will be forced to run through the water straight to your cup.   

AeroPress’ design is neat and simple, without too many parts. There are not too many complicated steps or pouring techniques. Also, you don’t have to be too precise with measurements. 

You can adjust all the elements: 

  • the type of coffee
  • grind size
  • water temperature
  • steeping period
  • the strength of pressure.

This opens multiple brewing possibilities. There are literally hundreds of recipes out there, from a creamy latte to a cold brew coffee.

Now, look. I know that plastic material may repel you.

But trust me, AeroPress is anything but flimsy.

Although it’s made from plastic, AeroPress is very durable and strong but lightweight.

You can take it anywhere with you and make a cup of coffee. If you love traveling or camping, AeroPress is probably the most convenient coffee maker for you. 

Don’t be fooled by the low price and plastic in terms of brew quality. With this little device, you can make outstanding coffee in no time.

First, AeroPress coffee is very flavorful. That comes from its special design. The immersion process allows for getting all the flavors and nuances from the grounds. But, because of the short steeping time, the brew won’t be bitter, and it will have sweet notes. 

Also, a paper filter that AeroPress uses does a really good job. It will hold all the oils and sediment. So, you’ll have a clear and light coffee. But, super flavorful and rich at the same time.

Can You Make Espresso With AeroPress? 

Let’s go back to what we came here for:

Can you make espresso with AeroPress? 

Well, no, you can’t make an actual, authentic espresso shot with AeroPress. Simply put, you can’t produce the same pressure as the espresso machine manually.

Still, if you’re a devoted espresso lover, you probably won’t be replacing your espresso maker with AeroPress. Although AeroPress espresso has flavors, it doesn’t have the thickness and crema of a true espresso. 

But, if you’re not too finicky, you can make more than good espresso-style coffee with AeroPress. Especially if you drink a latte or cappuccino, you won’t even notice the difference. 

Try out this recipe, and you’ll be amazed by this punchy coffee.

How To Make Aeropress “Espresso”? 

man using aeropress
Enjoy your espresso-style AeroPress coffee

As you probably know, a good recipe and ingredients can be a decisive moment between a good and a terrible cup of coffee. 

So, pay attention, follow my lead, and let’s make some fantastic AeroPress espresso!


  • 18gr of coffee (medium roast, medium-fine grind size)  – The type of coffee, roast, and grind size makes or breaks a good brew. You can definitely play around with roast, but medium roast works well for AeroPress. The grind size is crucial here. It should be fine, but definitely not as fine as for an espresso machine. Too fine will clog the filter, and with too coarse, the water will just run through the coffee. So, the ideal grind is medium fine. 
  • Hot water – You don’t need boiling water. The best temperature is about 200F or a little below.


  • AeroPress and paper filter for it 
  • Stirrer or spoon 
  • Mug – as you will use pressure on it, I suggest you use a stable, sturdy mug
  • Burr coffee grinder (optional) – you can use pre-ground coffee instead, but having freshly ground coffee is a real game changer
  • Scale (optional) – if you don’t have a scale, use a little plastic scoop that goes with AeroPress, and 18gr will be about one and a half scoops of coffee ground

Step-by-step instructions 

Now that you have everything you need, let’s make some coffee!  

  1. Measure out coffee beans and grind them. Use a scale to measure out 18gr of coffee beans and grind them to a medium fine size. If you don’t have a grinder, you can buy previously ground coffee. And if you don’t have scale, use the scoop
  2. Prepare AeroPress. Put the AeroPress paper filter into the filter cap, and attach the filter cap to the AeroPress brewing chamber. Rinse the filter with a little bit of hot water. That way, you’ll get rid of extra paper particles and won’t have a papery taste in your brew. Place the AeroPress on top of your mug. 
  3. Add coffee grounds to the AeroPress.  
  4. Add hot water. Pour water as quickly as you can, but be gentle. Pour it up to between numbers 1 and 2 marked on the chamber. 
  5. Stir the coffee and let it rest. Use a stirrer that comes with AeroPress or a spoon. Stir it for about 10 seconds, so you make sure all the coffee grounds are wet. Insert the plunger and leave it to rest for one minute.
  6. Press down the plunger. You should go slowly but easily by applying a little bit of pressure. Go all the way to the bottom to get all the flavors out of it. Pressing all the brew out should take about 20 – 30 seconds. Stop when you hear the hissing sound at the bottom. 
  7. Clean the AeroPress. When you’re finished, remove the filter cap and throw the filter and coffee ground leftovers. Wash your AeroPress. 
  8. Enjoy your espresso-style AeroPress coffee! 
aeropress espresso recipe

AeroPress Espresso Recipe

Prep Time 3 minutes
Course Drinks


  • AeroPress and paper filter for it
  • stirrer or spoon
  • mug
  • burr coffee grinder (optional)
  • scale (optional)


  • 18 gr of coffee (medium roast, medium-fine grind size)
  • hot water


  • Measure out coffee beans and grind them to medium-fine grind size.
  • Prepare the AeroPress. Put the AeroPress paper filter into the filter cap, and attach the filter cap to the AeroPress chamber. Rinse the filter with a little bit of hot water.
  • Add coffee grounds to the AeroPress.
  • Add hot water. Pour it up to between numbers 1 and 2 marked on the chamber.
  • Stir the coffee for 10 seconds, insert the plunger, and let it rest for one minute
  • Press down the plunger.
  • Clean the AeroPress.
  • Enjoy!


Now, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding AeroPress.

How much espresso does AeroPress make? 

You can prepare up to three 8 oz of espresso-style coffee in one go. But AeroPress performs much better with smaller amounts. After all, it is made purposely for brewing a single cup. 

Does AeroPress reduce caffeine? 

No, AeroPress does not have any less or more caffeine than the coffee brewed with any other method.

Is AeroPress stronger than pour-over? 

Yes, AeroPress does have a little bit stronger and bolder taste than pour-over coffee. That’s because pour-over filters are thicker than AeroPress filters, so they keep more oils and flavors.


So, the bottom line is: 

You can’t make a real espresso with AeroPress. But you can make excellent espresso-style coffee. 

It won’t have thickness and crema like the real thing, but it will have a rich flavor and aroma. And you can make it anywhere in two minutes. 

Want to make a refreshing cold coffee for summer days? Try out our recipe for an AeroPress iced coffee!

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