Jura ENA 8 Review: What Does It Offer, And Is It Good?

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jura ena 8

Have you heard the news?

There’s a new super-automatic coffee machine that’s making waves in the coffee community. 

Its name is Jura ENA 8.

It comes with a lot of bells and whistles, but is it really worth it? 

We did the research, and we share our results in this complete Jura ENA 8 review.

Let’s dive in!

Jura ENA 8 Overview

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The Jura ENA 8 coffee machine has a sleek, easy-to-use system that’s got tons of AI built-in. It offers unique features such as allowing you to program drinks or save your favorite beverages. 

On top of that, it has one-touch functionality that lets you get great coffee in no time at all. 

Finally, the machine features some stand-out Jura tech that really takes the coffee quality to the next level. 

Now, while that’s the basic run-down on what makes the ENA 8 so great, there’s a whole lot more detail you should be aware of. 

Here’s a bit of a deeper dive into the ENA 8.


Okay, so you’ve got the gist of the Jura ENA 8. 

Now let’s get into the real meat and potatoes of what makes this bad boy thick. Here are a couple of the key features of the machine. 

Design & Construction

jura ena 8 espresso machine

The first thing we have to talk about with the Jura ENA 8 is that it’s a super-automatic espresso machine

In other words, with just one touch you’ll have your coffee ground, poured, and topped off with silky-smooth steamed milk!

Despite all that functionality, the machine is actually pretty small. It measures 10x12x17 inches and weighs just 19lbs.

Now, while that might sound hefty, don’t let that fool you. That’s actually a bit smaller than some of the other Jura machines on the market

The small size makes it easy to fit into any spot in the home. However, it does mean that it doesn’t have a huge capacity for brewing coffee for large groups of people. 

In terms of appearance, the ENA 8 stands out too. It has a beautiful, eye-catching design with chrome details.

For me, that’s a big bonus because chrome doesn’t look as dirty as some other materials can. 

I also love the fact that the ENA 8 has a touchscreen operation. The screen lets you tap into any of the 12 drink options so that you can customize your beverage.

Or, you can simply select the drink you want to make and run the machine right then and there!

The touchscreen also has several indicators that make it even easier to use your machine. The indicators light up to show you:

  • When your grounds container is full
  • When the drip tray is full
  • When you need to clean your system
  • When you need to maintain or repair your system

Another aspect of the design to know about is its energy-saving mode (E.S.M.). This mode allows you to use less electricity while you brew your coffee.

You can feel good about drinking your coffee and saving the environment at the same time!

Coffee Grinding

jura ena 8 grinder

Okay, enough about the design. It’s time to talk about grinding. 

The ENA8 has a bean hopper capacity of 125 grams in the integrated coffee grinder. That’s a bit on the smaller size in terms of built-in bean hoppers, but it’s not the tiniest on the market either. 

You should only have to refill it about once a week if you’re living in a 1-2 person home. 

In terms of the grinder itself, the machine is outfitted with Jura’s Aroma G3 technology. This technology is a special type of grinder that will deliver smooth and even ground coffee.

At the same time as the grinder gets an even grind size, it also preserves the aroma of the beans. 

The technology has a special system that prevents the coffee from oxidizing, therefore keeping that rich coffee scent that every coffee lover will appreciate!

Since the aroma is a big part of what gives your coffee its flavor, this is a big deal. 

Speaking of the grind size, the G3 grinder is adjustable. There are ten different grind settings that you can choose from to make sure you get the perfect cup of coffee. 

The G3 grinder also produces 60% less waste. That’s another aspect of the ENA 8 that makes it much more environmentally friendly than some of the other machines on the market!

And, by producing less waste, you also prevent old coffee from building up in the machine. That helps keep your beans fresh and flavorful every time you make a cup of coffee. 

Oh, and the grinder is also silent, which makes it easy on the ears for anyone who’s sensitive to noise. 

Overall, it’s a pretty great addition to the Jura ENA 8, even if it does have a smaller hopper than I’d like. 

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Milk Frothing

coffee with milk foam

Now, while I know not everyone is flocking to whip up cappuccinos and lattes, I certainly am. 

There’s something about that touch of microfoam on my coffee that just takes things to the next level!

The milk frother on the ENA 8 gives a rich, creamy flavor to our drinks. 

That’s largely thanks to the aerated milk foam technology that allows you to make foamed milk rather than just hot milk. 

Better yet, the ENA 8 actually features fine foam technology. Fine foam, or microfoam, is what you need to make drinks like flat whites and macchiatos. 

