The Best Coffee Scale: Top 6 Reviewed

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coffee scale being used to measure coffee beans

In a rush? Our top pick for the best coffee scale is the KitchenTour Coffee Scale.

Every coffee enthusiast knows that the secret to great coffee lies in precision.

You need the right amount of both water and ground coffee. And you won’t get that by eyeballing it.

You need a digital coffee scale, but not just any scale will do.

I’ve done some thorough research on different models on the market and narrowed it down to just a few. So if you’re looking for the best coffee scale on the market, this is the article for you.

Let’s dive in!

Best Coffee Scale – Our Top 6 Choices

KitchenTour Coffee Scale 

I love kitchen gadgets that have a simple, modern design, which is exactly what I like about this coffee scale. 

The capacity ranges from 0.3 grams to 3 kilograms. 

That means that aside from measuring coffee, you can also use it to weigh any other cooking ingredient. There’s no need for a separate kitchen scale when you’ve got this one. 

It also comes with a removable silicone non-slip platform pad, as well as a non-skid bottom. These two things keep your coffee brewing instrument in place while you’re measuring. That way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally spilling your coffee all over the scale. 

I think it’s really neat that you can switch between different units when measuring liquids, solids and powders. As you probably know, the weight of liquids depends on their density, so you won’t get the right amount unless you switch to the right unit.

On a final note, it works on batteries, and it turns off automatically when idle for more than 2 minutes. Thanks to this feature, the batteries last for around half a year.


  • The ability to switch between units allows you to always get a precise result, whether you’re measuring solids, powders or liquids
  • A silicone platform pad and non-skid bottom prevents possible spilling accidents
  • A low battery reminder allows you to keep track of when the batteries need to be replaced, so you won’t get caught off guard
  • It’s sleek and compact, which means it takes barely any storage space


  • The 120-second auto off feature might not give you enough time
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TIMEMORE Black Mirror Coffee Scale

I really like the way this coffee scale looks. When turned off, it’s just a simple little matte black box. But then you press the bottom right corner and voilà, an LED display appears. 

It’s so bright, you can easily read it with that one eye you managed to open without your first sip of coffee.

Oh, and don’t worry about drips and spills. The scale comes with a pad that is waterproof, non-slip and well insulated. This means you can put a hot, cold or even wet brewer on it, and your coffee scale will work just fine.

It allows you to measure a load from 0.5 grams to 2 kilograms, with 0.1 gram increments. This means you can be as precise with your grounds as you need to. What’s more, you can use it to measure other cooking ingredients, too.

This model runs on a rechargeable 1600mAh lithium battery that lasts for 10 hours. It also shuts down automatically after 3 minutes, which prolongs battery life. This means it could be months before you need to recharge this scale, which is pretty convenient.

And another thing I thought was quite convenient is the fact that it uses a C USB charger. Nowadays, tons of other gadgets do too, so there’s no need for a million different cables. 


  • The sleek design looks so good, you’ll never want to store it away
  • Thanks to the waterproof pad, you don’t have to worry about possible spills causing a malfunction
  • Long battery life and auto shutdown means you don’t have to charge it very often
  • Comes with the C USB cable, so you don’t have to buy it separately


  • The buttons can be quite sensitive, so you need to be careful when using the scale to avoid mistakes
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MAXUS Digital Pocket Scale  

If you travel a lot or simply have too little space on your counters, you’ll be glad to know there are pocket scales too. 

They’re no bigger than your phone, but that’s more than enough for most of the measuring you’ll be doing.

This pocket scale comes with a lid that can also serve as your weighing platform. This is quite handy when you’re on the road, since it saves you having to bring extra containers for measuring ground coffee.

It can measure up to 1 kilo, so unless you’re making a really large batch of coffee, this should be enough for your needs. 

And since it has an overload indicator, you’ll know when you’ve reached the maximum. That way, there’s no way you can get your measurements wrong.

The AAA batteries it runs on are included, which saves you the hassle of buying them yourself. 

