21 Best Starbucks Cold Foam Drinks You Need To Try

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starbucks cold foam drinks

Got hooked on cold foam?

Don’t blame you.

It’s sweet, refreshing, and delicious.

Good news – there are many more Starbucks cold foam drinks you can try out.

In this article, I’ll share with you a LOT of tasty options you have at Starbucks.

Let’s dive in!

21 Refreshing Starbucks Cold Foam Drinks

Cold foam can really bring the drink to a whole another level.

Don’t believe me?

See it for yourself.

Here are cold foam drinks you can try at Starbucks, in no specific order:

1. Cold Brew with Cold Foam

Cold Brew with Cold Foam
Photo from: @lmbick

Starbucks cold brew alone has a mellow sweetness with subtle notes of chocolate. When paired with cold foam, the drink gets that beautiful velvety texture that makes every sip smooth.

But don’t get fooled by its well-balanced flavor. This cold brew drink has high caffeine content.

A grande cup contains roughly half of the daily recommended caffeine intake.

As for the cup size, this cold brew is served in sizes ranging from tall to trenta.

2. Nitro Cold Brew with Cascara Cold Foam

Now, this is said to be one of the most popular Starbucks nitro cold brew variations, and I can totally see why.

The subtle chocolate notes of nitro cold brew become really accentuated when paired with the brown sugar flavor of cascara cold foam.

This drink is perfect for your morning coffee. A grande cup of this cold brew variation has roughly 270 milligrams of caffeine!

3. Iced Cappuccino with Cold Foam

Iced Cappuccino with Cold Foam
Photo from: @justcallmecc_

Imagine pouring a shot of espresso into a glass filled with ice.

Add a splash of milk.

Then, top it with a velvety layer of cold-frothed microfoam.

That’s exactly what iced cappuccino with cold foam is. And its beautiful flavor aside, I simply love how this cold foam drink looks.

You can see a gradient of colors from white to dark brown. And you can also feel those layers when sipping on this beverage.

4. Cold Brew with Salted Honey Cold Foam

This might sound like a weird combination, but give it a chance.

Adding a pinch of salt into honey cold foam doesn’t make it taste weird, just more mellow and balanced.

Cold foam is additionally topped with a splash of honey, for an even more delicious mouthfeel.

Of course, this drink is as caffeinated as any other cold brew Starbucks coffee.

5. Cold Foam Dark Cocoa Nitro

Cold Foam Dark Cocoa Nitro
Photo from: @lollipop918

Prefer your cup of joe to be more bitter?

Then this is a perfect drink for you.

Cold foam is mixed with coffee and bitter chocolate flavor mist for a more bittersweet taste. To balance everything out, a bit of liquid cane sugar is added to the beverage.

Like any cold brew, this one is also highly caffeinated. That grande cup of joe has as much as 290 milligrams. More than enough to get you through the day.

6. Iced Starbucks Blonde Cappuccino with Cold Foam

Underneath the thick layer of cold foam, you have a blonde espresso with a splash of milk, served over ice.

This iced drink is velvety smooth, subtly sweet, and extremely refreshing. You can really sense the floral notes from the blonde roast, but they’re not overwhelmingly prominent.

I love the fact that you can get this drink in tall, grande, or venti. You can switch the size depending on the time of the day it is at the moment.

7. Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

This one presents a perfect balance of flavors and notes, creating a smooth and refreshing drink.

The salty zing simply mellows down the sweetness of caramel, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the flavors of cold brew.

Now, this cold brew variety has a few additional ingredients, so it’s quite caloric. A grande cup has as many as 220 calories, which basically makes it a snack.

8. Iced Mint Chiffon Latte with Cold Foam

Vanilla and peppermint are a match made in heaven.

In the case of this drink, the two are mixed into the cold foam to achieve that “holiday” flavor.

There’s also some vanilla mixed in with the espresso, for an even sweeter cup of joe. 

With about 160 calories and 150 milligrams of caffeine in a grande, this mint latte is suitable for any time of the day.

9. Irish Cream Cold Brew

Irish Cream Cold Brew
Photo from: @foodie.914

This drink has the sweet notes and velvety texture of Irish cream. Now, there’s actually no whiskey in it, but the flavor is pretty much on point.

To make this Starbucks drink, baristas pour cold brew with Irish cream syrup over ice, then top it with Irish cream cold foam. Finally, the whole thing is topped with a sprinkle of cocoa. 

This delicious drink is served in sizes ranging from tall to trenta. 

10. Nitro Lemon Fog

Don’t feel like drinking coffee?

Try out this tea recipe instead.

Subtly sweet nitro peach tea is topped with lemon spiced cold foam, which gives it a zesty velvety finish.

Keep in mind that this is a relatively caloric tea drink. A grande cup contains as many as 260 calories.

11. Matcha Pink Drink

Matcha Pink Drink
Photo from: @mochacorgi2200

Here’s something from the secret menu that’s simple to make.

The base for this beverage is a pink drink refresher, made with strawberries and coconut milk.

Ask your barista to top the pink drink with vanilla sweet cold foam mixed with one scoop of matcha. 

While it might not feel like it, the matcha pink drink will give you a nice caffeine boost.

12. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

While only available on the regular menu during fall, pumpkin cream cold brew can actually be ordered any time. 

A pump of vanilla syrup makes it sweet and delicious, like a cake.

Of course, that also means it’s also caloric. A grande cup of pumpkin cream cold brew has around 250 calories.

13. Toasted Vanilla Shaken Espresso with Salted Caramel Foam

This is another recipe from Starbucks’ secret menu.

The base for this drink is a grande iced toasted vanilla oat milk shaken espresso. The combination of blonde espresso and oat milk accentuates nutty notes in this beverage.

