Keurig Frother Not Working: 8 Problems And Easy Solutions

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keurig frother not working

Keurig frother not working?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken.

There are a few things that might be causing a problem, and you can solve them on your own.

In this article, I will tell you about some usual bugs and how to fix them.

So, let’s start!

The Signs That Keurig Frother is Not Working

Keurig milk frothers come in two shapes: stand-alone or as a Keurig coffee maker attachment.

No matter which one of those two, there are clear signs your milk frother isn’t working correctly:

  • three short beeping sounds
  • light in the front keeps flashing, but the frother is not working
  • the frother is working/heating milk, but it’s not frothing

Why is Your Keurig Frother Not Working

So, let’s check standard problems causing Keurig milk frother malfunction.

If you face any of these problems, you will be able to fix your frother in no time!

You didn’t add milk

As silly as it sounds, you maybe forgot to pour milk into the frother.

I feel you.

Sometimes in the morning, I walk with my eyes closed until I get my first coffee!

If this is the issue, just add that fresh milk and finish your day-starter latte!

You are trying to brew coffee and froth milk at the same time

Keurig coffee machine with a built-in milk frother is a very practical machine.

But, you will have to wait for one process to be complete before starting the next one.

Be patient and wait for the brewing process to finish. Then it should be able to start frothing as usual.

The milk is above the maximum line

Keurig milk frother has a minimum and maximum lines marked inside.

Check did you maybe pour too much milk.

If you did, just pour out surplus milk, and the frother should be working.

You are using the wrong milk

Milk froth is a delicate matter, especially if you want a silky microfoam for your perfect cappuccino.

Good milk froth requires quality milk.

Milk from different companies can have different content. For example, the number of fats and proteins can vary from milk to milk.

Of course, that affects the quality of your milk froth.

From my experience, 2% or whole milk gives the best froth. Milk with more fat will give smooth and “silky” froth.

Of course, you can use 1% skim milk, although the result won’t be nearly as good as with high-fat milk.

Non-dairy milk such as almond milk will not froth, although you might get a few bubbles here and there.

The whisk has a buildup guck

keurig milk frother

Just like most kitchen appliances, the Keurig milk frother requires good cleaning on a regular basis. (Yes, after every use, don’t be lazy!)

Make sure you clean your frother on a regular basis. Otherwise, the guck will form in the whisk and other parts of the frother.

Whisk is actually using magnetic force to turn. Accumulated guck can interfere with magnetic force and disable the frother.

This is an easy fix!

Soak the whisk in warm soapy water and wash the inside of the frother.

In the future, just wash the whisk and the rest of the frother after every use to prevent the milk residue buildup.

The whisk is misplaced

After washing the whisk, be sure you return it to the right place.

If the whisk is misplaced you will hear beeping.

If you think this can be the problem, pour out the milk and check if the whisk is right in place.

The frother is not stable on the base

keuring coffee maker with milk frother

Keurig frother’s base can be a little bit unstable.

That’s why it can happen that the frother isn’t correctly placed on the base.

If the frother doesn’t sit correctly on the base, the electrical contact can be lost, and the frother won’t work.

So make sure it sits properly.

Clean the base with a dry cloth as there might be some stuck dirt.

You didn’t cover the frother with the lid

Sometimes I just forget to put a lid on the frother.

Without the lid, the frother will not start.

If this is the situation, just put the lid on it, and it should go smoothly.


If you still have any doubts about your Keurig milk frother, look no further because I will answer some frequently asked questions.

What does the cold button do on Keurig frother?  

Do you need cold frothed milk for an iced latte or frappuccino?

Easy peasy!

Press the “Cold Froth” button, and you will have cold milk foam for your iced coffee in no time.

How do I clean my Keurig frother?  

Because of milk fats, you should be cleaning your frother after every use.

Remove the whisk and wash it together with the lid with warm soapy water.

Wash the interior of the frother too. Just make sure that you wipe the part which attaches to the base with a dry cloth.

Can you froth coffee creamer with Keurig frother?

Technically, you can use coffee creamer instead of regular milk.

But, you need to be prepared that the results won’t be as good as with regular whole milk.

It’s because coffee creamer has much more fats compared to milk.

Final Words

Bottom line: if your Keurig frother doesn’t work, first check the simple things which are easy to fix. It can happen that you didn’t pour the milk in it, the lid is not on, or the whisk is not correctly placed.

You should avoid brewing and frothing simultaneously. These two processes are too much for the Keurig machine if they’re happening at the same time.

Also, cleaning on a regular basis is mandatory if you want to extend your frother’s life.

If you take care of your Keurig frother properly, it should serve you for years.

Now, go and make yourself that creamy delight that you deserve!

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