The maximum duration of the timer is 10 minutes, which is more than enough for just about any brewing method. It works independently, meaning you can measure while keeping track of time.


  • It takes up practically no storage space, which makes it great for small kitchens and traveling
  • The lid doubles as a weighing platform, which is convenient because it means you don’t need a separate container to measure grounds
  • The stainless steel platform is splash-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it not working if you spill a bit of water or coffee on it
  • For the price it sells at, it’s a steal


  • The upper measuring limit might not be enough if you’re making large batches of coffee
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OXO BREW Precision Coffee Scale 

Oxo Brew products usually have that sleek, futuristic design. 

This coffee scale is no different.

It’s thin and compact, so you can store it practically anywhere. But the surface is still large enough for most coffee brewing instruments. 

It has a non-slip silicone mat that protects from heat and scratches, so you don’t have to be extra careful when placing items onto the scale. 

You can switch between imperial and metric units, too. This is super handy – because ground coffee might be easier to measure in grams, but I certainly prefer to measure water in ounces. 

And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

It can measure 0.5 grams to 3 kilograms, with 0.1 gram increments. That’s as precise as you need it to be for making great coffee. 

What’s more, you can also use it as a kitchen scale as well. No need for two gadgets when one can do both jobs.

This model is powered by four AAA batteries, which is more than most other coffee scales. But you get them in the purchase, which saves you the trouble of hitting the store to get up and running when you first get it.


  • The modern design will make this scale stand out on your counters
  • It features a silicone mat, so you can put a hot drink on it without worrying it will break
  • You can switch between metric and imperial units, which gives you a better idea of the precise measurement
  • It’s so slim, it takes up almost no storage space


  • Customers claim battery life is under 3 months, meaning you’ll have to keep track of replacing batteries
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FEESPEC Coffee Scale 

Struggle to open your eyes in the morning before you’ve chugged down your first cup of coffee? 

Then you’re definitely going to appreciate the size of the LED backlit display on this coffee scale.

It’s large and bright, so you’ll be able to see your measurements very precisely, even when you’re sleepy. 

Another feature that helps with precision is the unit toggle for solids and liquids. Plus, you can change grams to ounces if you’re more comfortable measuring in imperial units.

The scale comes with a silicone pad, which protects it from spills. So if you do spill something, you can simply remove the pad and rinse it under the sink. This makes cleaning a piece of cake.

It’s powered by three AAA batteries, but don’t worry – they come included, so you don’t have to search your house for spares. And thanks to the 120-second auto shutdown, they will last you a very long time. 

Finally, I love the fact that the timer count range is 1 hour. It allows you to keep track of really long brewing times without the hassle of having to restart it every once in a while.


  • A large LED display lets you see measurements clearly even in low visibility conditions
  • The silicone pad is easily washed under the sink, which is convenient and time-saving
  • The auto shutdown feature prolongs battery life, so you don’t have to change them more than twice a year
  • A 1-hour timer allows you to keep track of long brew times, so you don’t have to remember to restart it mid-process


  • The buttons aren’t sensitive enough, so you have to press a bit harder for them to register
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CHWARES Digital Kitchen Scales

While I love touch buttons, my mother absolutely hates them. And I’m sure there are lots of others that do too. 

This model by Chwares is a good alternative that’s definitely worth considering.

This scale allows you to change between different units, but goes one step further than most other models. When it comes to liquids, you can choose between water and milk milliliters. 

To get the perfect coffee, you need to be as precise as you can, and this scale lets you do just that.

The measuring platform is made of stainless steel, so you can put both wet and hot things on it without worrying about damaging the surface. Spilling is not an issue either.

I love that you get two trays of different sizes. That way, you don’t have to worry about finding suitable containers for measuring your grounds. 

And it operates on a rechargeable battery that lasts for months before you need to charge it. It uses a micro USB charger which comes with the purchase, so you don’t have to buy one yourself.


