Best DeLonghi Espresso Machine: Our Top 7 Picks

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In a hurry? Our top choice for the best DeLonghi espresso machine is the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica.

DeLonghi has been around for a long time and is a trusted brand.

But they have a ton of espresso machines on the market.

So what is the best DeLonghi espresso machine for you?

I looked through DeLonghi’s machines and picked out the best machines they offer.

Let’s get to it!

Best DeLonghi Machine: Our Top 7 Choices

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

The Magnifica is the best DeLonghi coffee machine on this list. With an integrated grinder and milk steamer, it will produce perfect drinks every time.

The sleek design will make you want to leave this on your counter to impress your guests.

The DeLonghi Magnifica automatic coffee machine is easy to use and has an integrated grinder that will grind the coffee bean instead of you.

You can customize your coffee with pre-programmed strength and size settings. The instant reheat function allows you to brew many espressos without losing quality. The double boiler system means you can brew espresso and steam milk at the same time.

With a removable water tank and decalcification indicator, cleaning this machine is easy and doesn’t take much effort.

Steaming milk is also easy with the manual frother.


  • All-in-one machine that grinds, brews, and froths
  • A sleek design you’ll want to keep on display
  • Double boiler system so you can brew and steam at the same time
  • Cup warmer for preheating cups before brewing
  • A removable brew unit that makes cleaning easy


  • The big footprint takes up a lot of counter space
  • No portafilter means you can’t use a single-serve espresso pod
  • An integrated grinder means you can’t control the dose, sacrificing some control of your drink
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DeLonghi EC702

The EC702 is a small and capable espresso maker that features a single boiler design.

It has single, double, or single-serve pod capabilities and a manual milk frother. You might recognize these features on a few other machines on this list, but we included this entry because of the dual thermostats. The dual thermostats allow you to control the temperature of the water for brewing espresso and steaming milk separately. The separate thermostats give you more control over your espresso-based drinks.

The frothing system itself is manual, meaning you don’t get the option to choose different levels of foam. The EC702 is perfect for someone looking to take their home espresso game to the next level without breaking the bank.

The bright spot of this machine is its value. This is a budget-friendly machine that still gives you a lot of control over the final espresso drink.


  • Dual thermostats allow you to brew coffee and steam milk at the same time
  • The removable water tank makes cleaning a breeze
  • Single-serve pod compatible, which gives you more options for your shots
  • The stainless steel boiler gives this unit extra durability


  • A manual frothing system means you have to steam milk yourself 
  • The single boiler means you have to wait between shots
  • No integrated grinder, so you’ll have to buy one if you don’t already have one or use coffee grounds
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DeLonghi Dedica EC680M

What the Dedica lacks in features, it makes up for in quality coffee and precise brewing. The signature sleek design in all DeLonghi machines is present here, too. At just six inches wide it takes up very little counter space.

Three different filter baskets come standard. The DeLonghi Dedica has the ability to choose between one or two shots or use single-serve espresso pods.

The steam wand is DeLonghi’s manual version. You have total control over the frothing of your milk for espresso drinks.

This machine does only have a single boiler. But, it has DeLonghi’s Thermoblock heating system. The Thermoblock system brews espresso in under 40 seconds. It also features a removable drip tray, meaning you can fit many travel mugs and aren’t limited to espresso cups.


  • Narrow design perfect for smaller or crowded kitchens
  • Coffee pod compatible for easy use, which also means no separate grinder is necessary
  • A quick reheating system that minimizes the time between drinks
  • Auto shutoff after 20 minutes to save energy


  • Few choices for brewing or steaming milk
  • Small water tank capacity, which means you’ll have to refill often
  • Manual milk steamer, you’ll have to steam milk yourself
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DeLonghi EC155 Bar Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

The DeLonghi EC155 features a single boiler, a more narrow design, and the ability to choose between one or two shots of espresso. This machine is also compatible with espresso pods.

This is the more budget-friendly machine of the two, though. This one doesn’t have the Thermoblock technology, meaning more time between brews.

The milk system is a manual-style wand, giving you control over milk frothing.

