What Is A Doppio Coffee? A Strong, Popular Choice Among Espresso Lovers

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what is a doppio coffee

What is doppio coffee? This simple yet powerful brew is a double shot of espresso, perfect for the bold and those always in a hurry.

Doppio coffee is the go-to option for many espresso lovers around the world. In simple words, it is a double shot of espresso. That makes it twice as nice for those who like their coffee strong.

This drink delivers a bolder, richer, and more robust coffee experience than a single espresso shot.

As a coffee lover, I adore Doppio passionately. It’s the best coffee that always gets the job done, whether I’m in a hurry or need an energetic pick-me-up. If you decide to brew it yourself, check out our top 12 picks of the best espresso beans for a perfect Doppio!

Now, let’s dive into the world of Doppio coffee!

Difference Between Doppio And Other Types Of Coffee

two of espresso cups with full of coffee
Doppio coffee is stronger than a typical Americano or any other type of coffee

Let’s discuss its origins before we go any further with Doppio coffee. Doppio traces its roots to Italy’s rich coffee culture, where espresso coffee is a way of life. In fact, a whopping 70% of Italian coffee consumers drink espresso! It’s common to see locals taking a shot or two at any caffè, making the espresso and the Doppio a bona fide Italian cultural icon.

The exact origins of the doppio espresso in the United States are uncertain. However, we can attribute it to the Starbucks Coffee Company, which popularized specialty coffee when it started serving espresso drinks in the mid-80s. 

Over the years, the term has slowly seeped into America’s coffee culture. Across the biggest American coffee-drinking cities in the Pacific Northwest and California, you can go into almost any coffee shop and get an espresso double shot when you order the drink.

Now, how exactly does Doppio compare to other types of coffee? It is stronger than a typical Americano or any other type of coffee as it isn’t diluted. It is smoother, albeit you can recoil from the flavor if you’re not used to it.

Traditionally, a shot of espresso, also known as a “solo” in Italy, contains only about 30 ml (1.01 oz). Meanwhile, a doppio, which is an Italian word for “double,” has double the content, yielding around 60 ml (2.03 oz). You might also be wondering, what is Ganoderma coffee?

What Makes Doppio Special?

Doppio is great because it’s not as simple as getting twice as much of the same thing. While Doppio refers to the amount of coffee rather than an actual type, this double espresso tastes like an entirely new drink.

Doppio presents bold but complex coffee tastes and overall flavor profile. Imagine a more intense, full-bodied taste where every sip is a lingering explosion on the palate. The flavor also depends on the type of coffee bean and roast.

This tasting experience is what makes the drink unique. You can get a different flavor profile with every brew, which is entirely up to your preference. It’s the exciting reason why fans of Doppio prefer it over other types of coffee, aside from the fact that it packs quite the punch, of course. If you want to discover more about this, check out our guide to the tasting component of coffee.

If you want your coffee on the sweeter and creamier side, you can always add some milk to make yourself a latte or cappuccino. Better yet, try ice cream or gelato for a stronger macchiato version. Maybe you can have your typical iced coffee or flat white.

But suppose you want nothing but a pure, unadulterated coffee taste with the finest and strongest caffeine content that will keep you going. In that case, you can’t possibly go wrong with ordering or making a doppio.

How To Make Doppio Coffee?

making an espresso coffee  from espresso machine
In Italy, Doppios are often served black and as-is

It’s easy to be your own barista when making Doppio.

Creating a successful brew begins with a careful selection of high-quality coffee beans. Consider a blend of roasted Arabica and Robusta beans, which achieves the right balance of flavor and body.

Remember that it’s highly important to finely ground your beans when making espresso. Only then can you load it into the portafilter basket. If the ground coffee is coarse, it will absorb and retain the water, leaving your shot noticeably weaker in taste and caffeine content, not to mention losing the unique flavor profile of the beans.

Next, make sure to tamp the grounds to remove air pockets. That forces the hot water to work its way evenly through under pressure. What’s left to do is begin the brewing process, extracting the rich, concentrated espresso that tastes as good as it smells.

Savor the resulting double shot of liquid gold with a crema so thick you wouldn’t want your coffee drinks any other way.

In Italy, Doppios are often served black and as-is. In the United States, coffee drinkers enjoy their Doppio espressos in many ways. Some prefer it with non-fat milk, topped with foam, or with a splash of soy. Some even enjoy it with a couple of pumps of sweetened flavoring. Your coffee, your rules, right?

If you want to go Italian and enjoy a Doppio in its most traditional form—served black—there are a few factors you must consider. Keep an eye on the following variables, arranged in no particular order, to achieve the best and most faithful Italian version of Doppio.

  • Water quality
    • Filtered water is preferred as it has a low mineral content. The minerals can affect your espresso machine and the shot it pulls.
  • Water Temperature
    • The optimal temperature for extraction is between 195°F to 205°F or 90°C to 96°C.
  • Grinder quality
    • A carefully maintained burr grinder is preferred as it can grind the beans finer with control.
  • Espresso Beans Freshness
    • Freshly roasted beans that have been rested between 1 to 2 weeks are best to eliminate the extra C02 and let the flavors bloom.
  • Espresso Beans Grind Size
    • Go for the fine grind for optimal extraction and a better-tasting shot.
  • Espresso Beans Roast
    • Medium roast is conventional as it retains the beans’ flavor profile without removing much of its acidity.
  • Tamping Pressure Level
    • You can exert between 15 to 30 pounds of pressure. The important thing is to check that there are no pockets or spaces between the grounds.

Doppio is a quick, no-frills, and all-business solution for a potent caffeine fix.

You will need:

  • An espresso machine
  • A larger-sized portafilter basket
  • Grinder
  • Tamper
  • Espresso cup

To round up the process, follow these nine simple steps to make delicious Doppio espresso in the comfort of your home:

  • Step 1: Heat your portafilter by pulling a shot of water.
  • Step 2: Make sure to grind your espresso beans very finely.
  • Step 3: Carefully load your ground espresso beans into the portafilter. 18–21 grams of coffee will be enough.
  • Step 4: Tap the sides of your portafilter several times to allow the espresso grounds to settle.
  • Step 5: Use force to tamp the grounds into the machine’s filter to avoid the grounds being stuck.
  • Step 6: Take note of your brewing time as you pull your Doppio espresso shot. It takes about 20 seconds for optimal flavor. Keep an eye on the pace of the pour. You must tamp your beans down more effectively if it’s too fast. If it pours too slowly, the beans are packed in too tightly. As with anything, practice is the key to pouring the perfect shot of espresso.
  • Step 7: Add milk or sweeteners to your liking. Make sure to use a larger cup that fits under the spout if you plan to add it to avoid overflowing.
  • Step 9: Smell, sip, and enjoy!

The Best Machines For Making Doppio

The tools and machines are vital components in making a good quality doppio. If you’re creating your own doppio espresso at home, it is essential to have an espresso machine. You can check out our list of the best espresso machines for beginners!

A great affordable alternative that can brew something close to an espresso is the Moka Pot, as it also utilizes steam pressure to extract the coffee from the grounds.

The only catch is that a Moka Pot applies only 1 to 2 bars of pressure compared to an espresso machine’s 8 to 10. Some of the coffee’s flavor complexity won’t be extracted, but don’t fret, as the Moka pot can still brew you a wonderful cup of Joe. Check out our guide on how to use a moka pot to brew an outstanding cup!

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