Best Instant Decaf Coffee (Top 11 Picks)

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best instant decaf coffee

In a rush? Our top pick for the best instant decaf coffee is NesCafé Taster’s Choice Decaf Instant Coffee.

Craving a quick cup of decaf?

There are some amazing instant decaf options you can find on the market nowadays.

But with a million brands claiming their product is the best instant decaf coffee in the world, it’s hard to find the real ones. 

Well, we’ll go over them today. In this article, I’ll share with you the best instant decaf products on the market today.

Let’s dive straight in.

Best Instant Decaf Coffee: Top 11 Picks

NesCafé Taster’s Choice Decaf Instant Coffee

Being one of the most popular brands when it comes to instant coffee, it’s no surprise that Nescafe’s product is this high on the list. The brand has several decaf recipes, but Taster’s Choice really stands out.

Basically, what makes it so great is the flavor profile. This is a light roast coffee, so you can feel the bright, fruity notes when sipping on this coffee. It’s full-bodied and leaves a pleasantly sweet aftertaste that lingers for a while.

This is thanks to the flash-freeze process, which Nescafe uses to lock in the coffee flavor and aroma, so that it can last for a long time.

To make it decaf, Nescafe applies methylene chloride directly onto the beans. The chemical simply strips the beans off of caffeine, while not messing with the flavor. That’s why this product is so bright and aromatic for instant coffee. 

Taster’s Choice Decaf comes in a packaging of 7 ounces. According to the manufacturer, this is enough for roughly 105 cups of coffee. But if you’re a heavy instant coffee drinker, you can also buy in bulk of 3, to always have backup packaging.


  • The light body and bright flavor profile make this coffee very refreshing and enjoyable
  • You can buy it in single packaging or a pack of 3, depending on how much coffee you drink
  • The glass packaging keeps the coffee fresh for a long time
  • The decaffeination process used removes caffeine without altering the coffee flavor


  • Since it’s light-roasted, this coffee can be too acidic for those with digestive issues
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Mount Hagen Organic Freeze-Dried Instant Decaf Coffee

This freeze dried instant coffee by Mount Hagen has a complex yet very balanced flavor profile you don’t often see in coffee that’s instant, let alone decaf.

The brand achieves that by blending 100% Arabica beans from different regions. The fruitiness of Papua New Guinean coffee is combined with subtly nutty Peruvian beans. And as the icing on the cake, there’s a bit of Honduran warm spice to round up the profile. 

Mount Hagen uses carbon dioxide to remove caffeine from the beans. This process is deemed to be “the most natural,” as CO2 is a compound coffee plant naturally produces. And as such, this process manages to remove caffeine content without stripping the beans of their flavor.

Not just that, but this decaffeination process manages to remove as much as 99.99% of the caffeine from the beans. So even those who are sensitive to caffeine can drink buckets of this instant decaf coffee without experiencing any symptoms.

I like that this instant coffee comes in glass packaging, as that’s the material that preserves aroma well. And with a weight of 3.8 ounces, you’ll go through the packaging quickly enough that it doesn’t go stale.


  • The very complex flavor profile for an instant decaf coffee
  • It’s certified both Organic and Fair Trade, meaning it’s produced under rigorous standards and supervision
  • It’s 99.99% caffeine-free, making it suitable for those with caffeine sensitivity
  • Small, glass packaging for optimal aroma preservation


  • Only comes in small packaging of 3.8 ounces
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Starbucks VIA Instant Decaf Italian Roast Packets

Italian Roast is known for its bold but balanced flavor profile. Even though it’s a dark roast, the sweetness of the beans does come through, making this decaf coffee very palatable. And while bold, this Italian Roast is by no means bitter.

Starbucks achieves this flavor profile by combining Arabica beans from different regions. These include Latin America, Asia and the Pacific. That’s why you might sense some notes that aren’t often found together in a single cup.

It’s also worth noting that Starbucks coffee is ethically sourced. This means it’s produced in a way that’s sustainable, transparent, and good for both people and the Earth.

This instant decaf coffee comes in cardboard packaging that serves as a self-dispensing coffee box. Inside, there are 50 single-serving packets. They contain 0.11 ounces each, which is just the right amount for a 6-ounce mug of coffee. 

This saves you the need to measure the amount yourself. It can be quite handy when you’re traveling. The only things you need to make coffee are a mug and water.


