Jura E6 Review: How Good Is This Coffee Machine?

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jura e6

Jura is famous for making consistently great coffee machines.

One such machine is the Jura E6, a device that whips up super smooth espresso in no time at all. 

In fact, being one of the newer Jura models on the market, this is a device that’s in high demand. 

If you’re thinking of buying this machine, then my Jura E6 review is for you. I’ve done the research and put together everything you need to know before you buy this machine. 

Let’s take a look!

Jura E6 Overview

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The Jura E6 features all the best of Jura technology, such as its PEP extraction process (more on that later) and aromatic grinder. 

All that combined with an intuitive touchscreen makes for a device that’s hard to beat. 

Now, that’s just a taste of what the Jura E6 can really do. Let’s take a look in-depth at the machine’s key features.

The Key Features

Jura has a few key features that make their machines stand out. And, the Jura E6 doesn’t leave much out of the picture!

Here’s what you need to know about the key features of the Jura E6. 

Design & interface

jura e6 white

With the Jura E6, the company proves once again that its coffee machines are not only high-functioning, but they’re high-quality as well. 

The Jura E6 has fine, elegant lines with a silver body and stainless steel shell. That makes it easy to clean as well as super aesthetic for any spot in the home!

Speaking of taking up any spot in the home, you’ll be pleased to know that the Jura machine isn’t too large. 

It has a water tank capacity of 63 ounces, which is pretty good for an at-home coffee machine. And, the machine itself measures 17 x 11 x 13 inches. 

The dimensions aren’t really where the machine stands out in terms of design, however. What really makes the Jura E6 shine is its high-definition color touch screen. 

The machine has a large, color TFT screen with amazing resolution that offers a clear menu and simple navigation.

When you first turn on the machine, you’ll be greeted by your favorite drinks. You program these yourself by saving your favorite coffee settings to make sure you have exactly what you want when you want it. 

If you want to get creative or try something new, you can then scroll through the 2-page menu! Then, just click on the drink you want to try to program the settings and customize the beverage. 

Speaking of programmability, this machine has you covered. The buttons on the front of the machine and the modern TFT display make operation incredibly easy. 

You can enter the parameters of each drink to adjust the intensity of the coffee, in 8 levels, from 5 to 16 grams! 

You also have the option to choose the volume (water, milk, and foam) in cups, as well as the temperature on two levels. 

In addition, your Jura E6 can be connected via Bluetooth with Smart Connect. From there, you can “order” various drinks through a tablet or smartphone, as well as save your preferences. 

A few of the setting and programming options include:

  • The amount of water for coffee
  • Eight coffee strength levels
  • Two infusion temperature levels
  • Three hot water temperature levels

That’s a ton of customizability, all available through the machine’s interface!

Brewing & Aroma

jura e6 pouring coffee

Jura coffee machine has perfected the espresso brewing process for espresso from start to finish. 

In fact, that’s one of the many reasons why Jura is my favorite coffee maker brand!

The first thing to know about the brewing system is that you can adjust the capacity of the brewer between 5 and 16 grams.

In other words, you can either make super smooth, light coffee or go for dark, intense brews. 

As mentioned earlier, you can also program the water temperature. If you’re a fan of Starbucks extra-hot lattes, you can make them at home with this technology!

Where the Jura E6 really stands out, however, is with its Pulse Extraction Process, P.E.P.. This is a cyclical process that ensures that the ideal extraction time is applied for each type of coffee. 

The way it works is by pumping hot water intermittently and at regular intervals into the ground coffee. 

This allows the aromas to fully develop, giving you a cup of coffee that smells as good as it tastes!

The P.E.P system isn’t just great for espresso. With it, you can also get great, short coffee specialties such as ristretto or lungo shots. 

The P.E.P system isn’t the only piece of proprietary Jura tech that makes for a great cup of coffee. 

The pulsed extraction process is combined with IPBAS (Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System)! 

IPBAS is a brewing process that allows the coffee bean to fully develop its flavor. That’s true regardless of the blending or roasting of the coffee. 

