Best Coffee Grinder For Pour Over (Top 9 Choices)

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best coffee grinder for pour over

Searching for the best coffee grinder for pour-over? Check out our favorites and a buying guide so you can choose the best grinder for you.

In a rush? Our top pick for the best coffee grinder for pour-over is the Breville Smart Grinder Pro.

Pour over coffee requires a medium-coarse grind.

Meaning – you will need to grind the coffee beans yourself because it’s not so easy to find this particular grind in regular shops.

But what’s the best coffee grinder for pour over?

Well, there are a few factors that determine that. 

Don’t worry, I’ll go over them today. I’ll also review some of the best models on the market so that you can make your pick easily.

Let’s get straight to the point.

Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over: Top 9 Picks

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

This model by Breville wins a high place on this list thanks to its unique features that make grinding simple and intuitive.

First, let me just say that the large LCD display makes your life a lot easier. You can see the current settings and adjust them to your liking before starting to grind. 

Now, what are those settings? 

Well, there are 60 different grind settings available. Of course, only a handful of them work for pour-over. But it’s great having a grinder for any other brewing method, from cold brew to espresso.

And thanks to the precision electronic timer, you can adjust your grind time to get just the right amount of ground you need for brewing. 

My favorite thing about this grinder is that it’s mess-free. You can grind directly into a paper filter, container, or even portafilter when making espresso.

The bean hopper is a whopping 18-ounce capacity, so it’s great for large coffee-loving households. 

If you ask me, this would be the perfect grinder if only it wasn’t so loud. At this price range, other models are usually much quieter and suitable to use when the household is sleeping.


  • 60 grind size settings mean you can use it for other brewing methods as well
  • You can grind directly into a filter or container for less need of a cleanup
  • Features a large LCD screen which makes operation quick and easy
  • Makes just the right amount you need, so there’s no leftover


  • Pretty loud
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Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

This model by Capresso is for those who want an electric grinder but don’t have much counter space. With a compact design, it’s great for small spaces, like dorms or RVs.

But even though it’s so tiny, this grinder has a decent capacity. With a bean hopper of 8.8 ounces and ground coffee department of 4 ounces, you don’t have to grind every day. 

This model has 16 grind settings ranging from coarse to extra fine. While you get a few options to use for pour-over, there isn’t a lot of room for improvising.

With all that being said, this grinder really gives consistent results. 

What I like about this burr grinder is that you can remove the steel burrs for easier cleanup. But here’s a friendly piece of advice – don’t wash the burrs. Many have complained they’d rust. Instead, just use the brush it comes with.

I also like the safety lock mechanism. This stops the grinder from working when the bean container isn’t in place. That way, you can prevent damage to the machine as well as possible damage to your hands.


  • A compact design makes this model suitable for small spaces
  • Commercial-grade conical burrs ensure consistent results each time
  • The safety lock mechanism prevents the grinder from operating without a bean container in place
  • A decent bean and ground coffee hopper size, so you don’t have to refill often


  • Only 16 grind settings are available
  • The burrs can rust if washed with water
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Hario Skerton Pro Ceramic Manual Coffee Grinder

If you’re the type of person who brings coffee equipment when traveling, then you need a tiny coffee grinder. And this model by Hario is great for making coffee on the go.

I really like how this coffee grinder sits in your hand. The hourglass shape features an antislip rubber that allows a sturdy grip. The handle has a strong grind shaft that creates proper traction for grinding. When traveling, you can remove the handle for easier storage.

This grinder has a capacity of just 3.5 ounces, enough for 1-2 cups. If you’re making coffee for more people, that means grinding a couple of times consecutively, which can be exhausting.

I was pleasantly surprised that a grinder at this price range features ceramic burrs. But Hario never disappoints when it comes to feature quality. The ceramic burrs are great, as they make little noise and don’t retain odor.

This type of grinder has an infinite number of grind settings. Just turn the grind adjustment left and right to find your desired size. 