  • Carefully blended decaf coffee beans from different regions create a complex flavor profile
  • It comes in a box with 50 single-serving packets, so you don’t have to dose the coffee yourself
  • Single-serving packets are easy to use on the go
  • It’s ethically sourced, meaning it’s made in a sustainable and transparent manner that’s not harming the life on Earth


  • Quite expensive compared to other products on the list
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Folgers Classic Decaffeinated Instant Coffee

As the name suggests, this instant coffee by Folgers is classic in the true sense of the word. It combines both Arabica and Robusta beans to create this medium roasted blend. 

As a result, we have coffee that has a medium acidity and body, with prominent notes of deep caramel and a sweet finish. 

By classic, I don’t mean this decaf coffee has a bland or mellow taste. It’s actually quite intense, but the combination of flavors is well-balanced. 

This brand uses ethyl acetate to make coffee decaf. This is considered to be a very natural approach, as that compound is also found in certain plants in nature. 

What this means is that the decaffeination process is done safely, without leaving any chemical residue. What’s more, it doesn’t strip down the beans from oils, so the flavor remains intact as well.

This coffee comes in 8-ounce packaging, which translates roughly into 120 cups. This means you don’t have to restock very often. 

I’m not the biggest fan of plastic packaging, though. When it comes to keeping coffee fresh, that’s not the best material as it can absorb the aroma. I’d recommend transferring coffee to a glass container as soon as your order arrives.


  • This medium roast has a balanced flavor that most people enjoy
  • The flavor profile of this coffee works with both water and coffee
  • The packaging contains enough coffee to make roughly 120 cups 
  • The decaffeination process doesn’t affect the overall flavor of coffee


  • Comes in plastic packaging, which is not a great option for retaining freshness
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La Republica Instant Decaf Mushroom Coffee

If you never tried mushroom coffee before, you might picture it with mushroom caps flowing in your cup. But that’s not what this is. 

This instant decaf by La Republica combines Arabica beans with mushroom extracts. These include shiitake, maitake, reishi, lion’s mane and turkey tail.

A bunch of odd-sounding names, but these mushrooms I’ve listed are considered to be medicinal, meaning they have a bunch of health benefits. These include immune-boosting, antiulcer and antiallergic properties, as well as low cholesterol. 

But this instant decaf coffee is not just healthy, but tasty as well. To be honest, I thought it would taste like mushroom soup, but I was definitely wrong. What you get instead is a rich cup of coffee with earthy and deep chocolate notes. 

This coffee is also low in acidity, so even those with digestive issues can enjoy it freely. 

This La Republica product is certified organic instant decaf coffee, NON-GMO, fair trade, and vegan-friendly. With so many rigorous programs it goes through, you can rest assured you’re drinking quality coffee.

I don’t like the fact that the packaging is plastic since it absorbs aroma. I also don’t like that it contains only 2.2 ounces of coffee, which is no more than 30 servings. 


  • The mushroom extract has tons of health benefits
  • The flavor profile is earthy and chocolaty, which pairs well with both dairy and non-dairy milk
  • The coffee is certified organic, NON-GMO, fair trade, and vegan friendly
  • Can be used to make hot coffee or cold brew


  • Comes in plastic packaging, which is not of the highest quality
  • The packaging contains only 30 servings
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Waka Coffee Decaf Instant Colombian Coffee

It’s not often that you see single-origin beans in instant coffee. That’s because those distinguished notes don’t usually get to shine in this type of brew. 

But Waka definitely proves that single-origin coffee works in certain situations. This product uses Colombian coffee beans, known for the delicate combo of nutty, herbal, and fruity notes. If we were to describe this coffee with one word, that would be tropical.

This coffee has a medium body and slight citrus-like acidity. In terms of taste, this is a beautiful combo. But if you experience acid reflux from coffee, that’s something to consider before choosing this option.

What I especially like about this packaging is that it’s made with post-consumer recycled content. It’s also very compact, which makes it a great option when you’re traveling. It can easily fit your backpack, and you don’t have to worry about popping it open by accident.

Waka uses ethanol acetate for the decaffeination process. This compound works by stripping the beans off of caffeine, without messing with the flavor profile. 

The coffee is then freeze-dried before being packed, to further preserve the aroma and flavor of the beans. 


  • Uses single-origin beans, so the flavor profile has distinctive tones
  • Coffee comes in compact and practical recycled packaging
  • You can choose between packaging with 8, 35, and 80 servings, depending on how much coffee you drink
  • Freeze-dried before packing to preserve freshness for longer


  • Slightly expensive for instant coffee
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Café Altura Organic Fair Trade Decaf Instant Coffee

If you prefer your instant decaf to taste light, then this product by Cafe Altura sounds like a good option for you. 

