How To Make An Iced Mocha Coffee: Easy & Delicious Recipe

iced mocha on a small table

Nothing goes with coffee better than chocolate. And if you’re a fan of iced coffee, then there’s no question:   An iced mocha is 100% the best way to enjoy this mouthwatering flavor combo. Luckily, whipping one up at home is super easy.  Even luckier – I’m going to teach you how. Ready to get started? … Read more

Coffee And Orange Juice: What It’s Like & How To Make It

coffee and orange juice with rosemary

My first thought when I saw this drink on Instagram was: Coffee and orange juice?!  Hard pass. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. It doesn’t exactly sound like the tastiest flavor combination. But I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong. And in this case, I definitely was. Turns out, it’s absolutely delightful. So … Read more

The Best Sugar Substitute For Coffee? Here Are 13 Healthier Alternatives

monk fruit and a stevia leaf

Looking for the best sugar substitute for coffee? You’ve come to the right place! I’m going to share a bunch of fantastic healthier options with you and tell you everything there is to know about all my favorite natural sweeteners.  I’ve also thrown in some more subtle options, in case you’re looking to add just … Read more

How To Use A Moka Pot To Make Outstanding Coffee

freshly brewed moka coffee in a moka pot

Tried brewing moka pot coffee and had no luck? Ended up with nothing but a bitter mess that you could barely swallow? Or maybe you’ve just bought one and you haven’t even tried it out yet? In any case, it’s simple. But you need to get the finesses of the brewing process right. If you … Read more

3 Simple Ways To Make Cold Brew Concentrate At Home

cold brew concentrate in a bottle and a glass

Cold brew has been all the rage for nearly a decade now. And good news for coffee lovers – Making your own cold brew concentrate is easy! You can use a ready-made brewer, a DIY brewer, or even a French press. I’m going to tell you all about each of these methods and take you … Read more

How To Use A Milk Frother: A Beginner’s Guide To Frothing

latte with milk froth on top

Making your own lattes and cappuccinos is easier than you might think. All you need is nice frothy milk foam. That’s where a milk frother comes in. There are a few different types of milk frothers out there.  I’m going to show you how to use each of them to make beautiful, velvety milk foam.  … Read more

How To Make Cold Foam At Home – 5 Easy Methods

iced coffee with cold foam in a plastic cup

Social media platforms have been bombarded with #coldfoam posts lately. The way it slowly drips down into your coffee makes for a stunning photo or video. It’s no wonder it’s quickly become the internet’s favorite addition to iced coffee. You know you can get it at Starbucks. But did you know you can also easily … Read more

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker (No Pods): Top 5 Reviewed

woman holding a metal mug by a lake

In a rush? Our top pick is the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker. Sick and tired of the single serve coffee pod? I hear you – loud and clear. They’re terrible for the environment. And on top of that, the quality just can’t compete with freshly ground coffee beans. Still, you have to hand it to … Read more

Best Moka Pot: Top 9 Models Reviewed

moka pot from above

In a hurry? Our top pick is the Bialetti Moka Express. I personally happen to be a huge fan of the moka pot. It might just be my favorite home brewing method of all time. It makes insanely good and strong coffee, and it’s super simple to use. Plus, the fact that you can take … Read more

Frappe Vs Frappuccino – Famous Iced Coffee Drinks Explained

frappuccino with a green straw

Frappe vs Frappuccino – ever wondered what the difference is? They’re both coffee drinks. They’re both iced. And, they’re both incredibly delicious. Still, they’re not the same drink. Although the names sound similar, there are actually quite a few key differences between them. In this article, I’m going to tell you all about them. We’ll … Read more

The World’s Top 15 Coffee Producing Countries

coffee berries being picked at a plantation

Here’s a fun fact you might not know: While there are lots of countries that grow the stuff – the vast majority of coffee consumed all over the world comes from just a few leading producers. Brazil and Vietnam alone, the world’s top 2 coffee giants, account for more than half of the world’s annual … Read more

What Is An Americano? A Complete Guide To A Classic Drink

caffe americano in a glass

The caffe Americano – a favorite of black coffee lovers everywhere. But what is an Americano, exactly? In this article, I’ll tell you everything there is to know about this classic coffee drink. We’ll talk about how it originated, how it’s made, and how it differs from other black coffee beverages.  Ready to find out … Read more

Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds? 7 Awesome Ways You Can

used coffee grounds in an espresso portafilter

Most used coffee grounds go straight in the trash.  Here’s the thing, though: It’s kind of a waste.  See, there’s actually a lot that you can still do with them.  But whatever you do, just don’t use them to brew more coffee. Ever. So, how can you reuse coffee grounds then? In this article, we’ll … Read more

Latte Vs Cappuccino Vs Macchiato: What’s The Difference?

milky coffee drinks in glass cups

Would you like some milk in your coffee? If you’re anything like me – the answer to this question is almost always a yes. But there are a lot of different ways you can drink coffee with milk. The latte, the cappuccino, and the macchiato are 3 of the most popular milky espresso drinks. If … Read more

Does Coffee Go Bad? Here’s What You Need To Know

man looking down at his coffee mug making a grimace

In a nutshell, yes – coffee definitely can go bad. But, just how long does it take for this to happen? What can you do to keep your coffee fresh for longer? And, how exactly does coffee go bad anyway?  In this article, you’ll find out everything there is to know about the shelf life … Read more

Can You Reheat Coffee? Why You Shouldn’t & What You Can Do

coffee mug in microwave oven

You brewed a fresh pot of coffee earlier this morning. A couple of hours later, it’s still good, but stone cold. So, can you reheat coffee? Sure, technically, you could. Should you reheat it? Definitely not.  See, reheating your coffee will make it taste completely different. And not in a good way.  It might be … Read more

Light Roast Vs Dark Roast: What’s The Difference?

coffee beans roasted to 4 different levels

Have you ever found yourself shopping for coffee, wondering which roast to buy? Or, maybe you have a go-to roast, but you’re not sure if a different level might suit you better? Well, good news.  You’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’m going to give you the rundown on light roast vs … Read more

Can You Eat Coffee Beans? Benefits & Side Effects Explained

hands holding coffee beans

Can you eat coffee beans? Drumroll… Yes – you most certainly can! In fact, humans have been munching on coffee beans for centuries. The effects are similar to drinking coffee – but amplified. So, both the benefits and the potential side effects are greater when you eat coffee beans. In this article, I’ll tell you … Read more

A Guide To Different Types Of Coffee Beans, Roasts & Drinks

people holding mugs with different types of coffee

How many types of coffee do you know? You’d be amazed at how many different types there are. From coffee beans, to roasts, brewing methods, and drinks, there’s certainly plenty of variety when it comes to coffee.  As a trained barista, I’ve seen, made, and tasted it all. And I’m here to share everything I … Read more

13 Brilliant Coffee Brewing Methods You Can Try At Home

aeropress from above

Let me let you in on a little secret: It IS possible to make barista-level coffee in the comfort of your own home. You just have to know how to brew it. Thankfully, there are loads of easy brewing methods out there that won’t take you too much time or effort to master.  Once you … Read more