The Best Starbucks Iced Coffee Drinks: Top 14 Drinks Ranked

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starbucks iced coffee drinks

You know how a cup of freshly brewed coffee makes you warm up inside?

Well, that seems like the last thing you want to feel during a hot summer day.

Luckily, that’s easily avoidable by switching to an iced version of your favorite drink.

And if you don’t know what to try out, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here today.

In this article, I’ll share with you the best Starbucks iced coffee drinks to order the next time you visit.

Let’s dive straight in!

14 Refreshing & Delicious Starbucks Iced Coffee Drinks

Those iced Starbucks drinks on your Instagram feed look mouth-watering.

But which one to try out first?

Here’s my list, without a specific order:

Traditional Iced Coffee

Traditional Iced Coffee
Photo from: @stadiumpromenade

There’s a neverending list of unique Starbucks drinks featuring 10+ ingredients. But that doesn’t mean you always have to go with the most complex combo.

Sometimes, a classic cup of brewed coffee is just what you need.

And during hot summer days, there’s nothing better than to order it served over ice. 

Smooth and light-bodied, with just a slight hint of bitterness, a traditional iced coffee is a simple yet great refreshment drink. And since it’s “basic,” you can always customize it further if you like. 

Want it a bit creamier?

Add milk of your choice.

Of course, if you want to make it sweeter, ask for honey, sugar, or a pump of classic sugar. 

Cold Brew

When I think of a chilled but caffeinated drink, cold brew coffee is what first comes to mind. 

Now, there’s something so special about the Starbucks version.

Ground coffee is steeped for 20 hours, which brings out the smooth and only slightly bitter flavor. Plus, it’s handcrafted in small batches every day, so you can rest assured you’re drinking it fresh each time.

What I love so much about Starbucks cold brew coffee is the fact that is rather mellow but still gives you the much-needed caffeine kick. 

In fact, a grande cup has slightly less than a recommended daily dose of caffeine. 

And if you find cold brew too basic or boring when it comes to taste, you can always customize it to your liking. Whether it’s creamer or syrup, you can add some flavor and texture to make your cold brew even more enjoyable.

Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew
Photo from: @jm.likeme

This combination might seem odd at first. 

But don’t judge unless you’ve tried it!

Not going to lie. I couldn’t imagine the salted caramel and cold brew combo to save my life. But they turned out to be a match made in heaven.

I guess I expected it to be way saltier than it actually is.

The addition of salt mellows down the cold foam, making this cold brew drink relatively balanced in flavor. If you don’t like overly sweet coffee, then this is definitely something to consider for your next order.

Nitro Cold Brew

Looks like beer yet tastes like coffee. That was my first thought of nitro cold brew.

Whoever came up with the idea of infusing a cup of cold brew with nitrogen was a genius. What this little trick does is it gives the cold brew a fuller body and velvety foam, reminiscing the texture of a Guinness.

As for the flavor, it adds a bit of sweetness without actually adding sugar to the drink. In fact, this drink has only 5 calories!

Oh, and since it’s a type of cold brew, it also has a high caffeine amount. A grande cup of nitro cold brew contains 280 milligrams of caffeine. That’s almost the recommended daily intake for a healthy adult.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew

Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew
Photo from: @7cstravel

If you like a caffeinated but sweet cup of coffee, then you’ll surely like this drink.

Since it’s a variation of cold brew, this coffee beverage is rather strong. But the addition of vanilla sweet cream balances the flavor of cold brew, making it more palatable. 

You would never guess that this mellow drink has as much as 265 milligrams of caffeine when served as a grande. 

This cold brew also contains milk as well as a splash of vanilla syrup for extra sweetness. But even with all those ingredients, it only has about 70 calories. That’s a little less than a 2 finger Kit Kat. 

Iced Caffe Latte

An iced latte is a classic choice for anyone that likes milk-based coffee beverages. 

I especially like that Starbucks uses blonde espresso for making this drink. Blonde espresso is made with a light roast, which is mellower and sweeter than a dark roast, typically used for espresso.

The flavor of this type of roast really comes out when paired with milk. Now, Starbucks makes an iced latte with 2% milk, which gives it that beautiful creamy foam. 

But if you don’t consume dairy products, you can choose any of the plant-based varieties available. It will be just as delicious! 

Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte

Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte
Photo from: @zoeamelia1987

If you find plain iced latte too boring, step up your coffee game by making it vanilla. I mean, who doesn’t like vanilla?

There’s nothing complicated about this cold coffee drink. It’s just a regular latte made with blonde espresso, drizzled with vanilla, and served over ice.

This beverage is silky and smooth, and the subtle sweetness of vanilla covers its acidity.

Since it contains both milk and syrup, this Starbucks drink is slightly more caloric than your average latte. That’s something to keep in mind if you watch what you drink.

