Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew: Top 6 Choices

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Short on time? Our top pick for the best coffee grinder for cold brew is the Capresso Infinity Coffee Grinder.

Cold brew is one of the most finicky coffee beverages to try brewing, which is why you need a premium grinder. 

However, a quick google search of cold brew coffee grinders will pull up hundreds of results, each one claiming to be the best on the market

So who do you believe? 


I’ve done the research and compared those countless grinders so that you don’t have to! 

Plus, I’ve added a brewing guide so that you know exactly what to look for and which features to focus on when choosing a grinder. 

Ready to get all the juicy deets on cold brew grinders?

Let’s jump in!

The Cold Brew Showdown: Top 6 Cold Brew Grinders

1. Capresso Infinity Coffee Grinder

This isn’t the only Capresso coffee grinder you’ll see me praise. Suffice to say I’m a Capresso fan.

And for good reason: this brand knows how to make grinders. 

The Capresso Infinity is a vertical grinder that features slow grind speeds to help preserve the flavor of your coffee. I especially appreciate this for cold brew, since you want to keep the coffee beans as cool as possible to enhance the brew’s flavor. 

Just note that the grind adjustments have some pretty large leaps between them, so it can be a little tricky to figure out the right grind. 

Another feature of the grinder is that it comes with a timer. While you can use the separated on/off button to pulse the grinds, you can also just set the thing to run for anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute. 

If you’re a semi-professional multi-tasker like me, this is a major plus. 


  • A great grinder for beginners as it’s both affordable and intuitively designed
  • Has a good capacity, meaning that you can brew up large batches of cold brew at once
  • Features a timer, so that you can set your grinder to run for as long as you need without manually operating it
  • Comes with a free brush and scooper, which is convenient since cleaning the grinder can be a bit tough without them
  • Includes a removable hopper, once again making cleaning much easier


  • Beans sometimes get stuck in the grinder’s burrs, so you may have to clean it more frequently
  • The grind adjustment takes some pretty large leaps, making it hard to get a precise grind
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2. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Next up to bat is the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. 

I’m not usually a fan of manual coffee grinders, but this one took me by surprise. The grinder was not only super affordable but also gave a great grind.

Now, even though you’ve got to hand-grind your coffee, the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder only weighs 0.5 pounds. That makes it a little easier to operate than you might think.

The grinder has a sleek, stainless steel exterior and doesn’t take up a ton of room in your cupboard. Plus, the grinder produces a great coarse grind that’s perfect for cold brew. 

The biggest issue I found with it was that it was hard to figure out the grind settings. When you first get started grinding, it can be easy to misalign the grind and get a coarser or finer grind than you were looking for.

In terms of brewing cold brew, that can be a big concern since you want to make sure you get the grind right for the best results. 

Bonus: when you purchase this grinder you actually get a code for a FREE bag of coffee. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for freebies. That scores this grinder some serious bonus points!


  • A great mid-range grinder for those who enjoy using manual devices
  • You can choose between 18 different grind sizes, so it’s easy to brew a variety of different types of coffee
  • Features sturdy ceramic burrs that won’t rust quickly and are easy to clean
  • Extremely lightweight, making it ideal for those who travel or camp frequently


  • The grind sizes can be hard to figure out, negating the variety of the grinder
  • It’s a manual, handheld grinder so it takes a bit of elbow grease to operate
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3. Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Grinder

This mid-range burr grinder is a good choice for those who want a higher quality device but at a more affordable price point. 

My favorite part of this grinder is that it includes 40 different grind sizes. 

I’m a major coffee addict, and since cold brew is far from the only type of coffee I’m whipping up in my kitchen, these extra grind sizes did it for me. 

On top of that, I love that the grinder has a digital timer. I like to set the grinder running and take care of prepping my cold brew equipment while it grinds. 

One thing I should point out is that this grinder has stainless steel blades. That can be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it (jump down to the buyer’s guide for more details). 

Either way, it’s definitely something to note. 

The only major issue I had with this grinder is that there’s a bit too much grind retention for my taste. 


