75 Funny Coffee Memes To Brighten Up Your Day

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but first coffee

A fellow coffee lover?

If coffee makes such a big part of your day, you can surely appreciate some humor about our all-time favorite beverage.

In this article, I’ve gathered a long list of funny coffee memes that any coffee addict can relate to. So grab your cup, sit back and enjoy the best coffee memes out there.

75 Hilarious Coffee Memes

Ready for some coffee giggles? Let’s see how many of these funny coffee memes sound like a well-known situation:

  1. American Horror Story

Let’s be real – can you imagine starting your week without a shot of “destresso?” I surely can’t.

  1. The Morning Ritual

At least coffee doesn’t care about the time. Drinking coffee should be a part of your wake-up routine as much as washing your face and changing clothes. In fact, I’ll admit to drinking it even before all those other things.

  1. Mood Swings
before and after coffee

Don’t think this applies to you? Then why does your whole household avoid you in the morning before you’ve had your first cup of java?

  1. A Real Fairytale Ending
a prince brings coffee

Who would have known – she only needed a sip of her morning coffee to wake up.

  1. The Only Cup Size You Need
not enough coffee

Scientists claim we should drink more than 11 cups of fluid each day. And by fluid, they mean any kind of beverage, not just water. Well, I choose that to be coffee.

  1. The Original
coffee old school energy drink

There was no Red Bull back in the day to give you wings. But a good ol’ cup of black coffee can kickstart your day just the same.

  1. Before Coffee
you won`t die without coffee

At this point, it’s futile to even pretend I can imagine my morning without a cup of coffee. It’s like putting rose-colored glasses on – it makes the world a much more cheerful place.

  1. The Best Feeling In The World
first sip of coffee

It’s like drinking liquid happiness. Just a sip of it, and you’re already in a much better mood. 

  1. “Move, You $#%@#@!”
i need some coffee

This coffee meme perfectly represents what all of us coffee addicts look like on a Monday morning before work. Until we get our cups of java, pedestrians are highly advised to stay off the streets.

  1. Breakfast Of Champions
well balanced breakfast of coffee

What do you mean coffee is not food? It gets me fuelled with energy, and isn’t that the whole purpose of breakfast?

  1. Any Minute Now
the caffein will kick in

We all know this scenario: you chug down a double espresso on your way to work. And as you arrive at the office, you sit down in your chair and wait for the caffeine to kick in so that you can start your workday.

  1. The Grumpy Cat
take my coffee seriously

You don’t understand. Coffee isn’t just a drink. It’s a way of life. 

  1. A Cry For Help
i need coffee now

I’m 100% sure this is how I look early in the morning before I’ve had my cup. 

  1. A Coffee Hound
I smell coffee

A true coffee aficionado can smell a good coffee shop from a far away. 

  1. Coffee Diet
never take away my coffee

It’s the only diet I’ll ever absolutely stick to.

  1. Who Says What’s Too Much
sick from all the coffee i`ve had

Let’s be real. We’ve all experienced stomach aches from having too much coffee. But did that ever stop us from having more? Absolutely not. Fighting fire with fire!

  1. Did I Hear That Right?
I love coffee

A true coffee lover is capable of talking about their favorite beverage for hours. From plant origins to brewing standards, being a coffee know-it-all is great for starting conversations. Then again, there are people who don’t understand our amusement with a drink…

  1. The Meaning Of Life
I wake up to drink coffee

A hot cup of freshly brewed coffee? Well, that’s a good enough reason to get up from the bed.

  1. Water Is Just An Ingredient
no life without water

Drinking water is just plain boring. But it gets so much better when you add coffee grounds.

  1. The Truth
potion make from magic beans

The story about magic beans is real, they’ve just got the plant wrong. It was a coffee bean all along!

  1. A Good Night’s Sleep
when I wake up, I get coffee

I’d say I can’t sleep from the excitement… But I haven’t had caffeine since 5 PM, and now I’m barely holding my eyes open.

  1. E=MC²
energy my coffee

It’s clear what Einstein meant by his formula. But who’s to say he wasn’t inspired by the coffee version of it?

  1. The Lord Of The Coffee
does not work without coffee

Apparently, Boromir memes will never go out of style. They’re perfectly applicable in the context of coffee, so seeing one on this list was inevitable.

  1. The Medicine
coffee is medicinal

In both cases, it’s a necessary part of your daily routine.

  1. You Don’t Say?
decaf coffee

You may call me a coffee purist, but I find caffeine to be an important part of my favorite beverage. Even if it’s 10 PM.

  1. Not Today
not today

Here’s yet another Lord Of The Rings coffee meme that’s a good representation of the everyday lives of coffee lovers.

  1. The Angry Coffee Bear
give me the coffee

Some days, we feel like this bear until we have our kick of caffeine.

  1. Between Cups
mid-morning coffee

During busy workdays, a cup of good coffee is sometimes the only thing that gets us through the day.

  1. A Typical Monday Morning
monday morning coffee

After a weekend of partying, it’s time to get back into the work routine. I’ll do that as soon as I finish this cup…

  1. Insomnia

We’ve all been in this situation – after a late evening cup of coffee, it’s practically impossible to keep your eyes closed and fall asleep.

