How To Use Coffee Syrup? (7 Ways To Boost Flavors)

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how to use coffee syrup

Wondering how to use coffee syrup? Jump into our guide and discover different ways to use flavored syrup, and learn how to do it properly.

Wondering how to use coffee syrup?

There are so many different types and flavors to choose from, and they’re so versatile to use. 

Maybe you’re a purist who prefers traditional coffee. 

Or maybe you’re more adventurous and like to get creative. 

Either way, there are plenty of flavors to experiment with and even more ways of using them. 

Here are my favorite trialed and tested ways to use coffee syrup.

Let’s dive in! You might also be wondering, what is an espresso martini?

7 Amazing Ways To Use Coffee Syrup

There are so many fantastic ways to use the coffee syrup that you may not have even thought of. 

Obviously, it can be used to flavor your cup of joe, but did you know that you can use it in other drinks, too?  

It can even be used in the kitchen for cooking and baking.

Here are my favorite ways of using coffee syrup.

Flavored Coffee

pouring syrup to coffee
Why not try adding some syrup to your cold brew?

The simplest way to get started with coffee syrup is by adding it to your hot coffee! This is how it’s designed to be used, and it’s so effective in spicing up your coffee with little effort.

You just need to add a shot or two of your favorite flavor (depending on how much of a sweet tooth you have) and stir well. 

Sit back and watch how it transforms the taste of your cup of joe. 

Why not try adding some syrup to your cold brew? You can add the syrup before you start brewing or while you’re brewing. Or, you can simply stir the syrup straight in at the end. 

A creative and refreshing way to use coffee syrup is to make coffee ice cubes. Find an ice cube tray and fill it with some coffee, syrup, and milk. The melting ice cubes will flavor your coffee instead of watering it down!

Flavored Tea

Coffee syrup isn’t just for coffee. You can also use it to make a tasty flavored tea and add some sweetness. 

Why not add some mint coffee syrup to your hot cup of peppermint tea or some vanilla-flavored coffee syrup to black tea? 

I bet you’ll love it!


set of cocktails
Syrups that are fruity and on the sweeter side will work best with cocktails

Have you got a party coming up? 

Let’s impress your guests with some coffee syrup-infused cocktails! It’s super easy to add and a great way to achieve a consistent flavor. 

The best part is that you can use these syrups in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, so the kids don’t have to miss out.

Syrups that are fruity and on the sweeter side will work best with cocktails. 

Coffee-based cocktails have a tendency to be bitter. So coffee-flavored syrup helps add a delicious coffee flavor while adding a bit of sweetness. 

Try adding a shot of caramel syrup to your espresso martini or drizzle the syrup in the cocktail glass before pouring the drink in. 


Another tasty way you can use coffee syrup is to add it to your cooking. 

It can come in handy if you’re looking for a creative way to level up your homemade condiments, such as:

  • marinades
  • pickling liquids
  • salad dressings
  • liquid for poaching fruits
  • flavored brines 

Sounds pretty good, right?


pancakes with syrup
You can use coffee syrup instead of or in addition to buttercream for cake icing and filling

One of the most popular uses for flavored syrups is in making desserts. 

Try serving it on top of:

  • whipped cream
  • ice cream
  • pastries
  • puddings
  • cakes
  • waffles

If you’re looking for a fun way to shake up your milkshakes or frappes, try blending in some coffee syrup! 

It can even substitute dessert sauces like maple syrup or chocolate sauce. 

The great thing about coffee syrup is that it maintains a thick consistency, unlike other syrups. 

A great way to take advantage of this is by making ice cubes out of them. Instead of watering down your desserts as regular ice cubes would, they’ll only add more flavor.  

You can use coffee syrup instead of or in addition to buttercream for cake icing and filling. You can really get creative with your pairings, as they’re endless!

If the recipe requires some kind of sweetener or syrup, use it as an opportunity to throw in some coffee syrup instead!


Yep, that’s right! 

Coffee syrups can be used in place of coffee concentrates.

Instead of spending time making concentrates yourself, you can use coffee syrup which is ready to use.

The best part is that they have simple instructions that are easy to follow, so you can’t go wrong.

