Keurig Slim Vs Mini: Which One Is Better?

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keurig slim vs mini

TL;DR? The Keurig K-Slim is the clear winner in this debate. 

As a former space-saving college student, I know the struggles of trying to squeeze a coffee maker into a small dorm room. 

Two great machines for just this situation (or others with limited counter space) are the Keurig Slim and the Keurig Mini. 

But, with both being small space-friendly Keurigs, which is better, and how do you choose the right one? 

I’ve done the research and put together a complete guide in this Keurig Slim vs Mini debate.

Keep reading for everything you need to know!

Keurig Slim vs. Keurig Mini – The Comparison

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Keurig Slim Overview

The Keurig K Slim is a simple Keurig coffee machine that’s just 5 inches wide. 

However, don’t underestimate this machine; it has some advanced features such as a multi-cup reservoir and fast brew time. 

On top of that, while this Keurig machine is still compact, it’s big enough that you can fit 7-inch travel coffee mug under it. That makes it easier than ever to take a cup of coffee to class with you!

Another key feature of the machine is that it comes with an energy-saving feature. After five minutes of inactivity, the machine shuts off. 

That way, you can save a bit of power and do your part to save the planet.

The Pros 

  • It features quiet brewing, so it won’t bother people with noise sensitivity
  • It has five different puncture needles, so it extracts your coffee much more consistently
  • It has a big water reservoir, so you don’t have to keep refilling it every time you want to brew a cup of coffee
  • It features one-touch buttons, so it’s super easy to use

The Cons

  • It only comes in three preset brew sizes, so you’re limited as to what size coffee you can make
  • There are no temperature or strength controls, so you’re limited to one temperature and brew strength
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Keurig Mini Overview 

If you want a basic single-serve coffee maker for your caffeine needs, the 5-inch wide Keurig K Mini might be the right pick. 

This coffee machine also comes at a friendlier price point, so it’s a good pick for those who want Keurig coffee on a budget. 

The machine lets you brew anywhere from 6 to 12 ounces of coffee, so the brew sizes are a bit limited. But, it is tall enough to fit a 7-inch travel mug under the spout.

One thing to know about the machine is that the reservoir is only big enough for a single-serving. So, you’ll have to refill it after each cup of coffee you brew.

The Pros

  • It’s only 4.5x11x12 inches, so it’s super compact and fits anywhere in your kitchen.
  • The water reservoir is removable, so it’s easy to refill
  • It comes with easy descaling systems built-in, so it’s super easy to clean
  • It has discrete cord storage, so you can keep your cables and cords organized without making an unsightly mess on your counter.

The Cons 

  • It’s not compatible with a filter, so you’ll have to use high-quality water to get the best-tasting coffee
  • There are no brewing strength and temperature controls, so you won’t be able to fine-tune your coffee
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Keurig Slim vs. Keurig Mini: The Differences & Similarities

Now that you’ve got a good grasp on what both the Keurig K Slim and the Keurig K Mini are all about, let’s get into detail. 

After all, while they’re both small, there are some pretty significant differences between these two machines.

Here’s a look at some of the differences and similarities between these coffee makers.


While both the Keurig Mini and the K Slim measure about five inches wide, the Keurig K Mini is much lighter. 

If you want a  coffee brewer that you can take with you on the go, that makes the Mini the better choice. 

Another unique design feature of the Keurig Mini coffee maker is the easy cord storage on the back of the machine. This lets you store the cord inside the device when you’re not using it.

On the other hand, you’ll have to deal with the cord hanging out the back with the Slim. 

Although this isn’t a deal breaker for most of us, it certainly plays a role in aesthetics. 

Speaking of aesthetics, the Keurig Mini comes in more colors. Keurig K Slim coffee maker only comes in black and white, but the Mini has a few fun colors for you to pick from.

Winner: In terms of design, the Keurig Mini comes out on top because of its multiple colors and convenient cord storage.

Water Tank

The Keurig K Slim comes with a 46-ounce removable water reservoir. You can brew big batches of coffee without having to keep on refilling your coffee machine. 