  1. Stone Age Coffee

Sometimes I wonder how people managed to go through their day before caffeine was invented.

  1. The Inspirational Drink
stone age coffee

Behind every successful project lies a sea of drunken coffee. 

  1. The Anxious Decaf
cup of decaf coffee

Many of us wonder the same…

  1. C.A.A.
coffee addicts anonymous

If there was such thing as a meeting of coffee addicts, I’m pretty certain this is exactly how it would look like.

  1. Smells Like Heaven
I smell coffee brewing

Coffee brewing isn’t just a means to an end. It’s art in its purest form, from smell to taste.

  1. The Perfect Type
be more like coffee

It doesn’t talk. It’s just there to make you feel better.

  1. The Only Real Phobia

This coffee meme was supposed to be a joke, but I’m truly terrified of running out of coffee. Imagine finding out your coffee container is empty when you wake up?

  1. A Real Threat
real threat

Living with roommates can be fun… until they leave you without coffee. 

  1. Any Day Is Coffee Day

I don’t always drink coffee… Okay, yes, I do.

  1. Betrayal
starbucks without me

Guess who’s no longer my friend.

  1. All Monsters Need Is Coffee
all monsters need is coffee

Some fantasy stories would have a completely different ending if they only gave a cup of coffee to the main villains. 

  1. Keep Pouring
keep pouring

The only way I can deal with a whole day of errands is with a full tummy of coffee.

  1. The Coffee Paradox
The Coffee Paradox

Whether it’s just two or ten minutes, waiting for the coffee to brew can seem like forever when you’re craving your favorite drink.

  1. The Trap
the coffee trap

To be honest, I’d probably get caught even if I was aware it was a trap. 

  1. Silence, Please.
having coffee in silence

We’ll talk after I finish my coffee.

  1. Did You Just…?
decaf or regular

I’m sorry, but decaf coffee is not a coffee…

  1. This Can’t Be
you never pressed the button for coffee

I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation. Then when you finally do press the button, brewing seems to take forever.

  1. The Work Boost
work boost coffee

As soon as the caffeine kicks in, you realize that drinking three cups before 10 AM maybe wasn’t such a great idea.

  1. One Cup A Day
only one cup a day

Well, they didn’t say how big a cup should be…

  1. The Progress
there is no stopping me now

You know what they say – it does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop.

  1. The Coffee Law
the coffee law

Never take anyone for granted until they’ve had their first cup of coffee.

  1. Coffee VS Murder
coffee vs murder

I like my humor dark, like my coffee.

  1. 100 BC
before coffee

BC… Now it all makes sense!

  1. I’ve Got The Power!
the caffeine hits

Finally, caffeine has started to work, now I can handle anything.

  1. The Shock
they don`t drink coffee

How… How do you finish things without it?!

  1. Don’t Play With Me
spilled coffee may get you stabbed

Hey, I’ve spent 10 minutes brewing that!

  1. I’ll Take A Bucket!
largest bucket of coffee

After some time of going to the same coffee shop, they stop asking which size you want. 

  1. The Perfect Weekend
just watch tv and drink coffee

If you ask me, that’s a weekend well spent.

  1. Mmmmmm
first cup of coffee

How can such a simple drink taste that good?

  1. I Think I’m Poisoned
poison decaf

Quickly, get this out of my system!

  1. The Birthstone
a coffee bean

My birthstone? Well, it’s brown and helps me get through the day…

  1. Demonic Coffee
demonic coffee

I asked for a dark, not possessed cup of coffee.

  1. Nothing Can Stop Me
unstoppable for getting coffee

No weather condition can stop me from having my cup of java.

  1. Emotional Support 
emotional support

They might not let you bring an emotional support dog to your work, but you definitely can bring coffee.

  1. Hail Coffee!
on a monday morning

You can bet I’ll show up within a second.

  1. Feeling Deadly
if I gave up coffee

I won’t do it, but I can’t say I haven’t thought about it…

  1. Hurry Up Already
coffee work your magic

Will caffeine finally kick in? I’ve got so much to do!

  1. The Angry Wolf
angry wolf

If you really have to ask… I thought my name said it all.

  1. Coffee Calling

The only call I want to answer on a workday.

  1. The Moves
coffe flirt

The most important question on any date.

  1. The Sound Of Brewing

It’s the only sound I want to hear when I open my eyes.

  1. In A Bliss
kids questioning before the coffee

Of course, you don’t have any answers. At least not until you’ve had your first coffee cup.

  1. Preventing Nervous Breakdown
coffee for preventing anger

Nothing calms the nerves like a good cup of java.

  1. My precious
my precious coffee

There’s no difference between Gollum and me when it comes to things we love the most. 

  1. There Can Be Only One
fight for the coffee

I’m sorry, darling, but it’s for the greater good.

In Conclusion

How did you like the list? I’m sure you’ve found many of these memes quite relatable. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one that loves coffee a bit too much. There are plenty of us out there!

Be sure to share your favorite funny coffee memes from this list with your friends that love coffee as much as you do. You can also check out these hilarious coffee puns if you really had a bad day and need a double shot of laughter!

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