  • Specific unit options allow you to be very precise with your measurements, meaning you’ll always make a perfect cup of coffee 
  • The trays that come included allow you to measure your grounds, so you don’t have to search for a suitable container
  • A long-lasting battery means you don’t have to think about recharging more than a few times a year
  • The stainless steel platform means you don’t have to worry about spills or heat damaging the scale


  • Auto shutdown is only 70 seconds, which might be too short in some cases
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A Comprehensive Guide To Coffee Scales – All You Need To Know

ground coffee in a vessel on a scale

Coffee scales might not have tons of unique features that make them stand out from the crowd. 

But that doesn’t mean that buying one is simple. 

There are still things you need to pay attention to, or else you might end up with a product that simply doesn’t do the job. 

In this section, we’ll cover the most important features.


Obviously, your scale needs to be precise. That’s a no brainer.

But how precise exactly?

The answer is simple:

Two decimals.

However, if you like making cold brew and pour overs, you need to pay attention to the top limit, too. 

Most models go up to 2 or even 3 kilos, which is more than enough for practically any brewing method. 

Tare Function

This is another essential feature. 

I don’t even know why they still make scales without a tare button, but they do. And those are the models you should stay away from.

Why do you need this function?

Because with certain brewing methods, like pour over coffee for example, you need to place the entire instrument on the scale in order to measure. 

A tare function basically allows you to ignore the mass of the apparatus and only calculate the coffee. In other words, it saves you the trouble of doing the math in your head. 

Timer Function

Is this a necessary feature?


But it’s a pretty convenient one to have. 

You won’t need it if you’re using an espresso machine, but it’s super handy if you’re using a pour over coffee maker, like the Hario V60 drip or the Chemex coffee maker.

Picture this –

You already have your scale out from measuring grounds, and you’re ready to experiment with your brewing time. An integrated timer means you don’t need to have a separate device ready to track your time – the scale does all the work. 

It already has a nice LED or LCD display, so why not use it to show time, too?

hario v60 brewing on a coffee scale


It seems that pretty much every kitchen has more appliances than wall plugs. 

And since a coffee weighing scale doesn’t need much power to operate, there’s really no reason to not choose a battery powered one.

You can choose a model that works on standard AA or AAA batteries, or go for one that comes with a rechargeable battery. 

Both are fine, but if you plan on using a scale, let’s say, 10 times a day, then the latter would be a better choice.

Or, you can get rechargeable lithium batteries. But out of the three, that’s the most expensive option.


Size always matters. 

Do you want to run to the dining room every time you need to measure your coffee grounds?

Of course not. 

Your scale needs to be small enough for you to be able to use it right there where your coffee machine and the rest of the gadgets are.

Still, there are cases where you don’t want a scale that’s too small either. 

For instance, if you enjoy pour over coffee, you want to be able to put your apparatus on the scale without worrying it will tip over.

Water Resistance

As someone that spills her drink all the time, I can’t stress enough how important this feature is. 

It doesn’t mean you can pour your coffee all over it and expect it to work, but if you spill a few drops, it should be fine. It’s water-resistant, not waterproof – there’s a difference.

Again, this isn’t an absolute must, but having a water-resistant scale gives you peace of mind.

Why Use Scales When Brewing Coffee?

Have you ever made coffee with too much or too little ground coffee?

If you have, then you surely remember how it tasted.

While some brewing methods might be more forgiving, you generally need to achieve a specific coffee to water ratio to get the perfect cup of java.

Now, you can use a scoop and get a decent result. Or, you can get a scale and be precise. 

Which method do you think will get you a barista-quality coffee?

The Final Verdict

A digital coffee scale is a must for achieving the perfect brew, so investing in a good model is definitely the way to go. 

Overall, the KitchenTour coffee scale has everything you need – an affordable price, a non-slip platform and the ability to shift between different units of measurement. 

It measures up to 3 kilograms, meaning you can also use it as a food scale. 

What a great 2-in-1 product!

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