Having infinite options sounds great, but it takes quite a while to get the hang of it. Be ready for a ton of hits and misses until you master using it.


  • Very compact, so it’s suitable for traveling
  • An infinite number of settings make the grinder suitable for all brewing methods
  • Ceramic burrs are silent, rust-free, and durable
  • Antislip rubber ensures you have a strong grip


  • This type of grinder has a steep learning curve
  • Very small capacity
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Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Want a user-friendly grinder that gives professional-grade results? Then you’ll surely love this model by Baratza.

Using this electric coffee grinder is no rocket science. There’s an on/off switch, a pulse button for grind burst, and a burr adjustment. What this means is that you probably won’t ever need to check the manual.

As for the grind settings, there are 40 of them. So not only for pour-over, but you can also make adequate grounds for pretty much any brewing method you want. Espresso, French press coffee – you name it.

This grinder uses steel alloy conical burrs to grind the coffee. These are very consistent and durable, so this is the machine that should last you a good while. 

For an electric grinder, this model has a rather compact design. This makes it suitable for small apartments and college dorms. 

But even though it’s small, the grinder has a bean capacity of 8 ounces. This means you don’t have to refill it more than once or twice a week.

The only thing I don’t like about this burr grinder is that it can be a hassle to clean. Not the burrs – they’re pretty simple to maintain. But coffee grounds tend to get stuck in the chute, and that’s a hard area to reach.


  • 40 grind settings make this grinder more than suitable for pour-over
  • Pretty straightforward and intuitive to use
  • The compact design makes it suitable for small spaces
  • A 1-year warranty ensures there are no manufacturing defects


  • Cleanup can be rather difficult
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Eureka Mignon Filtro Coffee Grinder

Now, I’ve never thought that a coffee grinder could be this sleek looking, but here’s a model that proved me wrong. In fact, I’d probably never guessed what this is just by its futuristic design. 

Of course, this model is more than just eye candy.

It has a full aluminum frame, which you don’t often see in this price range. The hopper and ground catch bin, however, are plastic. But the material is still pretty thick and sturdy, you can rest assured this coffee grinder will last.

And with a 10-ounce bean capacity, this model is on the larger side.

I like that this grinder has a grind adjustment that isn’t attached to the hopper. This means you can access the burrs for cleanup without recalibrating your grind size right afterward.

I also like that the catch bin sits perfectly under the chute, so there are no grounds flying around. This makes grinding a mess-free operation.

As for what I don’t like – the loudness. With 90 dB, this grinder is louder than a vacuum cleaner. I mean, given it only works a few minutes at a time, that’s not a big deal. But It’s marketized as having “quiet operation,” and that’s clearly deceiving.


  • With a sturdy metal frame, this machine is built to last
  • Stepless adjustment gives you infinite options to tweak your grind size
  • A 2-piece catch bin lets you grind coffee without making a mess
  • You can access the burrs without having to recalibrate your settings


  • It’s louder than a vacuum cleaner
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Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

Do you get up before the rest of your household? In that case, making coffee quietly seems like an impossible task. Well, I guess Fellow had that in mind when making this model.

It’s unreasonable to expect a coffee grinder to be silent, but this one comes pretty close. So even if your household members are still asleep, you can make your coffee grounds without waking them up.

And compared to most models on this list, this one uses flat burrs. Flat burr coffee grinders give you even bigger control over your grind size and ensure consistent results.

There are 11 settings and 31 steps in between, so you can make coffee particles any size you want.

The hopper size on this model isn’t very impressive. With just 2.3 ounces, you have to grind pretty much every time you’re making coffee. While that ensures the freshest results, sometimes it can be too much of a hassle.


  • Very silent, allowing you to operate it while the household is sleeping
  • Tons of grind settings available, so you can tweak your grind size for pour-over
  • Very fast, takes 20 seconds to grind the whole hopper
  • Flat burrs ensure consistent results each time


  • A small coffee bean hopper means you have to grind coffee for each cup
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KRUPS Precision Grinder Flat Burr

This model by Krups is proof that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to have a decent grinder at home. For more than an affordable price, this coffee grinder does everything you need it to do.