The EC155 is perfect for someone who drinks one or two coffees a day and doesn’t mind frothing milk manually. Brewing many coffee drinks in a row can be difficult on this machine as it doesn’t have the Thermoblock system.


  • The simple, easy-to-use design makes this perfect for a casual espresso drinker
  • Great budget semi automatic espresso machine for someone who drinks a couple of coffees per day
  • Dual thermostats that allow you to dial in milk and espresso separately
  • 3-in-1 portafilter gives you the option of one or two shot espressos, and the ability to use single-serve pods


  • Very few features, not much wiggle room in how you pull shots
  • Slow water heating system means you have to wait a while between drinks
  • Plastic body sacrifices some durability
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DeLonghi La Specialista

Perhaps the most comprehensive machine on the list, this all-in-one machine does it all. The La Specialista can almost replace your entire coffee setup. From grinding to hot water for an Americano, this machine does it all.

It features an integrated sensor grinder that doses each espresso. It also has a smart tamper for even pucks. The Advanced Latte System for steaming milk gives you a hands-off steaming. This machine will produce perfect drinks every time.

The dual heating system keeps water hot and ready to extract your espresso. A separate boiler for steaming milk means you can brew espresso and steam your milk at the same time.

The hot water spout allows you to create a perfect Americano or simply have hot water for tea on demand.

The DeLonghi La Specialista is perfect for the dedicated home barista. If you want full control over every aspect of your espresso drinks, this machine is for you. 


  • Three temperature settings for dialing in espresso extraction
  • Dual boiler for quicker drink turnaround
  • Integrated grinder and smart tamper 
  • Latte System for hands-off milk steaming


  • A hands-on brewer, you will have to do each step
  • Needs thorough cleaning and maintenance because it is a more complicated machine
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DeLonghi ECAM37095TI Dinamica

The Dinamica is fully automatic. All you have to do is select which drink you want and wait. You can even pair it to your phone.

It takes all the work out of your favorite espresso-based drinks. It has an integrated grinder and hands-off steaming. It is programmed for 16 different drinks and recognizes your most brewed drinks. When DeLonghi says automatic, they mean it.

If you’re willing to shell out for a machine like this and want a hands-off approach to drinks, this machine is perfect.

The Dinamica can replace almost your entire coffee setup. It’s perfect for a coffee lover who is looking for high-quality espresso drinks without the hassle of hands-on brewing.


  • Single-touch brewing makes this a fully automatic espresso machine, meaning no work for you
  • App connectivity so you can brew coffee from your phone, so you can start your brew from anywhere
  • Fully programmable, you can save drinks specific to your taste
  • The steaming system is compatible with alternative kinds of milk, so you’ll get great milk regardless of the milk you choose


  • Not as much control, so you aren’t able to dial in each espresso
  • Not a great choice for someone who wants to make their own drinks
  • Convenience-first design, you will sacrifice some control over quality for convenience
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DeLonghi ECP3420

The ECP3420 is a great little machine with a brewer compatible with single-serve pods. It also has the option to brew single or double-shot espressos. This machine features the Cappuccino milk system, which allows you to choose the froth setting for your espresso drinks.

It has a single boiler, meaning it will take some time to reheat between drinks. But it would be perfect for someone who only likes one or two drinks a day and doesn’t want the hassle of manually steaming milk.

That being said, it is still a simple and easy-to-use machine.


  • Compatible with single-serve espresso pods, which gives you more control over your coffee
  • Narrow design for saving counter space
  • The removable water tank keeps cleaning simple
  • Cappuccino frothing system, so you can choose your foam level for your drinks


  • Single boiler, more time between drinks
  • No integrated grinder, meaning you will need either pre-ground espresso beans or a grinder
  • Few features for brewing, you don’t have control of the temperature
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How To Choose The Best De Longhi Machine: A Definite Buying Guide

DeLonghi has a huge lineup of espresso machines, and picking the right one for you can be daunting.

From capacity to clean up, let’s break down the most important aspects to consider in DeLonghi machines.

Single vs Double Boiler

The first thing to consider is how much you will use your new coffee maker.

