Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water? Here’s How

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can you make instant coffee with cold water

Instant coffee is a real savior when you don’t have enough time (or will) to brew yourself a cup of coffee. 

But, can you make instant coffee with cold water?  

The answer is yes, and it will taste the same as one made with hot water

Maybe it will take you a minute longer, but it will still be ready in no time. 

If you want to learn how to make a great cold instant coffee, keep reading. 

Let’s start! 

Can You Make Instant Coffee With a Cold Water? 

making instant coffee

Did you ever actually asked yourself what instant coffee is? How it’s possible just to pour warm water over coffee grounds and drink it immediately? 

I’m a big-time nerd, so if I get in contact with anything, even a coffee, I want to know everything about it. 

Here’s the deal: 

Instant coffee (also known as powder coffee, coffee crystals, or soluble coffee) is not a fresh coffee ground

It is already brewed coffee, but dehydrated and concentrated after. The process of dehydration leaves dry coffee crystals. 

When you add water to those crystals, you will get your beverage in a matter of a few minutes. 

This process shouldn’t affect the taste or quality of your brew

I heard a lot of times that instant coffee made with hot water tastes much better than with cold water. 

From my personal experience of drinking instant coffee for years on a lunch break (when you don’t have time to wait for your coffee to cool down), that isn’t true. 

Just think about that for a second. 

Water temperature is important in the process of brewing, or better say, extracting coffee from coffee beans.  

But, with instant coffee, all we have to do is to dissolve already brewed instant coffee crystals. And for that, the temperature of the water is not crucial.  

The only difference is that hot water dissolves those crystals a little bit faster than cold water. 

The taste and texture will be pretty much the same with hot or cold water if coffee crystals are completely dissolved.  

How To Make a Delicious Cold Instant Coffee?   

Preparing cold instant coffee is probably one of the easiest things ever. 

Take 1-2 (according to your taste) scoops of instant coffee in a cup of cold water. 

Since it takes more time to dissolve coffee crystals in cold water, you have to stir it for a little bit longer. You can even use a handheld milk frother. 

Another way is to add a few sips of hot water first and mix it with coffee. A handheld milk frother can be useful here too. Once when coffee is totally dissolved, pour cold water.

The cool thing about instant coffee is that it’s totally customizable.  

It goes great with any kind of milk, regular, non-dairy, coffee creamer, or even with powdered creamer.

You can add sugar or any other sweetener, flavor syrup, chocolate topping, or whipped cream on top. 

You can get creative and turn humble, cold instant coffee into a great refreshing coffee beverage.   

Quick and Delightful Cinnamon Iced Instant Coffee

Want to know how I make myself delicious instant iced coffee in just a few minutes? Follow these few simple steps: 

  1. In a larger glass (12oz, for example), put 2 coffee spoons of instant coffee powder, 1 coffee spoon of sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon 
  2. Add half a glass of cold water and mix it with a handheld milk frother until coffee is completely dissolved
  3. Add a few ice cubes  
  4. In another glass or carafe, pour half of a glass of cold milk, and froth it until it’s smooth and creamy 
  5. Pour milk over coffee and ice, stir gently and enjoy! 

Of course, you can adjust all of the ingredients according to your taste.

What is the Difference Between Cold Instant Coffee And Cold Brew?  

two glasses of cold coffee

These two don’t have too much in common, besides the fact that both are cold coffees.

First thing first, cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for several hours. 

On the other hand, instant coffee granules are actually dehydrated coffee brewed with hot water.  

And the temperature of brewing really affects the taste of coffee. The hot water extracts more oils from the coffee ground. 

The result is a more acidic coffee with less unique coffee flavors. 

Cold brew is less acidic, and it has more developed flavors. It takes time and patience, but that brew tastes like no other cold coffee.

Yet, if you’re in a hurry, cold instant coffee can be a great coffee refreshment.  


And there you have it. 

Instant coffee is actually already brewed coffee, and then dehydrated. 

That means you don’t need hot water for it.

Although instant coffee grounds will dissolve faster in hot water, you can definitely make instant coffee with cold water. 

Add some ice cubes, cold milk, and something sweet, and you will have tasty iced coffee in no time.  

Are you trying to cut your caffeine intake? Take a look at our article and find out which are the best instant decaf coffees.

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