Now, when I say light, I don’t mind bland in any way. This Arabica blend contains carefully chosen beans from all over the world to create a mellow yet distinctive flavor profile.

Beans used in this coffee come from Indonesia, South and Central America. That’s why it’s light, with earthy and nutty tones and a sweet aftertaste. The coffee is also rather creamy, and pairs exceptionally well with milk. 

There’s also a slight crispness to this coffee, which is not too hard on your stomach. 

In fact, this decaf coffee tastes pretty much the same as its non-caffeinated version. For those who are already fans of the original version, you can cut on caffeine without cutting on your favorite flavor profile.

The beans used in this coffee are certified organic and Fair Trade. This means they’re harvested and produced under strict rules and supervision. They’re also Non-GMO and Kosher, so you know they don’t contain anything you wouldn’t want in your cup.


  • Light profile with earthy and nutty tones goes well with milk and cream
  • Comes in thick glass packaging, so you don’t have to transfer it into a container after opening
  • Features different certifications, assuring coffee is produced under strict guidelines
  • The packaging contains roughly 60 servings


  • Not as aromatic as most other products on this list
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Sanka Decaf Instant Coffee

Making a list of the best instant decaf coffee and not including Sanka in it would be blasphemy. In case you don’t know, this is one of the first brands to make decaf. And after around 100 years of being relevant on the market, it’s clear Sanka knows its job.

This decaf instant coffee has a robust yet smooth flavor profile. If I didn’t know this was decaf, I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t notice it.

Now, you won’t taste many different notes in this coffee. It’s slightly sweet and with a hint of chocolate, but nothing overpowering.

There’s also a slight acidity in Sanka decaf, which adds a bit of brightness without being heavy on your digestive system. 

This well-balanced profile and medium body make this coffee great to drink on its own. But where it really shines is when you mix it with cream and sugar. 

One thing I got to complain about is the packaging. After 100 years on the market, the brand still sticks to plastic jars. I don’t think that switching to glass or aluminum would make much difference money-wise, but would make coffee stay fresh for longer.


  • A smooth and robust flavor profile makes this coffee taste as bold as a non-caffeinated coffee
  • One of the most affordable instant decaf options on the market
  • The creamy texture and medium body make it pair well with cream
  • Contains enough coffee for up to 120 servings


  • The plastic packaging is not great for keeping coffee fresh
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JOE Coffee Nightcap House Decaf Instant

To be honest, the market is swarmed with instant decafs that taste relatively the same. Finding a product with a bold and unique profile, like this one by JOE Coffee is rather hard.

This coffee is made with beans grown in Huila, Colombia. These beans have been popular for quite a while now, for good reason. They’re grown at an altitude of 4,200 feet and above, right underneath the Nevado del Huila volcano. 

The mineral-rich volcanic soil makes coffee more flavorful and aromatic. In the case of the medium blend, it tastes rich, with prominent notes of almond, cola and molasses. If you like unique flavor profiles, this is definitely something you should try.

It’s worth noting that JOE Coffee is made in small batches every week, so you can rest assured you always get a fresh bag. In case you’re unsure, there’s a roast date printed on the label. 

The coffee is packed in sealed foil bags that feature a one-way valve. This allows it to degas without letting oxygen inside the packaging. That way, the bag will stay fresh until you open it.


  • The mineral-rich volcanic soil is responsible for the unique flavor profile of this coffee
  • Full body and slightly sweet notes make this coffee suitable for pairing with milk
  • Comes with a very affordable price tag per ounce
  • The bag features a degassing valve that lets the beans breathe without losing flavor


  • Some may find the flavor profile too intense
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Maxwell House French Vanilla Decaf Instant Coffee

Who said that instant coffee has to taste like plain coffee? Personally, I’m a big fan of flavored instant decaf. If you are too, then you might enjoy this product by Maxwell House.

The brand offers a variety of flavored instant coffees, but the French Vanilla is one of their best products for sure.

It’s light yet creamy, with vanilla notes that aren’t too overpowering. It doesn’t taste like a melted vanilla milkshake, which is usually the case with such products. You can definitely sense the coffee notes shining through in this vanilla combo. 

The natural sweetness of vanilla leaves no need for adding sugar into the mix. If you’re watching your daily intake, know that a single serving has 60 calories. 

That amount is mainly due to the added creamer. The good thing is that Maxwell House uses non-dairy creamer, so this coffee is suitable for those who are lactose-free.