Ask the barista to top the base with salted caramel foam. This will make it mellower and give it a velvety finish.

14. Valentine Cold Brew

Here’s a drink that’s a perfect ending to a date.

Order a venti cup of cold brew. Then, ask the barista to add:

  • 2 pumps of raspberry
  • 2 pumps of white mocha

To make cold foam, ask them to mix the strawberry puree with it. 

15. Mint Chocolate Chip Cold Brew

Mint Chocolate Chip Cold Brew
Photo from: @missyjjones88

Mint pairs exceptionally well with coffee, and cold brew is no exception.

To get this secret menu drink, order a venti cold brew. Ask the barista to add:

  • 2 pumps of mocha
  • 2 pumps of white mocha

Pour the mixture over ice and top it with sweet cream cold foam. Finally, add 2 pumps of peppermint over the foam for decor.

16. Toffee Nut Sweet Vanilla Cold Brew

Who doesn’t like toffee?

This drink uses vanilla sweet cream cold brew as the base. Then, it’s mixed with almond milk and 2 pumps of toffee nut syrup. 

Ask the barista to drizzle the cup with caramel syrup, and top it with vanilla cold foam.

17. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Iced Coffee

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Iced Coffee
Photo from: @katerinafaith

Long name for a simple drink with complex flavor. 

This drink is actually an iced Americano topped with cold foam made with a pump of vanilla.

This beautifully refreshing drink is suitable for any time of the year.

18. Dragon Drink with Cold Foam

Looking for a more tropical drink?

Look no further.

Order the dragon drink, a beverage made of sweet mango and dragonfruit mixed with coconut milk. 

Then, ask the barista to top it with vanilla sweet cream cold foam. 

This will make it both sweet and refreshing, perfect for summer.

19. Cold Brew with Dark Cocoa Almondmilk Foam

This drink is a part of the regular menu.

A cup of cold brew coffee is topped with almond milk cold foam, drizzled with sweet mocha sauce, and sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Since it uses almond milk, this drink is relatively low on calories. A grande cup of this cold brew has no more than 40 calories.

Also, it’s a dairy-free drink, making it a great option for vegans and other people who don’t drink regular milk.

20. Zombie Brains Drink

Here’s a cool-looking refreshing beverage.

The base is a venti iced green tea latte. Ask the barista to add to the drink:

  • 1 scoop of vanilla bean powder
  • Sweet cream cold foam with mixed strawberry puree
  • More strawberry puree as a topper

That additional puree on top is too heavy for the foam. It will slide down through it, giving the drink that “brainy” look.

21. Vanilla Cold Foam Matcha

Vanilla Cold Foam Matcha
Photo from: @arose.eats

This beautiful grassy green cold drink is super easy to make.

Ask the barista to:

  1. Add milk to the second line and transfer it to the jug.
  2. Add 2 scoops of matcha.
  3. Add 4 pumps of vanilla.
  4. Blend everything.
  5. Pour it over ice.
  6. Make cold foam by mixing 2 pumps of vanilla syrup.
  7. Drizzle some matcha on top.

A Guide to Different Types of Cold Foam at Starbucks

Did you know there’s more than one type of cold foam you can order at Starbucks?

Here are the options available:

  • Cold foam – the regular version is made by combining nonfat milk and 2 pumps of vanilla syrup.
  • Vanilla sweet cream cold foam – uses 2% milk instead, mixed with heavy cream and vanilla syrup.
  • Pumpkin cream cold foam – a pump of pumpkin spice sauce is blended into the vanilla sweet cream cold foam to make this one.
  • Salted sweet cream cold foam – a pinch of salt added to vanilla sweet cream cold foam for a more balanced flavor.
  • Cascara cold foam – made by mixing cascara syrup with milk, this type of foam has a flavor reminiscing of dark brown sugar and maple.
  • Irish cream cold foam – combines milk, vanilla, and Irish cream syrup for that classic Bailey flavor.
  • Raspberry cold foam – while not found on the regular menu, you can order this type of cold foam by asking the barista to mix it with a pump of raspberry syrup.

As you can see, there are no non-dairy cold foams on the menu.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t order it. In most cases, the stores have all the necessary ingredients to make it when ordered. 

Just keep in mind that not all plant-based types of milk froth the same. For instance, soy makes a much better foam than almond.


Starbucks uses nonfat instead of 2% milk to make cold foam. That’s because nonfat milk has a larger percentage of protein, the ingredient responsible for the strength of the cold foam.

Some Useful Tips for Ordering Cold Foam Drinks

When ordering a drink at Starbucks, always be very specific. With so many ingredients available, the barista might not know exactly what you want.

Here are some tips that might help you:

  1. Always specify the type of cold foam you’re ordering

If you just say “cold foam,” you’ll end up with the regular one made with just nonfat milk and vanilla syrup.

  1. Don’t add cold foam on top of a hot beverage

It will just melt once it touches the hot liquid. You’ll just end up with a mild and mushy beverage.

  1. Don’t top a frappuccino with cold foam

Well, in theory, you can. But you’re drinking a frappuccino from the straw, so the cold foam will end up being the last thing you’ll drink.

  1. Don’t combine it with whipped cream

Again, it’s not that you can’t. But adding both will turn your drink into a heavily caloric dessert. Plus, it might end up being too sweet for enjoyable consumption.

Bottom Line

There you have it, a list of all the cold foam drinks you can order at Starbucks.

Some of these are a part of the regular menu, while the others belong to the “secret menu” section. This means that you can still order it, but you need to know exactly what goes in it.

Looking for some ice-cold beverages instead? Check out our list of best Starbucks iced drinks for ideas.

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