First, I must say I’m really surprised to see flat burrs in this price range, as that’s usually a feature of upper-range products. Flat burrs are the best, so the results will always be consistent.

The rest of the grinder is not so high-quality. The body is made of plastic, so it’s nowhere near as durable as some other models on this list. 

As for the grinding, there are 12 major settings with micro-adjustment. So, in reality, you have tons of options to choose from, depending on the beans you’re using. 

The design is pretty slim and elongated, making it suitable for smaller counter spaces. But even so, the bean hopper has a capacity of 8 ounces, which is pretty decent. This means you don’t have to refill it more than once a week.

I really like that you can customize quantity. From 2 to 12 cups, just pick the amount you need right now. The grinder will automatically stop grinding once the desired amount is reached.


  • Features flat burrs, which give consistent results each time
  • Micro and macro grind settings give you plenty of options for grind size
  • Quantity selection allows you to grind exactly how much you need
  • The slim design makes it suitable for smaller spaces


  • Made of flimsy plastic, so it’s not very durable
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Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Here’s the type of coffee grinder that can take quite a beating. Not that you should throw it around, but you don’t have to worry about it breaking from a fall. For this reason, it’s great for traveling, especially camping.

It’s made of stainless steel, which speaks volumes about its durability. There are no hidden parts made of flimsy material – it’s completely steel. Well, aside from the conical burrs, which are made of ceramic.

Again, I’m super impressed by the material choice. For a coffee grinder in this price range, ceramic burrs aren’t common. Compared to steel, ceramic doesn’t heat up and doesn’t retain odor. Plus, ceramic burrs stay sharp for a longer time.

This is a rather small coffee grinder, so don’t expect to make a large batch at once. After all, the whole thing is not larger than a soda can. You can, however, grind the amount for 1 to 3 cups at a time, which is pretty decent. 

But being this tiny, that also means that cleaning the coffee ground residue can be slightly difficult. You can disassemble the parts to rinse them under water, but particles can get stuck in corners, and you need to brush them out.


  • Compact design, so it’s suitable for small spaces and traveling
  • Features ceramic burrs, which don’t retain heat or odor
  • Grinds pretty fast for a manual grinder
  • Sold at a pretty reasonable price for a grinder


  • Can be a bit difficult to clean
  • Small capacity
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OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

If your household members also enjoy pour-over coffee, this model by OXO might be what you need.

With 12 ounces of bean hopper capacity, you can just pour the whole bag of coffee beans inside. How often you’ll refill it depends on the amount of coffee consumed in your home. But generally, you won’t have to do it more than once or twice a week.

The bean hopper is transparent, allowing you to see how much is left inside. But as you probably know, sun rays can cause the beans to go stale faster. This is why it’s great that the hopper is tinted with UV protection so that your coffee remains fresh while inside.

The grinder features stainless steel conical burrs that you can easily adjust by turning the hopper left or right. There are 15 grind options plus multiple micro settings. So, in reality, you have almost 40 options that allow you to adjust your grind.

What I don’t like is how loud this grinder is. If your pet is in the kitchen when you start grinding, rest assured they’ll run away.


  • About 40 grind options are available, which allow you to finetune your grind
  • UV-tinted bean hopper prevents beans from going stale too quickly
  • A large hopper means you don’t have to refill it more than 1-2 times a week
  • The container can accommodate enough grounds for 4-8 cups of coffee


  • It’s very loud
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How to Choose a Grinder for Pour-Over Coffee

As you can see, there are different models of grinders with different features. 

But what makes them all great for pour-over coffee

Well, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right model for you.

Manual vs Electric

There are die-hard fans out there for both of these coffee grinder types. And if you ask them, their choice is absolutely the best.

But I’ll give you a more objective overview of each, so you can make your pick.