Iced Americano

If americano is your preferred type of coffee, there’s no reason to give up your favorite drink during the hot summer months. 

Iced americano is crisp, slightly sweet, and very refreshing. And since it’s made with blonde espresso, there’s no bitterness – only mellow flavors. 

Now, I know that Starbucks iced americano is so enjoyable to sip on. But keep in mind that a single grande cup of this drink has more than half the amount of your recommended daily caffeine intake.

Definitely not an evening beverage!

Iced Caffe Mocha

Iced Caffe Mocha
Photo from: @bonglim

Looking for a drink that will satisfy both your sweet tooth and caffeine urge?

Look no further.

This is one of my favorite orders at Starbucks. Iced caffè mocha is basically a liquid dessert. It doesn’t matter whether you actually like coffee or not – you’ll love this drink. 

The mocha sauce gives it a milkshake-like consistency and sweetness. As if that’s not enough, the whole thing is topped with whipped cream and drizzled with vanilla syrup.

Of course, with all that sweet stuff, iced mocha is highly caloric. Speaking in numbers, a grande cup has about 350 calories, which is roughly the same as a slice of chocolate cake.

Iced White Chocolate Mocha

If you think there’s no such thing as a too-sweet coffee drink, this one is for you. 

It’s creamy and refreshing, with the perfect balance of milky and chocolate notes. And just like any dessert, it’s topped with sweetened whipped cream. 

Oh, and a single pump of vanilla syrup gives it that luscious marshmallow flavor.

But keep in mind that this delicious drink is very caloric. A grande cup has more calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger! Think about that before ordering this drink right after dinner.

Iced Flat White

Iced flat white is perfect for those that like just a splash of milk in their coffee. 

If you’re an old Starbucks aficionado, then you probably know that this drink didn’t exist here in the States 10 years ago

But boy, are we glad that flat white made its way across the Pacific and became a staple in the Starbucks menu. 

If you never tried a flat white before – it’s a shot of ristretto covered with a thin layer of velvety foam. Similar to a latte, but with a stronger espresso note.

Of course, it also gives you a nice caffeine kick. This is a perfect drink to sip on with your breakfast.

Iced Shaken Espresso

Need something extra refreshing yet strong enough to get you through the day?

Say no more.

We all know that nothing keeps you alert more than a good ol’ shot of espresso.

Well, why give that up? If the days are too warm for a hot drink, just make an iced espresso. 

Aside from espresso and ice, iced shaken espresso is also topped with milk and classic syrup to make it easier on your palate. The sweetness mellows down the bitter notes from espresso shots.

If you’re pulling an all-nighter, this is your drink. A venti-sized drink consists of 4 shots of espresso. Now that’s more than enough to keep your eyes wide awake.

Iced Honey Almond Flat White

Iced Honey Almond Flat White
Photo from: @rbkewpie

If you find regular iced flat white somewhat too espresso-like, order a honey almond version instead.

Just a hint of almond milk and honey gives this drink more richness and a hint of nuttiness. It’s sweet, but not overly sweet to mellow down the prominent notes. If you want to spice it up a notch, you can ask for an additional pump of your favorite syrup.

Since it uses almond milk instead, this coffee beverage is a great option for anyone that’s on a dairy-free diet.

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Iced caramel macchiato is on the sweeter side of the Starbucks menu. It’s made by mixing espresso with milk, caramel sauce, and vanilla syrup served over ice. It’s a sugar bomb in liquid form.

The strength and bitterness of espresso are mellowed down by milk, and three pumps of vanilla syrup. Then, everything is drizzled with caramel sauce on top, turning this drink into a dessert. 

But while you might not feel it, the boldness of iced caramel macchiato is still there. This drink can easily replace your morning cup of coffee in terms of the energy kick.

How to Customize Your Starbucks Iced Coffee

Can’t find what you’re looking for on the menu?

Don’t worry.

Just because it’s not listed, it doesn’t mean you can’t order it.

Next time when you’re ordering, ask your barista to do any of this instead:

  • Use a different sweetener
  • Make it unsweetened
  • Use more or fewer pumps of syrup
  • Add less ice
  • Add another espresso shot
  • Change to a different type of milk

You’d be surprised how little things can turn a drink completely different.

Final Thoughts

Next time you’re at Starbucks, try ordering one of these refreshing drinks.

Certain options, like an iced americano or cold brew, taste just like your regular cup of coffee, but chilled. These are perfect for those that like their cup of joe strong and bitter.

If you’re looking for something sweet, iced white chocolate mocha or vanilla sweet cream nitro brew is worth considering. 

Looking for something with a nice energy boost? Check out our list of the strongest Starbucks drinks you can find.

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