It helps pull out the most flavor and aroma from your coffee. When you combine that with the PEP extraction, you’re in for a real treat in each cup of coffee. 

And, ten intensity levels adapted to all tastes are now possible with your Jura E6. You can set how much flavor you’d like to pull out of your coffee so that it’s perfectly suited to your tastes.

Finally, the brewing process is enhanced by the system’s CLEARYL water filters. This helps make sure you’ve got high-quality water pumping through your beans.

And, they also protect the coffee maker from limescale and remove substances that can affect flavor and aroma.

It also features Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) which automatically detects filter presence and automatically warns you if the filter capacity has been exhausted and you need to change it.

All the extra technology that the Jura E6 features make it an incredible machine for great coffee. 

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jura e6 grinder

Another major part of the Jura E6 technology that you should be aware of is the grinder system. The Jura E6, like most other Jura machines, features an Aroma G3 grinder. 

This grinder is quick, quiet, and offers super uniform grinds. 

As a result, you get a high-quality brew in a tasty cup of coffee!

In fact, the Aroma G3 grinder allegedly allows for more than 12.2% more aroma than other coffee grinders!

The reason this is possible is largely thanks to the conical shape of the grinding burrs. 

The grinding curve allows for a finer grind, making a much smoother cup of espresso. 

On top of that, Jura’s coffee grinders are made out of sturdy, stainless steel. Stainless steel is great because it’s ultra-sharp and helps ensure you get the finest possible grind. 

Oh, and let’s not forget. 

You can adjust the Aroma G3 grinder, too. The grinder allows up to 3 levels of grinding for advanced flavor customization.

Fine Foam Technology

jura e6 foam technology

I don’t know about you, but I’m a latte lover.

As much as I love a straight shot of espresso, nothing beats macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes in my book. 

The good news is that the Jura E6 is crafted with this technology in mind!

The Jura E6 has something called HP1 professional fine foam technology. This type of technology provides a delicate milk foam with very fine bubbles. 

While many milk frothers will simply give you steamed milk, the E6’s fine foam technology goes above and beyond. 

This device gives you that microfoam you need for cappuccinos or flat whites.

And, the milk foam has a long-lasting consistency. 

When you pair that with the interchangeable milk outlet, you get easy-to-use milk-steaming tools. The result is truly great beverages. 

Another thing to know about the milk frothing technology is that it has buttons for each type of milk-based beverage.

All of these are located right on the front of the machine!

And, the double milk and coffee spout allows you to prepare a cappuccino without moving the cup. 

Or, you can make two drinks at the same time. That’s ideal for couples or times when you’re entertaining friends!


jura e6 maintenance

Finally, one key feature that you have to be aware of with the Jura E6 is its maintenance. 

As much as we’d all like to believe that our machines are invincible, they’re not. 

The good news is that the E6 has a few special features that make it more durable and easier to maintain than other machines on the market. 

For one thing, the machine has indicators on the touchscreen that let you know when it’s time to maintain the machine. 

The indicators light up to show you:

  • When to empty and clean the grinding chamber from the coffee ground
  • When to refill and clean the water tank
  • When the machine needs servicing
  • When to run the descaling and cleaning process

Speaking of the descaling and cleaning process, that’s a basic part of having a coffee maker. You’ll have to regularly run this process to make sure that you don’t damage your espresso machine. 

While many machines require you to manually clean and descale your machine, Jura brewers don’t. 

With these mechanisms, all you have to do is pop in a cleaning puck and run the cleaning cycle! From there, the machine takes care of the rest. 

Just make sure to use descaling kits recommended by the brand and avoid vinegar for this. Otherwise, you could alter the flavor of your coffee for good. 

On top of that, Jura offers a filter (AquaClean Technology) with the E6. This system preserves the flavors and prevents any damage to the water circuits.

It also makes sure that you don’t damage the coffee’s flavor by using old, dirty water filters. 

And, in the event that something does go wrong?