  • Includes a whopping 40 grind sizes so you can pretty much make any brew method you like
  • Features stainless steel burrs that produce a super smooth and even grind
  • It has a digital timer, meaning you can leave it running while you multi-task
  • Has a conical burr shape, which means that it produces an even grind


  • Features stainless steel burrs, which means they will rust up fairly quickly
  • Excessive grind retention, so you’ll have to work a bit to get the beans out of the burrs
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4. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart is a great brand for those who want to get quality on a budget.

The brand produces several pieces of at-home coffee gear that are great for anyone just getting into coffee. 

This particular grinder is small and compact as well as easy to use. 

Despite the compact size, the entire grind chamber can hold enough beans for 32 cups of coffee. That’s perfect for cold brew since most of us brew in big batches!

What’s unique about this grinder is that it uses ceramic block burrs rather than your standard flat or conical burrs. 

These burrs, although not as high quality as the other kinds of burrs, do create a really uniform grind. Plus, they don’t create as much friction (and ultimately heat) as standard flat or conical burrs. 

The worst feature of this grinder has to be the noise level. It’ll get you a great grind, but your ears will pay the price. 

Still, if you don’t mind the noise for a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy a pretty good grinder for cold brew. 


  • Has an intuitive design and simple operation, making it easy-to-use
  • Is one of the cheapest grinders on the list, making it great for those on a budget
  • Perfectly blends affordability with ease of use meaning it’s ideal for beginners
  • Is a compact grinder but still has good capacity so you can make a solid batch of cold brew


  • It’s loud, which can cause a disturbance (you might want to operate it with earplugs in!)
  • The shape of the burrs leads to a lower-quality grind, resulting in lower quality coffee
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5. Hario Ceramic Skerton Pro Coffee Grinder

Enter the Hario Skerton Pro – another manual coffee grinder that took me by surprise. 

This grinder is a sleek coffee grinder. Unlike the JavaPresse, this grinder is made out of silicone and glass, which makes it a little bit lighter weight. 

My favorite feature of this grinder is that the handle is easy to turn. You’ll get a smooth and consistent grind without having to put in tons of manual labor to get it. 

I did find that the grind size on this grinder is a bit tough to get the hang of. 

Even though I was able to produce consistent grinds, they weren’t always the size grind I was looking for. 

Another issue I had with the Hario Ceramic Skerton Pro is that when I took it apart for cleaning, there were more parts than I was expecting. Once I was done cleaning it out, all those parts made it a bit of a puzzle to piece back together. 


  • Features sturdy ceramic burrs that don’t wear out or rust quickly
  • Produces a very even grind, so you know your coffee will have uniform quality
  • Small and compact, making it great for those who don’t have large kitchens
  • Made out of glass and silicone, so it’s lightweight and easy to take with you on the go


  • Includes a lot of different parts so can be tough to dismantle and reassemble for cleaning
  • The grind size is hard to adjust, which can make getting a good grind for cold brew tough
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6. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Another great cold brew coffee grinder list is the Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder.

I know, I know – it’s a mouthful. 

This grinder is pretty well-rounded and produces a wide range of grinds. You can get super coarse grinds, great for cold brew, or can make some smoother grinds if you want to mix things up with a cup of espresso. 

This grinder, as you can guess from the name, features conical spurs. The spurs, though stainless steel, use a slow grind speed to help maintain quality. 

One of my favorite features about this grinder is that it has a dial timer. Just set the timer and let the machine run while you clean the kitchen or prep your other cold brew gear!

The grinder, unlike the JavaPresse, also has super easy-to-read grind settings. No guesswork here!

My main issue with the Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is that it requires regular cleaning.

That’s not too bad considering the fact that you can remove the top burr, however. 

Yeah, it’s a bit of a pain, but for the rest of the positives this grinder has to offer, it’s worth the trouble.


