How To Reset Nespresso Machine To Factory Settings

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how to reset nespresso machine

Something’s wrong with your Nespresso coffee machine?

Whether that’s because you messed with the settings or the machine is signaling some kind of error, a factory reset is the easiest fix.

But if you threw away the manual, don’t worry.

In this article, I’ll show you how to reset Nespresso machine, whichever model you have.

Let’s dive straight in.

How to Reset Nespresso Machine 

Not all Nespresso machines have the same factory restore settings.

That’s why we’ll go over each of them to see how you can reset your model.

Essenza Mini

With only two buttons available, resetting Nespresso Essenza Mini is pretty simple: 

  1. Your coffee maker should be turned off. If that’s not the case, you can do that by pressing Espresso and Lungo buttons simultaneously.
  2. Once your machine shuts down, press the Lungo button and hold it down for five seconds.
  3. When you see the light blinking fast three times, that means you have reset your Nespresso machine.


There are a few Lattissima models available, and they have different methods of restoring to factory settings.

Lattissima Plus

Arguably, the easiest one to reset is the Lattissima Plus.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Turn on the machine.
  2. Press all four buttons simultaneously for five seconds. Your machine will blink three times, indicating that you’ve successfully reset it.

Lattissima One

Restoring a Lattissima One to factory settings is just as easy, although the steps are slightly different.

  1. Turn on your Lattissima One. 
  2. Remove the milk tank.
  3. Press the Milk button for three seconds, which will turn on the Menu mode. Once that happens, both Descale and Clean light should start blinking.
  4. Press the Milk button again, which will blink to show you’ve entered the Reset mode. 
  5. Press it again to confirm that you want to reset your machine. All buttons will blink three times, which is a sign that your machine is back to the factory setting. 

Lattissima Touch

Resetting a Lattissima Touch is slightly different from most Nespresso models, as it involves more steps. 

But that makes sense.

With so many buttons available, you could easily press the wrong button and accidentally reset the machine. By making the process slightly more complicated, that’s highly unlikely to happen by mere chance.

  1. Turn on the machine. 
  2. Remove the milk tank.
  3. Press both Latte Machiatto and Warm Milk Froth buttons simultaneously for three seconds. This will turn on the Menu mode on your machine. This is indicated by both Descale and Clean blinking. 
  4. To reset a Lattissima Touch, you need to press all the buttons by just swiping your finger over them in a single motion. The order is important, which is: Warm Milk Froth, Cappuccino, Latte Machiatto, Lungo, Espresso and Ristretto.
  5. If you see the Warm Milk Froth button light up, that means it worked. Press it to confirm, which should reset your machine after all buttons blink three times.


The Inissia is a simple machine, and so is the reset function.

  1. The Inissia should be shut down before doing a factory reset. 
  2. With your machine turned off, press the Lungo button and hold it for five seconds.
  3. Once you see the light on the machine blink three times, it has been restored to factory settings.


Nespresso CitiZ is yet another machine that is simple to reset. 

  1. Turn off your machine.
  2. Press and hold the Lungo button.
  3. After five seconds, you’ll see three blinks, which means that you’ve successfully reset your machine. 


Restoring Nespresso Pixie to factory settings is pretty similar to most Nespresso models, but with a slight change in a single step.

  1. Make sure that your Pixie is turned off.
  2. Press the Lungo button and hold it for five seconds.
  3. Don’t release the button just yet. While still holding, turn on the machine. At this point, you should see the lights blinking rapidly, indicating that your machine setting has been restored.


Nespresso VertuoLine coffee machines work on a slightly different principle. So naturally, resetting them to factory settings is slightly different from the OriginalLine models.

The steps to restoring Nespresso Vertuo and Vertuo Next are the same.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the machine head and remove the previously used coffee capsule.
  2. Close the machine head, but leave the lever in the “unlocked” position.
  3. Within three seconds, you need to push the button five times. This will reset the machine back to factory settings. Your machine should blink orange five times before turning into a steady white light.

The process is slightly different for Vertuo Plus:

  1. Push the lever down for three seconds to turn off the machine. 
  2. Push both the lever and the button for three seconds. You’ll see the light going steady orange, indicating that you’ve entered the Factory Settings mode.
  3. Press the lever down three times, then push the button to confirm. The orange light will blink three times in three seconds, then go steady green. This means that the machine is reset.

Keep in mind that you have two minutes while in the Factory Settings to choose the reset option. If you don’t, the machine will go back to Ready mode, and you’ll have to do it all again.


This model is part of the VertuoLine, so naturally, it resets the same way as Vertuo models. 

Here’s how:

  1. Open the machine head to eject any coffee pods still remaining inside.
  2. Close the machine head, but leave the handle in the “unlocked” position.
  3. Within the timeframe of three seconds, push the button five times. Once the button blinks orange five times, your machine is back to the factory setting.

When And Why To Reset Your Nespresso Machine

There are several reasons why you might want or need to reset your Nespresso machine. 

In case your machine doesn’t work as usual a reset to factory settings is usually the simplest way to fix the issue. In most cases, this simple trick solves issues with the programming.

But factory reset isn’t just for troubleshooting

If you play around with coffee settings, resetting your machine is a quick way to undo all of your customizations. Sometimes, you simply aren’t sure which of the new settings is responsible for your coffee ending up bad.

In other words, do a reset whenever your machine is operating differently and you want to change that.

How To Maintain Your Nespresso Machine

nespresso descaling kit

Your Nespresso machine takes good care of you – it gives you coffee whenever you need it. But you need to take care of it just as much. 

As you probably know, water is full of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Whenever you brew coffee, water goes through the machine leaving mineral residue inside.

Over time, minerals build up forming limescale, which affects the way a machine works. At the same time, it affects how your coffee tastes. 

Eventually, limescale deposit builds up so much, causing your machine to stop working entirely. 

Of course, that is easily avoided.

All Nespresso models have a built-in descaling program that does all the hard work. The only thing you need to do is run the cycle every few months to assure your machine is free from mineral buildup.

Can’t remember when was the last time you descaled your Nespresso?

It can’t hurt to do it more often than necessary.

But some clear signs that your machine needs descaling are:

  • Burnt taste of coffee
  • Strange noise coming from the machine
  • Slow pouring 
  • Coffee is not as hot as normally

Nespresso doesn’t recommend descaling with home descaling solutions. Instead, the brand also makes a descaling kit to use with your coffee machine. This product is gentle enough not to damage the machine but strong enough to remove mineral buildup.

Easy cleaning guide: Disassemble all removable components, including the water tank, and wash them in the sink with hot water.

If your Nespresso model comes with a milk tank, cleaning it after every use should be a must. That’s because any drop of milk left behind is a potential breeding spot for bacteria.

Cleaning after each use also applies to steam wands. If your machine comes with one, then purge it every time you finish making milk-based coffee, and wipe it down after.

Finally, you should wipe all coffee residue that could be on the surface, around the machine and capsule container, and your Nespresso coffee maker will be squeaky-clean for the next brew.


As you can see, restoring factory settings on Nespresso machines is pretty easy. 

While models from the Original and Virtuo lines have different ways of resetting, they’re all just a few clicks away.

Hopefully, this article will come in handy if the need for a factory reset comes up.

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