And, when you do have to refill it, just disconnect the reservoir and fill it up with water!

In contrast, the Keurig Mini’s water reservoir is not removable. 

And it only has a 12-ounce capacity. That’s enough to brew just one cup of coffee at a time.

The placement of both machines’ water reservoirs is also different. You can find the Keurig Slim’s water tank on its back while the Mini’s is on the top of the machine. 

This doesn’t really affect how easy or hard it is to use the reservoir, but it can affect personal preferences.

Winner: When it comes to the water tank, the Keurig Slim coffee maker is the obvious winner because its tank is removable, and the water tank capacity is 4 times larger than the Mini’s.

Brew Size 

keuring mini brew size

The brew size of a coffee machine affects how strong your coffee will be. A large cup size will produce less intense coffee and vice versa.

With the Keurig K Slim single serve coffee maker, you can choose from three brew sizes: 

  • 8 ounces 
  • 10 ounces
  • 12 ounces 

To choose the brew size, just press the corresponding button on top of the machine (8, 10, or 12). Then, press the “K” button to brew your coffee. 

The Keurig Mini is different, however. The amount of coffee it brews will depend on how much water you fill in the reservoir. 

In other words, getting your brew size isn’t an exact science but will instead depend on how much water you put in the reservoir. 

You just need to fill the tank between six to twelve ounces. Click the “K” button, and your Keurig K Mini will start brewing your coffee

This can lead to coffee that has too much or too little water.

Winner: Regarding the brew size, the Keurig K Slim coffee maker is the clear winner because it features three brew sizes as opposed to the Mini’s one.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the Keurig K Slim and the Keurig K Mini are tied.

Both coffee machines are easy to clean and maintain. 

For starters, both the Mini and the Slim have a removable drip tray. To clean it, just remove the tray, dump out the accumulated coffee grounds, and rinse it with water.

On top of that, the small size of the machines also makes it easier to clean their surfaces. There are fewer parts, so it’s easy to wipe them down with a wet rag. 

Just don’t forget that Keurig K Slim and Mini need regular descaling. This avoids mineral build-up and extends the life of the machines.

Luckily, both machines are compatible with Keurig cleaning solution. Just run the solution through a regular brew cycle, and you’re good to go.

Winner: The Keurig K Slim and Mini are tied in terms of cleaning and maintenance because they have the same systems.

Special Features

keuring slim special features

In terms of special features, the Keurig K Slim coffee maker is the winner.

On the mini, the only additional features are the auto-off feature and cord storage.

In contrast, the Keurig K Slim features: 

  • Auto on/off features
  • Preset brew sizes
  • Multi-stream technology

The energy-saving auto-off feature on the Keurig K Slim turns off after 5 minutes, as opposed to the 90 seconds on the Mini. As a result, it’s a little less cumbersome. 

Keurig Slimcoffee maker also comes with preset brew sizes. That way, you can actually pick how big or small you want your cup of coffee to be. 

Finally, the Slim has multi-stream technology. This technology features five brewing needles to extract the most possible flavor and aroma from your coffee pods. 

Winner: The Keurig K Slim is the clear winner because of its auto-on-off, multi-stream technology, and preset brew sizes.

The Verdict 

We have talked about each coffee machine and its features. The similarities and differences were also broken down. So who’s the winner?

It seems like Keurig Slim win this one, mainly because of its larger water tank capacity and different brew sizes. However, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Get the Keurig Mini if:

  • You want a lightweight Keurig coffee maker for your daily caffeine fix
  • You’ll be using it to brew coffee for one person at a time
  • You like simple features and basic navigation

Overall, Keurig K Mini is an ideal coffee machine for newbies in the coffee making industry. Pick up a Keurig Mini of your own here!

On the other hand, the Keurig Slim might be for you if:

  • You’ll be brewing coffee for multiple members of the household
  • You want preset brew sizes
  • You like consistent coffee, even when you change your Keurig K cup pod

Overall, the Keurig Slim is a better pick for those who want something a bit more high-end. You can buy your own Keurig Slim here.

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