As a result, you can actually get quite a few more drinks out of an ENA 8 than you would out of other machines without this functionality. 

In addition to this fine-foam feature, you’ll also love the fact that the ENA 8 allows for a ton of programmability. 

When you go into the touchscreen, you can program the temperature and type of foam so that you can make the ideal beverage. 

And, once you perfect your beverage? 

Jura coffee machine stores your preferences so you don’t have to keep coming back and re-programming them. 

Coffee Quality

two cups of coffee made on jura ena 8 espresso machine

I’ve mentioned this before, but Jura is definitely one of the best quality coffee machine brands on the market. 

They’ve come up with some pretty great technology that extracts the best flavor from your coffee beans so that you get an incredible cup of coffee. 

Now, a bit part of the coffee quality is thanks to the grinder on the machine.

However, a lot of it also has to do with Jura’s pulse extraction process (PEP) of pouring express. This type of pouring method pulses hot water through the coffee beans to help get the most possible flavor out of them. 

The result?

The machine helps to optimize the aroma that it offers in each of the drinks. That’s especially true if you’re drinking a shot of ristretto or a good espresso.

Another piece of tech that helps the Jura ENA 8 brew great quality is their intelligent pre-infusion system. This is more commonly called IPBAS. 

IPBAS, much like the Aroma G3 grinder, helps pull the most aroma out of your beans before you even start brewing. 

The system helps percolate the coffee so that it’s extra rich and flavorful. Then, when you start up your brewer, you’ve already got aromatic coffee. 

Another piece of Jura tech that helps make for great quality coffee is the CLARIS Smart Filter system. 

This system helps flush impurities out of the water so that your coffee is brewed in pristine water. 

After all, bad-tasting water can quickly outweigh great-tasting coffee beans!

The combination of these pieces of technology leaves you with a delicious cup of coffee that’s pretty gosh-darn high quality.

Drink Variety

cup of coffee made on jura ena 8

Okay, so we know that you can make some great-tasting drinks with the Jura ENA 8. 

But how many drinks are we talking about here?

The Jura ENA 8 lets you make 12 drinks, which is on the higher side in terms of Jura machines. 

A big reason for this is that the Jura ENA 8 features fine foam technology. That technology is perfectly crafted for individuals who enjoy drinking flat whites or beverages that involve microfoam. 

The list of drinks that you can make with the Jura ENA 8 includes: 

  • Ristretto
  • Espresso
  • Doppio espresso
  • Regular brewed coffee
  • Americano
  • Macchiato
  • Latte macchiato
  • Cappuccino
  • Flat White
  • Hot water
  • Steamed milk
  • Cortado
  • Latte

And, remember that each of those drinks is fully customizable. 

If you’re into piping hot coffee?

That’s an option. 

Want hot milk with no foam?

That’s an option too. 

Ease of Use

a person choosing drink on espresso machine

Thanks to its touchscreen, the Jura ENA 8 is pretty easy to use. 

You can pour any of the 12 drinks on the menu with just the push of a button, making it a super convenient device. 

On the other hand, if you want to get creative, you absolutely can. 

And, Jura makes that pretty easy to do, too. They not only provide you with a manual that walks you through the process but also have it clearly laid out on the touchscreen. 

The Jura ENA 8’s grinder is also pretty intuitive. 

All the grind sizes are clearly laid out, which makes it easy for you to get just the right level for your cup of coffee. 

Lastly, you’ll find that the milk system on the ENA 8 is straightforward. Some systems, like those on a DeLonghi machine, for instance, are pretty involved. 

Jura, however, is all about convenience.

They’ve made their milk frother fully programmable from the touchscreen. You don’t have to hold a milk pitcher under the spout or any of that other nonsense. 

Just hit the button and let the milk flow!


side view of jura ena 8 espresso machine

As much as we’d all love our coffee machines to last forever, at some point or another, they’ll kick the can. 

Don’t let that scare you!

Even though eventually your coffee machine will stop working, the Jura ENA 8 has a pretty good track record in terms of durability. 

These machines are said to last for about 5 years. That’s pretty good considering some other brands will only do you for a year or two. 

And, if you take proper care of your machine, you’re not likely to have any issues for longer than that. 

Some ENA 8 users report having their machines going strong for upwards of 7 years!

Cleaning & Maintenance

jura ena 8 cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are probably at the bottom of our lists when we look for a new coffee maker. 

