Should You Try Maple Syrup In Coffee? (Easy Recipe)

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maple syrup in coffee

Should you try maple syrup in coffee? Discover everything you need to know about coffee with maple syrup and how to make this delicious drink.

Are you looking for a healthier option to sweeten your beverage? Then you probably came across an overwhelming number of alternative sweeteners. Some of them are great, some not. 

But one amazing everyday ingredient is unfairly overlooked – maple syrup.

Yep, you heard me – maple syrup in coffee is officially a thing. 

I tried this recipe myself, and I’m blown away. Stay with me, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

Let’s dive in!

What Is Maple Syrup And Why You Should Add It To Coffee?

Compared to the early days when sugar was the most common coffee sweetener, today, we live in a world of options!

Things like brown sugar, stevia, agave, coconut sugar, and honey are some of the healthier alternatives. Also, tastier options like flavored syrups became standard add-ins.

But, one option is often unfairly overlooked: good old maple syrup

Are you surprised because the first thing that comes to your mind when you say maple syrup is pancakes?

Yeah, I get it.

But trust me, if you love your cup of joe sweet, maple syrup is definitely worth trying. You’ll thank me later!

So, let’s start from the beginning: what is actually maple syrup? 

It’s completely natural produce. The sweet and thick syrup is made from concentrated tree sap from specific species of North American maple trees. Adequate species for taping are, obviously, Sugar maple, but also Black, Red, or Silver maple trees. 

The process of producing maple syrup is simple. At the beginning of the sugaring season, sugar makers drill the hole in the maple tree. Then, they insert the tap into the hole to collect the dripping sap directly into the bucket or canister. 

Naturally, maple tree sap isn’t too sweet. It’s actually mostly water with only 2% of sugar. But the next step is boiling large amounts of maple sap. Most of the water evaporates, and what is left is very thick, much sweeter maple syrup.

Now, the sugar content in the syrup is between 60 and 70%!

So, in order to get a small amount of maple syrup, you’ll need a massive amount of maple sap. Let me paint the picture for you: in order to produce just one gallon of syrup, you’ll need roughly 40 gallons of raw tree sap! 

How does coffee with maple syrup taste? 

woman drinking coffee
Maple syrup has its own flavor and aroma

Maple syrup is so much more than just a sweetener to your coffee. It has its own flavor and aroma. It can compliment your brew so well, making it more complex and elevated. 

If you have never tried maple syrup, it’s tricky to describe it because it’s very simple and clean but still unique. People say that it reminds them of caramel, toffee, or vanilla. All of those taste nuances go very well with coffee.

Also, there are different grades of maple syrup, referring to the color and, more importantly, the intensity of taste of certain maple syrup:

  • Golden – the  lightest colored maple syrup, with delicate and subtle flavor, sometimes with notes of vanilla 
  • Amber – slightly darker, amber color syrup, with full-bodied, rich maple flavor, most usual type of maple syrup 
  • Dark – dark amber color, with robust flavor 
  • Very dark – darkest color syrup, with a very strong and intense taste 

To achieve a perfectly balanced combination of coffee and maple syrup, the key is not to let maple syrup overpower the coffee flavor and vice versa.  

The taste of coffee itself can vary a lot. It depends on origin, roast, grind size… Combined with different types of maple syrup, you can have so many different results. And some of them won’t taste so good.

So, how to find that balance? 


If your first coffee with maple syrup isn’t so good, try it out with a different type of coffee bean or brewing method. Use a different type of roast. Add less maple syrup, or use a different grade. 

Also, a good start would be pairing the strength of your coffee with the grade of the syrup.

For example, golden maple syrup would go nicely with the latte or maybe iced coffee. But a robust espresso shot will definitely make better pair with a stronger, dark syrup.

And are there any benefits of consuming maple syrup? 

maple syrup
Maple syrup contains a lot of beneficial nutrients

Now, that’s a great question! Can maple syrup offer you any health benefits, or is it all about sweetness, taste, and texture? 

You might be surprised as I am, but maple syrup actually contains a lot of beneficial nutrients. Of course, we are talking about real, natural, pure maple syrup.

The reason why I emphasize this is because today, you can find plenty of maple syrup imitations. These are labeled as “maple-flavored,” “pancake syrup,” or something similar. Often, they are packed with chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

So, read the label carefully!

Although real maple syrup doesn’t contain almost any vitamins, it’s packed with different minerals.

To start with, it’s rich in manganese. Manganese is good for connecting tissue, bones, and metabolism. Just one tablespoon contains one-third of your daily need for manganese. 

Besides manganese, there are: 

  • zink 
  • copper 
  • calcium 
  • iron 
  • magnesium 
  • potassium 

Also, one study shows that maple syrup is super rich in antioxidants. To be precise, 24 different antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that delay or prevent some types of cell damage, which can prevent certain diseases. You can understand why they are so important for your health. 

But, one important reminder: as we said before, maple syrup contains a lot of sugar. So, no matter that it contains some good ingredients, you should be careful with how much of it you consume. We all know that too much sugar can lead to some of the world’s biggest health problems: obesity, diabetes, and heart problems.

Coffee With Maple Syrup: Quick And Easy Recipe

cup of coffee
Enjoy your maple coffee!

There are many maple-flavored coffee recipes. But, if you like your morning coffee simple and quick, here’s an easy example of how to add maple syrup to your cup of joe. 



  1. Brew your coffee. 
  2. Add maple syrup to your brewed coffee.
  3. Stir patiently until the syrup is completely dissolved. 
  4. Add milk of your choice and stir again.
  5. Enjoy your maple coffee!


Let’s go through a few more details about maple syrup in coffee.

Is maple syrup better than honey? 

Although honey is praised as a super healthy ingredient, maple syrup also has plenty of good nutrients too. Amounts of sugar and other ingredients can vary, so we can’t precisely say which one is better. But maple syrup does have a little bit fewer calories and sugar than honey.

Is maple sugar healthier than sugar?  

This one is simple: pure maple syrup definitely is healthier than white sugar. White sugar is processed. And therefore has significantly fewer other nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. And maple syrup has plenty of those. Plus, maple syrup has a lower glycemic index, so it raises blood sugar levels slower than regular refined sugar.

Does maple syrup dissolve in cold water? 

Pure maple syrup perfectly dissolves in both hot and cold water. You won’t be left with undissolved crystals at the bottom of your glass. That makes it perfect for your cold brew or iced coffee.


And that would be it. 

If you love your coffee sweet, go around sugar next time. Give a chance to maple syrup. Besides it’s healthier, it will add some texture and new flavors to your beverage.  

Do you like these unordinary, natural sugar replacements? You should definitely try out coffee with honey!

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