The Jura E6 coffee maker has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. They’ll get you hooked up with the repairs and replacement parts you need!

Jura E6 Pros & Cons

With all the key features out of the way, it’s time to take a look at what Jura does well and what it doesn’t. 

After all, it pays to know the machinery’s pros and cons to know what you’re getting into!

Here’s what to know about the benefits and disadvantages of buying a Jura E6 coffee machine.


The Jura E6 offers quite a few benefits to beverage brewers. A few of these include:

  • Super high-quality exterior complete with a gorgeous finish. I love this because it means the machine not only makes great coffee but looks good doing it!
  • An intuitive color touchscreen, which is easy to use and easy to see, even if you typically struggle with these types of screens. 
  • Eleven different drink options, soo matter what you enjoy sipping on, you can make it with the Jura E6 coffee machine. 
  • You can customize your beverages as much as you like, so it’s easy for you to get the beverage you’re going for no matter what you like drinking. 
  • A built-in milk system and grinder, so you get super fresh coffee and steaming hot milk

In summary, there are tons of perks to buying a Jura E6. You won’t have any problem getting great coffee if you choose to invest in this brewer. 


As much as I love the Jura E6, there are a few downsides to it:

  • The machine doesn’t let you use pre-ground coffee to make the drinks. Although the idea behind this is so that you get a much fresher cup of coffee, the reality is that whole bean coffee also tends to be a bit pricier.
  • Maintenance can get expensive. Once your warranty is up, if you need to replace anything on your espresso machine you’ll need to be prepared to pay quite a bit of money.

Still, if you take good care of the machine and follow the care instructions, this shouldn’t really be an issue. 

Overall, even though Jura E6 requires a bit of investment, you will get your money’s worth.


Okay, I just threw a lot of information at you. 

But, considering the fact that you’re about to make a pretty big purchase, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve still got a few more questions. 

To make it easier for you to make the right buying decision, I’ve put together a quick FAQ.

Here are the answers you need to make sure you’re buying the right espresso maker. 

Can the Jura E6 Make a Latte?

If you’re familiar with my Jura A1 review then you know that not all Jura machines let you steam milk. The good news is that the E6 does!

The Jura E6 has built-in coffee and milk outlets. That means that you can create lattes with the touch of a button and get silky-smooth milk-based beverages. 

Can the Jura E6 Use Pre Ground Coffee?

The Jura E6, unlike many other machines, doesn’t include a grinder bypass option. That means that you’ll have to use the whole coffee bean in your grinder if you want to use this machine. 

The one thing to note here is that coffee bean treated with additives (for example, sugar in the case of roasted coffee) damages the machinery. So do freeze-dried coffee beans. It’s best to use plain beans rather than flavored specialty coffee beans in your grinder.

How Many Drinks Does the Jura E6 Make?

Some Jura machines have pretty limited coffee drink options. The Jura E6 coffee machine, on the other hand, lets you make 11 different types of drinks. That includes coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and a whole lot more!

Is It Worth Buying a Jura E6?

If you’re looking to buy a super-automatic coffee machine, then the Jura E6 coffee machine is definitely a great choice. They’ve got excellent technology that lets you craft just about any beverage your heart desires. Despite the high price tag, the quality you get makes it well worth the cost.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for a budget option or don’t drink milk-based coffee much, this probably isn’t the choice for you. In that case, you might be better off looking into a less high-tech machine. 

Final Verdict

The Jura E6 is a device that lives up to and exceeds expectations.

The machine offers everything that you’re a coffee lover looking for in an automatic coffee machine, including 11 drinks and automatic cleaning systems (yahoo!). 

Sure, it’s one of the pricier at-home coffee makers you’ll find on the market. But, considering the fact that it makes dreamy coffee with exceptional quality, I’d say it’s worth it. 

With this Jura E6 review, you’ve got everything you need to get started brewing great drinks at home. 

And, if you think you want something slightly different? Jura has plenty of other great machines for you to check out too.

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