  • Features an easy-to-read grind dial so it’s easy to get the right grind for cold brew
  • Comes with a timer, so you can leave it running while you multi-task in the kitchen
  • Has a measuring scoop and cleaning brush included in the package, helping you keep it clean
  • Uses a slow grinding speed which prevents the coffee from heating up and losing its sweetness for cold brew


  • Is quite staticky and has a bit to much grind retention so it requires constant cleaning
  • Features stainless steel burrs which rust and jam pretty quickly
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Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew: A Buying Guide

Now that you’ve got all the deets on these great grinders, you’re ready to pick one off the shelves right?

Not quite. 

Part of your journey to buying a cold brew coffee grinder includes figuring out a few extra factors. Here’s what else you need to keep in mind. 

Manual vs. Electric

While most of us balk at the idea of cranking away at a hand-grinder for what seems like an age, these grinders still have some relevance. 

Manual grinders, although slow, are quiet.

They’ll grind up your beans without making a racket throughout the whole house. Plus, there’s something special about keeping an age-old piece of coffee history alive.

On the other hand, you can also choose one of the electric grinders on our list. Electric grinders are great because they take all the hard work out of grinding your coffee.

The main downside to them is that they do produce a lot of noise. If you’re concerned about waking up your baby, bothering your neighbors, or just hurting your ears, this might not be the best choice. 


Capacity is going to be a big question for lots of cold brew brewers. 

Since you usually produce cold brew in large batches, it makes sense to have a grinder that can handle big bags of beans. 

On the other hand, some people may be making just a cup or two of cold brew at a time. Or, they could be making one-off pots of cold brew.

When that’s the case, capacity may not be such a big issue. 

Think about how often you plan to be making cold brew and how much you’ll make at a time. If the answers are “a lot” and “often,” you might want to consider a larger grinder. 

Burr Design

You’d be pretty hard-pressed to find burrs made out of plastic, wood, or other materials. In general, they’re made out of one of two materials: 

  1. Stainless steel
  2. Ceramic

Stainless steel burrs are sharper than ceramic burs, which means they can create a smoother and more consistent grind. They’re also corrosion-resistant.

On the other hand, ceramic burrs may start out slightly less sharp, but ceramic doesn’t conduct heat. That means you avoid the blades creating friction and heating your coffee beans (more on that later). 

Keep this in mind when choosing your grinder. For some people, the uniformity of stainless steel blades is worth the risk of heating up the oils in the coffee.

Others would rather preserve the coffee quality but lose some of the sharpness.

While either choice is fine, it’s good to be informed on how the burrs affect your coffee grind.

Grind Speed

Some grinders only come with one speed setting, while others let you adjust the speed.  

What many beginning brewmasters don’t realize is that the grind speed is actually a major part of creating a good cup of coffee!

That’s because when the grinder moves too quickly, the friction from the blades can warm up the coffee beans.

We all know cold temperatures are one of the key characteristics of cold brew. That means that having beans that are warm when you make your brew can affect the flavor.

Using hot beans can lead to slightly higher acidity and less sweetness in your cold brew. 

The result? 

A bitter and dark cold brew instead of a sweet and soft cold brew.

Price and Warranty

As much as we wish money wasn’t an object when buying a cold brew grinder, the truth is, we’re all on a budget here. Granted, some are bigger than others, but that’s still a budget!

When you look for a cold brew grinder, you’ll need to keep price considerations in mind. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it. There are tons of great cold brew grinders out there that won’t break the bank but still work well. 

Going hand-in-hand with price considerations is the warranty. You want to make sure that you choose a grinder that’s got a good warranty.

While you probably won’t need it, you’d be up the creek without a paddle if something does go awry with your grinder!

Our Verdict

Even though all six of these grinders can help you whip up the perfect batch of cold brew, my personal favorite is the Capresso Infinity Conical Brewer.

The grinder is a quality device without being so overly priced that entry-level home baristas can’t purchase it. 

This grinder offers a consistent grind and keeps the beans from heating up too much, making it perfect for cold brew. 

Plus, it comes with an easy-to-read grind dial. 

TLDR? If you’re looking for an affordable, intuitive cold brew grinder, the Capresso Infinity Conical Brewer is your machine. 

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