Manual Grinder

Manual coffee grinders have been around for the longest time. Today, they’re generally more affordable, as there are not a lot of technicalities involved. Of course, that also makes maintenance and repair much more affordable.

Since they’re operated by hand, manual grinders are typically much slower than electric ones. But since they’re slower, that means the burrs won’t heat up, thus affecting the flavor of your coffee.

Compared to electric, manual grinders are much quieter. The only thing you’ll hear is the turning of the hand crank. Yes, you can do that at 5 in the morning without waking up your household.

Furthermore, manual grinders often have stepless adjustments. That means there’s an infinite number of grind settings. But getting the hang of it requires a bit of time and practice. 

Of course, manual grinders have way smaller footprints. So whether you have a tiny apartment or RV, this type of coffee grinder won’t take up much of your counter.

With that being said, let’s also not forget that manual grinders require quite a bit of input from your side. So it really comes down to how much effort you’re willing to invest in grinding your beans.

Electric Grinder

Of course, the beauty of an electric grinder lies in the fact that it does everything itself. You just have to add the beans and choose the grind settings.

Electric grinders typically have way fewer grind settings than manual ones. Depending on the price tag, those can range anywhere from 8 to 208. 

Furthermore, electric grinders also have much larger footprints, so they can take quite a bit of your counter space. And besides the size, they also require electric output, so you can’t really take them with you when traveling.

Oh, and the noise. Sure, there are models that are deemed to be quiet (like Fellow Ode Coffee Grinder) but that’s still above the dB level of a regular conversation. But most of them make as much noise as a lawn mower.

But if you’re making a larger batch of coffee, the electric grinder is a 100 times better option than a manual one. Depending on the model, it can make enough grounds for several cups of coffee at a time. In large coffee-drinking households, this is quite an important factor.

Plus, let’s not forget that electric grinders are generally much faster. You can have your grounds ready in as little as 30 seconds.

Electric grinders offer speed and convenience. Manual grinders give more precise results. It really depends on what you value more.

Ease of Cleaning

coffee grinder part
When choosing a coffee grinder, look for models with removable burrs and bean hoppers

Both coffee oils and particles will build up inside your grinder with use. But of course, you don’t want to make cleaning more difficult than it already is. 

And here’s the worst part – many models feature metal burrs that shouldn’t be washed with water.

This means you’ll have to do some manual work. That usually involves cleaning the burrs with a brush.

But to make maintenance as easy as possible, look for models that have removable burrs. That way, you can take them out for easier cleanup. 

Otherwise, you’d have to stick your hand inside a grinder. And in some cases, that can be dangerous. And that comes from a person who regularly cuts herself when washing a mandoline slicer.

Removable bean hoppers are also great. That way, you can rinse them with water and remove coffee residue much easier. 

No grinder is simple to clean. But having removable parts makes your job much easier.


If you only make coffee for yourself, you don’t need a large grinder. Using freshly ground coffee is always the best, so forget about making a week-worthy batch just for yourself.

But if your household members enjoy coffee as well, then making a batch doesn’t sound that bad anymore. 

Most manual coffee grinders are small in size. They can make enough grounds for just a few cups of coffee at a time.

Electric ones, on the other hand, come in all sizes. And with more than 2 coffee drinkers at home, consider a grinder with a capacity between 8 and 12 ounces

Just keep in mind that a larger capacity also means a larger footprint.

A grinder with a capacity of a few ounces is suitable for 1 or 2 coffee drinkers. For a larger coffee-loving household, you should get a coffee grinder with a capacity of 8 ounces or more.

To Sum Things Up

There are a gazillion coffee grinders out there, but only a handful are great for pour-over coffee.

Among them, the Breville Smart Grinder Pro is definitely a tough one to beat.

With a precision timer, 60 settings, and mess-free grinding, this grinder makes your job super easy. 

It’s also simple and intuitive to use, so there’s practically no way you can mess up your grind.

For the price it sells at, you really get what you pay for!

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