Nespresso Essenza Mini Review

Nespresso Essenza Mini Review

From its low price tag to its small size, this Nespresso Essenza Mini review should give you a better idea of whether this machine is for you. Whether you’re looking for an affordable or compact single-serve espresso machine, the Nespresso Essenza Mini is a great option. Essenza Mini is one of the Nespresso’’s cheapest and smallest … Read more

What Is Turkish Coffee? Exploring Traditions and Flavor

what is Turkish Coffee

Surrounded by its cultural legacy, Turkish coffee takes you on a journey into the tradition and extraordinary flavor. In this guide, we answer the questions – what is Turkish coffee, and how to prepare it? Turkish coffee is not just fuel that gets you through the day. It’s a ritual. But what is Turkish coffee … Read more

The Meaning of Frappucino Explained

starbucks coffee frappuccino

Discover the meaning of Frappucino and why this coffee drink is so popular Frappuccino is a trademarked brand of Starbucks for a line of iced, blended coffee drinks. It’s a word formed by combining “frappe” and “cappuccino,” two different types of coffee beverages. The “frappe” part comes from the French word ‘frappé,’ which means ‘hit’ … Read more

11 Best K-Cups Coffees for Your Keurig

best K-cups coffees

Are you looking for the best coffee for Keurig? This article explores what to look for and how to find the best K-cups coffees for your Keurig brewer. Single-serve coffee machines, like Keurig brewers, are everywhere these days, with 27% of American coffee drinkers using them in 2020. Since they brew fantastic coffee with little … Read more

How to Reuse Nespresso Pods

nespresso pods

Want to get more value from your Nespresso pods? Our guide on reusing Nespresso pods will save you money and help reduce waste. Nespresso doesn’t recommend reusing its pods but many coffee fans do so anyway to save money or to be more environmentally friendly. Refilling Nespresso capsules contributes less waste to landfills, saves you … Read more

How To Make A Barraquito? (Authentic Canary Coffee Recipe)


Did you ever try a Barraquito? Jump into our guide and discover a delicious recipe for making this authentic Canary Island coffee at home. Barraquito coffee – sounds exotic, right? I bet you never tried it. Well, unless you visited Tenerife Island. The thing is, the coffee is served only there! That doesn’t mean you … Read more