After all, we’re more worried about whether we can make our favorite skinny vanilla latte!

Still, just because cleaning and maintenance aren’t the most fun parts of making coffee, they’re still important parts of it. 

They’re also important for making sure we don’t just throw money down the drain. 

The good news is that Jura is very aware of this, and therefore ensures cleaning the ENA 8 isn’t a complete headache.

In fact, all you have to do is run a cleaning cycle using one of the company’s proprietary cleaning tablets. 

The way this works is thanks to the AI system in the ENA 8. The machine knows (and tells you) when it’s time to clean out the machine so it can keep functioning properly. 

Then, you just pop in that cleaning puck, and the machine’s integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling system do that job for you. 

That’s the brewing system taken care of in no time!

In terms of the milk spout, that’s easy too. The milk outlet is dishwasher resistant and detachable. Just take it off the machine and pop it in your dishwasher and you’ll be good to go!

Oh, and let’s not forget the CLARIS filters.

These remove hard minerals that build up in the water and on the inside of the machine. That way, you don’t have to worry about debris clogging up your coffee filtration system.

Also, the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S. ) will let you know when you need to change the filter on your super automatic coffee machine.

The one downside to the ENA 8 is the maintenance. Although cleaning is really straightforward, it’s pretty tough to actually get into the machine for maintenance.

For that, you’ll have to ship it off to Jura itself for replacement parts. 

Those parts don’t come cheap, either. Once your 2-year warranty expires, you’ll be responsible for paying for those parts in order to keep your machine working. 

However, if you take advantage of the cleaning system on the Jura ENA 8, you won’t have to worry about any of that. 

By keeping it clean and running smoothly, you’re not likely to need to cash in on your warranty at all.

Value For Money

top view of jura ena 8 espresso machine

If you’re like most coffee machine shoppers, you’re probably wondering whether the price of the Jura ENA 8 is worth it or not. 

After all, it’s a pretty pricey machine to be investing in. 

The good news is that we can reassure you that yes, the machine is worth the high price tag. 

The Jura ENA 8’s extensive list of technology makes it a great gadget for getting a high-quality cup of coffee. 

What’s more, its smaller size doesn’t affect the technology. You’ll get some of Jura’s best systems (think PEP and Aroma G3 grinder) without worrying about it taking up tons of space. 

I also think it offers good value for money thanks to the RFID technology. The RFID technology is what allows the machine to tell you when to clean and maintain it.

On top of that, it’s what allows you to connect your smartphone to the machine. 

That way, you can actually program drinks without leaving the comfort of your couch.

So, is the Jura ENA 8 pricey? Sure.

Is it worth it? I’d say so.


Now you’ve got a better idea of what the Jura ENA 8 is all about.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve got some more nuanced questions in mind. 

To make things easier for you, I’ve put together a quick FAQ on the Jura ENA 8. Check it out to get the last lingering questions laid to rest.

Does Jura ENA 8 Have Smart Connect?

Although the Jura ENA 8 uses Smart technology, the Smart Connect accessory is not included. If you want to use that piece of technology, you’ll have to purchase it separately.

However, it is compatible with Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E) which is the app that Jura offers for a better experience. This application can be used from a smartphone or tablet to program your coffee beverages with the push of a button.

What Drinks Does the Jura ENA 8 Make?

The Jura ENA 8 lets you make a whopping 12 drinks. Those options include the classic espresso or ristretto as well as milk-based drinks. 

The main drinks you can make on the machine include regular coffee, ristretto, and espresso. 

In terms of milk beverages, you’ve got a cappuccino, cortado, latte macchiato, flat white, and espresso macchiato. However, you can program each coffee drink to your liking so technically, the options are endless!

Does the Jura ENA 8 Come With a Milk Container?

No, this Jura model does not include a milk container. But, you can always buy the jug offered by the same brand!

The truth is, however, you won’t necessarily need it. The machine is designed in such a way that you can just pop the cup under the milk spout to get your lattes and cappuccinos. 

Final Thoughts 

The Jura E8 is, as you’ve probably gathered by now, an overall great machine. 

It comes with standout features such as a great frothing mechanism and a touchscreen for ease of use.

With this machine, you’ll get plenty of customization, drink options, and most importantly – a great coffee, which makes it a device that definitely offers good value for money. 

So there you have it. A comprehensive Jura ENA 8 review that makes it easy to choose whether or not you’ll buy this nifty machine. 

I’m confident that you’ll fall in love with the ENA 8 or with another Jura machine in no time at all. 

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