Will you only make one or two drinks per day? Will you make many drinks for friends and family on a regular basis?

The more you use your machine, the more you should consider getting a double boiler. A double boiler means there are separate water tanks for brewing espresso and steaming milk. Having a dedicated tank for steaming milk means you can froth milk at the same time as pulling an espresso shot.

With a single boiler, you will have to wait until your espresso is finished before steaming milk. While this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, it can mean more time between drinks.

I would highly recommend a single boiler machine for someone who only makes one or two drinks a day. I would also recommend them to someone who doesn’t need to make man drinks in a row. Single-boiler machines tend to be cheaper, making them great for budget-conscious.

Double boilers will almost always be more expensive than single boiler machines.


This isn’t an article about buying grinders, but they are very important to the espresso process.

If you don’t already have a decent espresso grinder, that’s another piece of the process you need to consider when buying a machine.

Some machines on this list have integrated grinders. Integrated grinders are perfect for someone who doesn’t already have one. A grinder is a whole separate appliance, which can also be a tricky buy.

Grinders are important because espresso grinds are typically much finer than, for example, drip coffee. Hand grinders, blade grinders, and most standard grinders won’t deliver ground coffee that’s fine enough for a good espresso.

If you already have an espresso grinder or don’t mind buying one, I would recommend staying away from the integrated grinder machines.  Instead, put the money you would spend for that feature into a double boiler machine.

Frothing System

There’s a big difference between frothing systems on almost all home espresso machines.

A fully manual frothing system is similar to the steam wands you would find in your local shop. You will have to do all the work in steaming the milk and can’t froth milk at the push of a button.

This is up to personal preference. Do you want to learn how to steam milk and pour latte art? Then I would recommend getting a manual frothing system.

Do you want a more hands-off approach to your milk? Go for a machine that has built-in settings for milk frothing instead.

Some machines have integrated frothers that will even pour the milk froth into your drink. Machines like this tend to be much more expensive, but they are also the most hand-off. These types of machines are great for someone in a rush.


Maintenance is a big part of owning an espresso machine. Regardless of what machine you end up buying, there will come a time to clean it.

Cleaning an espresso machine can be as simple as running an empty shot or ‘flushing’ water through your machine without any coffee. Cleaning your machine can also mean using a special solution to ‘descale’ your machine.

Simple machines tend to be easier to clean, especially if they have removable parts like the water tank and drip tray. Some removable parts are even dishwasher safe, making cleaning even easier.

Some of the higher-end machines need more dedicated cleaning methods.

It’s worth considering how much ongoing maintenance will be required throughout the machine’s life. Some of the more complex machines might require a professional service if something breaks down or goes awry with your machine.

Simpler machines will be much easier to maintain, but you could potentially sacrifice some quality in the coffee.

Kitchen Size

Espresso machines can get pretty big. It’s important to recognize just how much space you can dedicate in your kitchen to an espresso machine.

Some machines are designed for smaller kitchens and have a relatively small footprint, just like the DeLonghi ECP3420. Some machines can get very wide, especially if you want a double boiler with a dedicated hot water spout and an integrated grinder.

Once you have all the features picked out, take a minute or two in your kitchen to decide where your machine will go and how much space you have on your counter. This will help narrow down the choices and give you confidence that you have a place for your machine.

Final Thoughts

For the perfect balance of easy-to-use, budget-friendly, and barista-quality coffee, go with the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica.

This machine has an integrated grinder and pre-programmed strength and size settings, so you can have consistently good coffee each time at the push of a button. That’s why it’s a perfect choice for beginner home baristas.

Thanks to its double boiler, this machine allows you to brew coffee and steam milk with the manual milk frother at the same time. That means you will get your milk-based espresso drinks in a jiffy without sacrificing the quality of the coffee.

Although you won’t have full control over your drink, Magnifica still delivers a quality brew each time, so you won’t need to tweak the settings too much. Overall, it’s a great automatic espresso machine for beginners who want cafe-quality espressos at home.

Hopefully, this list gave you a better handle on the best DeLonghi espresso machine on the market today.

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