French Toast Flavoring

Coffee syrup and French toast go great together!

You can add a teaspoon of coffee syrup to the mixture before cooking or drizzle some syrup over your French toast.

You can even add a scoop of ice cream and drizzle some syrup over it.

Not only does it make your French Toast look richer, but it will also enhance the flavor. 

How To Add Flavored Syrup To Coffee

Although you should feel free to experiment, there is some method of adding flavored syrup to your coffee.

I’ll give you some tips so you can get the best possible result.

Choosing Syrup

flavoured syrups
When selecting a syrup, seasoned baristas suggest focusing on the intensity and type of coffee

Coffee is rich in taste, and its flavor profile can be affected by many factors. 

Some of these are:

  • The degree of grinding and roasting of the beans
  • The way that the coffee has been prepared
  • The time that is taken to prepare it

That’s why I recommend keeping in mind that you’ll get the best results if the additive and coffee aromas blend well together. 

When selecting a syrup, seasoned baristas suggest focusing on the intensity and type of coffee.

How Much to Add

First things first. 

You’ll want to skip the sugar altogether and add the syrup to taste. 

But don’t worry, if you prefer sweeter coffee, you can simply add more syrup. 

However, for best results, here are my recommended amounts to add depending on the type of coffee:

  • Espresso: 5ml of syrup 
  • Americano: 10ml
  • Cappuccino: 15ml
  • Latte: 20ml
  • Cocktails: 20ml (you may want to add more depending on the size of the cocktail)

Type Of Coffee

different types of coffee
You can stir in almost any flavor of syrup, and it will be delicious

Adding syrup to your cup of coffee can really enhance its flavor and texture. 

For best results, you may want to choose your syrup flavor depending on the type of coffee. 

Hot Coffee

Since hot coffee is so rich in flavor, adding some sweet coffee syrups can balance it out and leave you with the perfect cup of joe. 

You can stir in almost any flavor of syrup, and it will be delicious. You really can’t go wrong. 

But I recommend vanilla, caramel, or fruity syrups since these flavors pair nicely with milk and cream.

Another option is to steam your milk or cream with the syrup, which will infuse the flavor smoothly. 

Turkish Coffee And Espresso

Chocolate or almond syrup goes best with these types of coffees, as the nutty flavors complement them nicely. 

Keep in mind that these flavors are super versatile and also go great with any type of coffee. 

Strong Coffee

Vanilla and caramel syrups go great with strong coffee. This is because the vanilla flavor decreases the acidity and bitterness in the coffee. 

On the other hand, fruit and berry syrups don’t go too well with intense coffee. 

100% Arabica Coffee 

Arabica Coffee is sour in nature. If you’re a fan of sour coffee and want to bring those notes out even more, amaretto syrup would be a perfect match. 

But if you’d rather cancel out the sourness, chocolate or vanilla syrup should do the trick!

Bitter Coffee

Try adding almond, cinnamon, or amaretto syrup to bitter coffee, as they give a unique flavor and some sweetness.

Citrus syrups like lime or lemon are also great options for mellowing down the bitterness. 


Do you still have questions about how to use coffee syrup?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. 

I’ve put together an FAQ to help you find your answers.

Can I make coffee syrup at home?

You bet! 

All you need are 2 basic ingredients: 1 cup of brown sugar and 1 cup of strongly brewed coffee. Any type will work just fine, even instant coffee.

How to make coffee syrup without sugar?

There are a number of ways that you can make delicious coffee syrup without sugar. 

You can use sugar alternatives like artificial sweeteners. Truvia Baking Blend or Splenda works great. 

You could also add caramel or vanilla extract in place of sugar. 

Can I use coffee syrup instead of vanilla extract?


If you’ve run out of vanilla extract but have some vanilla coffee syrup lying around, it’ll make a great substitute. 

Bottom Line

So there you have it. 

Coffee syrup is an awesome addition to your kitchen. It won’t only come in handy in sweetening up your morning brew, but you can also use it to enhance other drinks and desserts.

There are so many flavors and combinations to try, from ice cubes to cake icing, so you won’t run out of ways to use it!

Undecided on what flavor syrup to start with? Check out our article on the best coffee syrups.

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