I don’t like that the packaging is plastic, as this material does soak in oils from the coffee. But at the very least, it’s releasable, so it prevents coffee from going stale quickly. It’s also rectangular in shape, so it’s practical to store and stack on other containers.


  • The very balanced and creamy flavor makes this product palatable even for those who don’t usually drink coffee
  • Contains non-dairy creamer, meaning it’s suitable for those who are lactose-free
  • Contains fewer calories than a regular cup of cappuccino
  • You can mix it with water or milk, depending on your preference


  • The packaging is rather small, containing only about 10 servings
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Hills Bros. Instant Decaf – Cappuccino Mix

Here’s something for all the cappuccino lovers out there. This is as close as you can get to a cappuccino when it comes to instant coffee. 

In terms of flavor, this coffee is rich with prominent notes of sweet vanilla. It has a full body and a creamy texture you expect in a cappuccino. And even though there’s no caffeine, you can still distinguish the subtle notes of coffee beans.

What I especially like about this cappuccino mix is that it’s versatile. Aside from simply mixing it with hot water, you can also make iced coffee as well. Or, if you prefer something bolder, you can add the mix to your coffee. 

This coffee comes in a packaging of 16 ounces, which is pretty large for instant coffee. If your household is full of coffee lovers, this packaging saves you the need to repurchase it every week. 

I’m not thrilled by the fact that it’s made of the same material used for milk jugs. In time, the packaging will soak up some flavor from the coffee, leaving you with a somewhat bland drink. 


  • The creamy and frothy texture makes this coffee pretty similar to real espresso
  • A large packaging is great for large coffee-drinking households
  • Can be used for both hot and cold drinks, as well as mixed into coffee
  • One of the most affordable instant decaf coffee on the market


  • The low-quality packaging can cause coffee to lose flavor
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Things to Consider Before Buying Instant Decaf

Generally, instant coffee doesn’t have much information about the coffee printed on the label. For that reason, choosing the one that suits your taste buds, the best can be quite a task. There are a few things you should take into consideration when buying instant decaf coffee.


If you also drink other types of coffee, such as drip or espresso, then you probably know coffee can either be single-origin or a blend.

Single-origin coffee means it’s made with beans harvested from the same farm. Depending on the conditions those beans are grown, they might have more or less prominent unique flavor profiles. 

Blend, as the name suggests, is made with coffee of different origins. The varieties are carefully picked to create a well-balanced and rounded flavor profile. 

Blends are usually considered to be a cheaper option. That’s because it’s much easier to achieve decent flavor by mixing and matching different beans. 

Single-origin coffee, on the other hand, is considered to be of better quality. That’s because a perfect flavor profile requires perfect growing conditions. 

With instant coffee, the origin doesn’t matter that much. Most products on the market are a blend, although there are some brands that make single-origin instant coffee as well. 

But given that instant coffee is not as intense as regular coffee, blends might be a safer option.


Instant decaf comes with different flavor profiles, from fruity to nutty. Unfortunately, not many brands give much information on the flavor profile on the packaging. 

One thing that can give you a hint of what the flavor might be is the coffee variety used. Arabica beans tend to be slightly sweeter, with notes of chocolate and nuts. Robusta, on the other hand, is bolder, with earthy tones and low acidity. 

Many instant decaf products today come in packages of different sizes. Lots of them also have single servings. When unsure whether you’d like a certain product or not, you can try a single-serve bag first.


Like with other types of coffee, the roast affects the flavor, aroma, and appearance of instant decaffeinated coffee.

Here’s the deal.

The roast level simply depends on how long the green coffee beans have been roasted.

You’ve probably heard about the light, dark and medium roasted coffee, right? Well, these are the main roast levels that you should know about, although there are many shades of roast in between.

Light roast tends to be crisp, with floral and fruity notes. It’s also usually high in acidity, which some people don’t handle that well.

Dark roast, on the other hand, has a very intense flavor profile. Depending on the coffee variety, prominent notes can go from smoky and chocolaty to nutty and bittersweet. 

Medium roast is balanced in the true sense of the word. It can be both floral and dark, fruity and nutty. But the overall flavor profile is mellow and bright, with a sweet aftertaste.


There are tons of instant decaf products on the market nowadays, but only a handful are exceptional.

Among them, the one that stands out is the NesCafé Taster’s Choice Decaf Instant Coffee.

It’s full-bodied, bright, and fruity, with a sweet aftertaste. This kind of drink you can enjoy any time of the day.

It also comes in quality packaging that will keep your coffee fresh for a long time.

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