Nespresso Vertuo Next Vs Plus: Which Is Better?

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nespresso vertuo next vs plus

In a rush? The winner of this battle is Vertuo Next single-serve coffee machine.

Even though Vertuo Next and Plus are part of the same line of Nespresso machines, they are pretty different.

But which one is better?

I’ll settle the Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Plus debate in this article.

I’ll give you an overview of each one and then put them head to head to declare a winner.

Let’s dive in!

Comparison Chart

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Nespresso Vertuo Next Overview

The VertuoNext is the most recent addition to the Vertuo line. It launched in 2020 and features an updated design and Bluetooth connection.

The Bluetooth is a major upside for me. It’s the only Nespresso machine in the Vertuo line that has this capability. Basically, it allows you to control your coffee brewing from your phone.

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you need more than one cup of espresso drink at a time. Single-serve machines usually do only that: single servings.

The VertuoNext, however, is one of the first single-serve machines to actually brew carafes.

The VertuoNext can brew 18 oz carafes. That makes VertuoNext capable of brewing five different sizes. From single espresso to lungo to carafe.

If you ask me, that feature is really hard to beat.

One downside of VertuoNext: it has the smallest water tank in the Vertuo line. That said, at 37 oz it still holds enough water for plenty of drinks. But you will have to refill more often than the Plus.


  • Bluetooth connection means you get to control your Nespresso machine from your phone
  • 18 oz carafe brewing is unique in the Vertuo line and gives you another brewing cup size option
  • Has a very small footprint at 5.5 inches wide, making it perfect for smaller kitchens
  • Over half of the Next is made with recycled materials, lowering this machine’s environmental impact


  • It has a smaller water tank, so you’ll spend more time refilling
  • The carafe option uses the same Nespresso Vertuo capsules as the other sizes, so without the right coffee it can taste diluted and watery
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Nespresso Vertuo Plus Overview

The VertuoPlus was the second generation of the Vertuo machine. It launched in 2017 and featured updates on the original Vertuo.

One of the updates was the adjustable water tank placement. The water tank can sit either on the side or at the back of the machine. That gives you more wiggle room if you’re working with limited space in your kitchen.

It also has two options for water tank sizes. The standard VertuoPlus gives you a 40 oz water tank. The deluxe version has a water tank of 60 oz.

The VertuoPlus also has automatic opening and closing. That means that once the Plus is ready to brew, the capsule compartment opens on its own so you can insert Nespresso pods. And when your brew is finished, the compartment opens again for easy access. 

It’s a really nice feature that allows you to see exactly when your machine is ready and finished, instead of having to listen or watch for a light to come on.

The Plus isn’t Bluetooth-connected and doesn’t brew carafes. But those are really the only two downsides.


  • Adjustable water tank placement for fitting your machine into a smaller kitchen
  • An option for a bigger water tank gives you more drinks without having to refill
  • Automatic opening and closing make inserting and removing a Nespresso capsule easy
  • Quick warm-up time of 30 seconds so you won’t stand around waiting


  • No Bluetooth connection so you can’t brew straight from your phone
  • Doesn’t brew carafes, the biggest size is an 8 oz mug
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Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Plus: Features Compared

Now that you have an overview of both the Vertuo Next and Plus, it’s time we put them head to head and see how they stack up!


With two machines that are from the same line and company, materials make a big difference for me. That’s because the technology behind the brewing stays the same.

VertuoNext has three finish options: standard, premium, and deluxe.

The standard option is matte black with four accent color options. The premium and deluxe models have chrome accents. The deluxe machines even have a dark chrome option.

The Next is made with 54% recycled materials. If you’re concerned about your machine’s environmental impact, this is a great option.

The Plus comes in standard and deluxe options. VertuoPlus Deluxe color scheme and chrome accent finishes are the same as the Next.

The Plus, however, has an additional deluxe option: a bigger water tank. I like the thought of having a bigger water tank, but I’m not a fan of the upcharge. I would prefer the standard have a bigger water tank.

The Plus is made with 40% recycled materials.

Winner: I’m going with the Next. It has more color and finish options and is made with mostly recycled materials. The water tank is only 3 oz smaller than the standard Plus.


Water tanks are important when it comes to coffee machines. Too small and you’ll have to refill constantly. Too big and it takes up too much room in your kitchen.

Finding a water tank that fits your needs and space is paramount to finding a good machine.

The VertuoNext has a water tank of 37 oz. In the bigger picture of coffee machines, that’s pretty average. It’s also the smallest water tank in the Vertuo line.

However, if you don’t drink a ton of coffee, 37 oz will be more than enough.

Nespresso VertuoPlus has a slightly bigger 40 oz tank that comes standard. However, the deluxe option comes with a bigger water tank. The bigger water tank is 60 oz, which adds a handful more coffees each fill.

You’ll get about four cups of coffee from the Next and standard Plus water tanks. You’ll get around 6 from the deluxe Plus coffee maker.

Winner: It has to be Nespresso VertuoPlus because of the option to get a bigger water tank. Keep in mind, though, that it adds a bit to the cost.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The thing about cleaning and maintaining these two coffee pod machines is that the process is identical.

Wash all the removable parts separately with hot water. Then run a cleaning cycle by running hot water through the machine without a coffee pod in the container.

You can descale (think deep clean) your coffee machine by using Nespresso’s descaling solution. Instructions come with your machine.

The two processes together take about half an hour.

Winner: It’s a tie. The cleaning and maintenance cycles are the same, there’s nothing to separate them.


Bear with me as I break down the prices of these two machines.

If we go by the base model only, the Plus is a little cheaper than the Next.

However, if you want to add the color options and the bigger water tank it will end up more expensive, and you still don’t get the carafe or Bluetooth features.

Winner: VertuoNext. Although the base model is slightly more expensive, it isn’t worth sacrificing some features to get the base model Plus.

Other Nespresso VertuoLine Models

The Nespresso VertuoLine was launched after their Original line. Nespresso needed a line of machines that would appeal to the non-espresso drinking consumer.

And the VertuoLine was born. Nespresso Original line only does espresso. The Vertuo machines do espresso up through to mugs of coffee. 

There are five total Vertuo machines in the lineup. The Next and Plus, obviously. But also the standard Vertuo and the Evoluo. Nespresso Vertuo machine is identical to the VertuoPlus, but without the option for a bigger water tank. 

The Evoluo is the biggest VertuoLine coffee machine. It has a 54 oz water tank but still doesn’t brew carafes.


Overall, I have to recommend VertuoNext.

I’m choosing the Next over the Plus coffee maker for two reasons: the carafe feature, and the Bluetooth connection.

The ability to brew whole pots of coffee instead of one cup at a time is great. As is the ability to control your coffee drink from your phone.

That said, the Plus is still a great option. The bigger water tank option is great, as is the adjustable water tank placement.

Go with the Vertuo Plus machine if you:

  • Want a 60 oz water tank instead of a 40 oz
  • Want to choose where on your coffee machine your water tank sits
  • Primarily drink single cups of coffee at a time

Go with the Vertuo Next machine if you:

  • Like to brew whole pots instead of one cup at a time
  • Want a Bluetooth connected machine
  • Have a small kitchen and need to save some space

The reality is that both of these machines are great. Whichever one you choose you will get a great cup of coffee!

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