Breville Barista Pro Vs Express: Which Is Better?

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breville barista pro vs express

TL;DR? The Breville Barista Pro is the clear winner in this battle.

Two of the top Breville espresso machine models out there are the Breville Barista Pro and the Breville Barista Express.

However, which do you pick?

Lucky for you, I’ve put together a complete rundown on Breville Barista Pro vs Express so that you can choose the best espresso machine.

Let’s take a look!

Breville Barista Pro vs Barista Express: Quick Comparison

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Breville Barista Pro Overview

The Breville Barista Pro is one of the latest espresso machines from Breville. It’s an updated version of the Barista Express model.

This easy-to-use coffee machine has more advanced technology than its predecessor. It features things like advanced temperature controls and more grind settings.

One of the reasons why coffee addicts love this espresso machine is its fast heating-up time. It heats up water in just three seconds thanks to its ThermoJet system.

Not only does that make for great coffee, but it also means you don’t have to wait a long time to enjoy a great cup of Joe!

The Pros

  • Features a ThermoJet heating system, so it heats up your coffee in as little as three seconds
  • Has a high-quality, four-hole steam wand, so you get much more even milk foam
  • Features a conical burr grinder, so you get a much more even and precise grind
  • Features a pre-infusion brew system, so you get a much more aromatic espresso that’s better extracted

The Cons

  • The brew head gets clogged easily, so you’ll have to flush it out before pulling each shot
  • There’s no pressure gauge, so it’s hard to tell if your espresso shots are pulling at the right bar or not
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Breville Barista Express Overview

The predecessor of the Breville Barista Pro is the Breville Barista Express. It’s an all-in-one coffee machine you can use to create a good quality espresso without much effort on your part.

Its features include digital temperature control, a built-in grinder, and a steam wand.

Breville Barista Express espresso machine also features brewing options, ranging from fully manual to automatic. However, there aren’t a ton of adjustments you can make, so you won’t be able to fine-tune your coffee.

Also, because Breville Barista Express contains several buttons and other little bits, it’s not the easiest machine to clean.

Still, thanks to its straightforward brewing features, it tends to be more suitable for beginners.

The Pros 

  • The grind size is adjustable, so you can tweak it according to the type of coffee you’re making
  • There’s a built-in conical burr grinder, so you don’t need a separate grinder to prep your coffee
  • It has a built-in 360-degree steam wand, so milk frothing is easy and straightforward
  • It’s a more affordable coffee maker, so it’s better for those on a budget

The Cons

  • Lacks more advanced brew controls, so if you’re an experienced barista you may not be able to perfect your coffee
  • It has lots of odd divets and design features, so it can be a bit more challenging to clean
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Breville Barista Pro vs. Barista Express: Features Rundown

Now that you have a brief overview of both coffee machines, let’s take a closer look at a couple of their features.

That way, you’ll be better able to decide which of these machines is right for you.


Both the Barista Pro and Barista Express have sleek designs.

Each one weighs about 20 pounds, although the Barista Express is slightly more compact than the Pro.

They’re both designed with four filter baskets and a dual-spout portafilter for making two separate espresso shots.

So, what are the differences?

For one thing, the Barista Pro espresso machine comes in more colors than the Express. While this probably isn’t a deal breaker, it is nice to have.

Additionally, the Barista Express features a rotary dial while the Pro has an LCD screen. This design feature makes it easier to understand than the Express.

Another edge of Breville Barista Pro is its removable water tank. This makes it easy to refill and clean, unlike the attached reservoir of the Breville Barista Express espresso machine.

The Breville Barista Pro takes the lead due to its removable reservoir and touchscreen design.

Ease of Use

breville express

The Pro has an LCD touchscreen where you can easily see all the settings. And, the menu is intuitive, making it easy to adjust things like temperature and grind size.

If you’re a beginner, the digital interface is also easier to understand. You won’t have to flip through the owner’s manual to figure out what all the machine’s knobs mean.

In contrast, the Barista Express espresso machine comes with a rotary dial. This is not only a bit less intuitive but can be harder to adjust with precision.

Aside from the LCD, Barista Pro’s hot water outlet is also an edge. This coffee machine can dispense hot water under the portafilter.

In contrast, the hot water outlet in the Express is behind the portafilter. This adds a bit of extra hassle.

The Breville Barista Pro comes out the winner, thanks to its advanced LCD touchscreen.

Grinding & Brewing

Both Breville Barista Pro and Express let you adjust the grind settings. This is important because it guarantees that the coffee bean will be ground to your liking.

But if you want better precision control, go with the Breville Barista Pro. The Barista Pro’s grinder has 30 increments, letting you get a more precise grind setting.

In contrast, the Barista Express espresso machine only has 18 grind increments. While that’s still a lot, you won’t get the same accuracy as you would with the Pro.

The Barista Pro’s espresso brewing is a bit more advanced, too. Its ThermoJet system heats water in just three seconds, cutting down on brew time.

The Barista Express, on the other hand, takes about a minute to heat up before you can pull your espresso shot. If you’re in a rush, that’s not the most convenient.

The Breville Barista Pro espresso maker takes the lead for this round, thanks to its integrated conical burr grinder and 3-second brew time.

Milk Frothing

frothing milk on breville express

It’s easy to make your favorite espresso drinks with milk for both machines. They both have high-quality milk steam wands, so you can make your lattes or cappuccinos without a hassle.

But, there are still a few notable differences to be aware of.

The Breville Barista Pro espresso machine has a steam wand with four holes because of its ThermoJet system. This allows more pressure to be generated for the steaming milk. As a result, you get much finer milk foam for your latte art.

And, you can steam your milk much more quickly. It only takes the Pro 30 seconds to heat your milk.

In contrast, Barista Express’s steam wand only has one hole. It takes 50 seconds to heat, and you won’t get such uniform foam.

The Breville Barista Pro espresso machine is the winner thanks to its four-hole steam wand and fast steaming time.

Value for Money

When it comes to value for money, the Breville Barista Express is cheaper.

Still, don’t let that fool you.

Even though the Barista Pro espresso machine is a bit more costly, it comes with a ton of extra features, such as:

  • Digital LCD Screen
  • Advanced milk steamer
  • ThermoJet heating system

To get those extra features, you won’t have to pay a ton of additional cash. That makes it worth the cost in my book.

Even though it’s more expensive, the Breville Barista Pro espresso machine comes with a lot more features giving you a better bang for your buck.

The Verdict

So, there you have it—a complete rundown of the Breville Barista Pro vs Express.

Although both are great machines, the Breville Barista Express espresso machine generally comes out the winner. You might want to get the Breville Barista Express espresso machine if you’re:

  • On a budget
  • A beginner in making coffee at home
  • Prefers traditional buttons to a more advanced LCD to display the settings

If you want a simple-to-use and budget-friendly device, order a Breville Barista Express now.

On the other hand, go for the Breville Barista Pro espresso machine if:

  • You want a more convenient and faster way of brewing your coffee
  • You’re more meticulous with the coffee grind sizes
  • The quality of milk frothing affects how you like your coffee
  • You have extra bucks to pay for a more expensive and advanced machine

If this fits your budget and preferences, pick up a Breville Barista Pro today.

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